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Moses Chan seems to be in a lot of tv shows these days and his acting seems to be a stale mate recently too , with the strange and high pitch voice, it can get very annoying.  But Moses seems to be cast in a good role all the time , so you can’t hate the guy even if you wanted to.

Myolie Wu is cast as the blind girl in this tv show and they quickly fall in love in the end.  But I asked my friends if one can really fall in love with a blind girl and most said yes but in real life , would a guy who has a good job , makes good money want to have a girlfriend or future wife who is blind ?  wouldn’t she be a burden to him and a hindrance to his advancement for work.  And is her blindness heredity ?  so if they have babies , can the babies be blind too when they grow up ?

It is a good tv show but I don’t find it so realistic lor !

Magazine Photographer Sung Tin Chung (Myolie Wu) because of an accident, lost her parents also lost the light, natural beauty and drama but did not have low self-esteem, boyfriend To Ching Hang (Jonathan Cheung) and accompanied by a guide dog that she gradually regain their confidence, her seat is the right one chrome “Love is omnipotent,” became her out from the pain to the strength of this ad creator mended Kam Yin Chong (Moses Chan) now lives in her next door. Because addiction work order too serious to lose all my friends and colleagues, even apprentice Yuen Yuen (Elaine Yiu) also decided to resign, too serious a little lost, decided to put a long holiday and return to the old home life, lost and old friends Yue Kar Ging (Evergreen Mak). Back to the old way, not to make a new start too serious, leaving him to re-understanding of their own, faithless boyfriend again that day from a low ebb, it is fortunate to have too serious to become a guardian angel beside, two totally unrelated character actually rub out of love spark, but found that seeing blind spots, but this is too blind to see the light……

Momentary Lapse of Reason Links & Online Watching


Like many of you would know I don’t like the old fashion kinda drama from TVB because I’m more into the now factor but the above drama caught my attention because Tavia Yeung is in the show.  Anyhow, I watched the entire show and really liked it and I think you might just enjoy it too.  I had links to either download them or watch them online, so I was indeed lucky.  Check out the drama.

Louis Cheung appears to be a cop who can easily betray his own dignity and accept bribes. While investigating a human trafficking case, he meets Tavia Yeung, a woman who has taken a vow of celibacy. Tavia and her friend, Lin Xia Wei, had been kidnapped when they were young, thus, they hate human traffickers. They equally hate corrupt public servants, with the exception of Louis’s colleague, Matt Yeung, whose upright and honest character catches Tavia’s eye and she even falls in love with him. Louis and Matt are initially polar opposites, but after Louis’s acceptance of a bribe causes the death of a witness, it starts to touch his conscience. However, at the time, the police and the underworld each had their own unbreakable, unwritten laws. Matt is demoted amidst the power struggle of businessman Lau Kong and detective Timothy Cheng. It puts his relationship with Tavia to the test. Seeing all of this, Louis’s heart aches, but all he can do is stay silently by Tavia’s side and secretly hope that he can make up for his past mistakes…

Limelight Years

limelight years (TVB)

I’m just done watching Limelight years and yes, I’m late with the review again but I thoroughly enjoyed it albeit the fact like most drama one watches these day seems to be almost the same and the ending seems too happy.

But it is Liza Wang as well as Damian Lau , 2 veterans , therefore, one must watch for sure.  I think it is a 21 episodes , so not too long or short and I do like Linda’s acting , so do check it out , the links are available I am sure.

Romantic Repertoire TVB Sitcom


I’ve just finished watching Romantic Repertoire a tvb sitcom of 21 episodes and I’m pretty happy to inform you that it was a pretty good sitcom.  21 episodes seems a wee bit long to me because the end of the story was in such a hurry to end.  Wasn’t the ending that I was hoping for , but it was as close to reality as I could tell.

TVