Busker’s Festival


We do not have a busker’s festival in our town but in the city , every year they do have a huge festival inviting buskers from everywhere and as far as Australia to come for the festival.  The festival draws in loads of tourists from around the county and many from the USA.  I especially loved those  flat top mandolin  and the violins as well as harp , and we try to go for the festival every year.   But if you are thinking of doing the same as I , make sure you bring lots of sun screen , a good walking shoes and preferably a small portable stool, you may need that with hours of busking all around the city.

Finding Inner Peace


We just got back from our vacation not too long ago and during our vacation, we had a chance to practice yoga every morning with a male instructor.  And I have to say that it was the best thing that one can do every morning before we got started with the swimming, suntanning and exploring the island. Finding inner peace was what the yoga sessions was all about and now that I’m back home – and need to work everyday, I figured I should join the Y for beginners Yoga session too.  So I managed to get a few of my friends to go Yoga with me and now all we need to do is to look for some  yoga clothes for women  , and we will all be ready for some yoga.  Finding inner peace – if you haven’t tried it yet, be sure to check it out at your local YMCA.

Driving To The City For Short Vacations

Driving to the city to get my chinese food is a 4hrs away, so we usually incorporate a short vacation with my chinese food trip.  The spouse calls it the eating trip and i noticed lately that it’s very hard on the kid especially when we have to drive long hours around the city to gather all my chinese food before coming back.  I’m tempted to get her the  neck pillow  to help her rest better on the way home when she does fall asleep because I’ve noticed her head flopping all around and getting jerk all around.  But like all kids, I don’t know if she would use the neck pillow that I am considering, so I’ve borrowed one from the aunt to try it out and if she likes it or uses it – I would get one for her immediately. The aunt swears by it – so i’m sure it would help the kid when she is driving long distance with us.

100 Days To Christmas

Yes!  about a 100 days to Christmas now!  isn’t that crazy! where had the year gone!   Time to start planning the Christmas list now  – no time to waste.  Some  diamond saw blades  for my father-in-law and brother-in-law as they need it for their work in the woods.  And of course, many things we need to get for friends and extended family and also our customers at the store.  I have a list of tools I need to get too for my father-in-law since this year is the first year that my mother-in-law is not with us.  Everyone will need to step up for the kid this year and try not to make her feel so bad that her grammie isn’t around no more.   Have you started planning?  if you haven’t remember – about a 100 days away from Christmas now.


No More Boring Car Rides


The weather is getting a lot warmer now and it’s time for us to go on mini – vacation especially during long weekends.  Now that we have a  tablet pc  there will be no more boring car rides for the kids.  Now there will be no more asking of “are we there yet?” or “how long more to the city?”  blissful !  the kids get to watch a movie or a tv show/cartoons or play a game on the tablet.  Pretty awesome – and cool!   plus it was on sale when we bought it – at $199 – not a bad price indeed!  you should get one too if you are planning a vacation, whether it is a road trip or for camping – it’s the best thing when you want your sanity.


Keeping In Touch With Work

The spouse and I will be taking a few short breaks during the summer and thanks to teleconferencing he is able to do that without having to worry about work.   This year, we have a few weddings to attend that is not in town and we are planning to bring the kids to Disneyland – at first he wasn’t keen to go because we had to be there for at least 7 days – but after he found out that he could teleconference with his office for important meetings, there was no hesitation there anymore.   Now why didn’t I think of it sooner – because for years – he wouldn’t go for long breaks or more than a few days – now we can go anywhere for weddings or summer break without having to worry about missing out on meetings in this office.  So for those of you who have spouse who cannot have a proper summer break – because of work – think about teleconferencing eh – it’s really not expensive at all.

Spring Time Allergies

I have spring allergies and during the spring time I try not to go on vacation anywhere – it gets really bad in the beginning of Spring.  But spring time is usually the best time to go on vacation because it isn’t so expensive to travel unlike in the summer.  Allergies are not just sneezing and having red eyes – some of us have itchy skin as well – and nothing seems to stop it and even though I take my benadryl regularly it doesn’t seems to kick in until a few days later.    Those who have spring allergies will know what I’m talking about – it’s not even something anyone can describe the feeling  and the suffering we go through.  But if you are in Austin and have  allergies in austin check them out because allergies are not only because of pollen but it can be because of the food you eat and lots of other factors.  I would do anything for my kid – if she has the same symptom as I during the Spring – thank God – we don’t have the same problems with her as I do.  Those fighting spring allergies – check allergies in austin website.

Lighted Holiday Gift Box – DIY Project

These lighted gift boxes are so expensive everywhere – I’ve decided to make them myself – a DIY project for this Christmas.  May not be using the same material but I think I can do it.  A little bit of time needed but I think it is worth it – especially if I can re-sell it.

Materials and Tools:

12 narrow, squared sticks of desired length

transparent fabric or wrapping paper
string of lights
floral wire
wood glue sticks
nail gun
ribbon to make a bow

1. Glue the sticks together to create a box-shape  frame. Secure it with a nail gun where needed.



2. Use a razor to scrape off excess glue that beads up between sticks.

3. Once box is complete, arrange string of lights inside the box and secure them with floral wire. Crisscross the lights across the middle of the box and attach them at the corners.


4. Wrap the box on all sides with fabric or wrapping paper. Chose something transparent so that the lights can shine through Trim the excess material with scissors.

5. Wrap the box in a festive bow.

Above from HGTV.com

Summer Road Trips

For those in the East and are not aware of this – it’s summer here and in the West – we like to go on road trips during the summer.  You will see special RV parks for people like us who loved to drive around with the entire family – and go for bluegrass concerts or for a apple blossom event.  Lucky for us – there are all sorts of help on the road for travelers like us  – rv emergency roadside assistance is a must – for those who loved their road trips like us.    Road trips are fun – especially if you have a good RV – you can travel leisurely and don’t have to pay expensive hotels everywhere you go – but on the other hand – if you want to spend a night in a luxurious hotel – just for relaxation – you can too.  I love our road trips and look forward to it every summer.  We hope to cover the whole of Canada and USA – before our kid goes to college.

Christmas Decoration

For those who knows me, I’m big on Christmas, not only because I am now in Canada but also because I now have a 6 yrs old who loves the idea of Santas and Santarinas.  So when I was asked if I wanted to do a review for a feedback campaign for Collectibles Today for a  Thomas Kindade snowman , I went like  .. “ME…!! ME!!! ME!! PLEASEEEEE..!! “

As you all can see the snowman is pretty impressive and the second picture shows the detail inside the snowman – a small christmas village that lights up.  The snowman and all the white for snow are really shiny .. and the village also light up .. when you turn the power on.  What was most impressive with a lot of our customers that comes into our store (we own our own business) is the little train that goes round and round quietly.

It retails at Collectiblestoday.com for about $99 and what impressed us most was the packaging, they really packed it so well with styrofoam boxes and was so easy to set up, i received mine thru’ UPS and at first i was expecting a very small package but it turned out to be huge.  I do love my Thomas Kindade Snowman and since i received it as a gift, you can be sure I will be talking about it for a long, long time.  If you want to impress, show your appreciation or buy a meaning gift this Christmas and have money to spare, this is one that the mother-in-laws would appreciate.

This review is a result of a feedback campaign by Collectibles Today. I was asked to give an honest opinion about the product I received.

Dream Holiday

Every year during winter .. most of the Canadians that I know.. go for their  All inclusive family vacations to get away from the cold. We are, of course, no different from them.. and even though some of us go there on a yearly basis .. there is always something new to do for the children and us.

Staying in the right hotel and resort is a very important, and for a foodie like me, the Karisma’s new Gourmet Inclusive concept suits me best. I’m sure alot of folks are like me and love the all inclusive of our packages, for we don’t need to carry alot of cash with us.. and can be stress free from worrying if we might overspend on food. Soak in the sun and the sea.. and don’t forget about those massages.

LA Arrival

LA Arrival is a travel show, with shopping, eating.. and all the good stuff.  I just watched episode 1 and like it a lot.   For those who loves eating, traveling and shopping for good stuff, you know where to go to watch it.  I know for sure.. i’m gonna visit these places recommended .. when i am in LA next.  Traveling a lot means one needs the best weight loss pill , trust me.. i eat a lot when i travel.

E.U. (Emergency Unit) Episode 18

So you are dying to watch E.U. Ep 18 ..?? i haven’t even watched Ep 17 .. that’s because i have duty calls .. you know.. a store to run.. kid to look after.. cooking to do.. and housework.. and more work online.  Oh.. i didn’t tell you eh..??  i do work online too.. yes i’m VERY busy.  So .. here’s the deal.. i try my8 best to get EU. Ep 18 as quickly as i can.. and if you think i’m too slow.. well.. that’s too bad.. dude.  If you think you can do a better job than I .. go right ahead.. hahahahha!!!!  In the meantime, i’m looking at taking some Vegas vacations . hhahahah!! bite me..!

Updated :  Ready to be downloaded now.  To watch it online, check back in a bit.

Updated again :  Ready to watch now..!! enjoy..!!

Rock Stars Use Motor Homes Too!

When we think about motor homes, we think about old people right? Going on their planned vacations during the fall when all the kids are back in school.  C’mon admit it, you were thinking about that!  Ok, ok, I give it to you, you think about camping, the outdoors, adventures, mosquitoes, maybe even bears as well.  It’s not a bad thing to think about all the above, but generally those are the first things that come to people’s minds.

Before living in the West I had always wondered about taking a road trip in a motor home; after all, you can rent them at an affordable price and don’t have to buy it outright.  Winnebago Motorhomes are a pretty common sight in the West and at Altmans you will find the largest rental selection around. They are located in the Los Angeles area.  A home on the road that even rock stars use, and why not? They have a full kitchen with a refrigerator and have full bath with shower, color TV and DVD player, fully equipped with patio awnings so that you can stop and relax while enjoying a glass of your favorite ice drink.  Yes! They do have air-con and heating systems, with 110v generators for any appliance or gadget you may want to bring along.  If they are good enough for rock stars, it’s good enough for me and the family on a road trip.

Make Up Your Minds Vivian & Joe !!!

I know celebs are crazy..!!!  but after announcing that they are officially separated..  they are now engaged to be married.  Both Joe and Vivian are not even teenagers.  One is 44 and the other 41 .. and after 7 days of spilt up .. apparently.. they find out they cannot live without each other..  *slap forehead*.  I can’t see this marriage moving forward.. and if it did.. it wouldn’t last long. You mark my words..!!  a cheating man will always be a cheating man.  As for me, I’m gonna make my las vegas hotel reservations and stop procrastinating before my g/f missed out on her bachelorette party.

Gem Of Life – Older Man, Younger Woman

I love the participation and i love all you wonderful ppl who comes over to my blog.. and get links to watch Gem of Life.  I received a very rude comment .. a few days ago.. from a reader.. asking me to broaden my mind .. for mentioning about the show (Ada & Terrence’s father), it was my opinion.. of course.. and i didn’t mean to upset anyone.. but just generally speaking.. afterall, it is MY BLOG RIGHT..??

Anyhow.. the rest of the comments that came after were from wonderful ppl.. of course.  Btw.. !! i banned that ignorant and abnoxious bugger.. from my blog.   But as a matter of discussion..  i want your say about the show of course.. and the recent one i want to talk about is .. what do you think about older man and younger woman.. like this TVB Series.. Gem of Life..??  Is it real love..?? or the money ..?? or both…??

And there is no right or wrong answer ok.. just general discussion .. what you think..  no need to flame anyone ok ..  🙂  I myself am married to a younger man..  he is 8 yrs younger.. and we met on the INTERNET..!!! WOOHOO..!! and no .. i’m no spring chicken.. neither was he underage .. when we met.  Yes.. we are happily married.. with a brat who will be turning 5 in December..  🙂

So your say .. older man and younger woman..?? what you think..?? in the Gem of Life Show..?? is Ada really in love..?? or is she for the money..??   Leave a comment..  🙂

Las Vegas Shows

Never been to Las Vegas.. ?? but going for a vacation soon ..? well you must not miss those wonderful Las Vegas Shows that features the largest ever production, such as the Cirque du Soleil.  Those who haven’t seen it before should take note that this is one of the best I’ve seen by far.  Love – based on the  music and life of The Beatles, and even though i am not a Beatles fan.. i would loved to watch it just  because I’ve heard so many wonderful things about them.  And the best place to get any tickets for any Las Vegas shows at competitive prices is definitely at ShowsLasVegas.com.  So book online now .. and don’t be disappointed to miss your favorites.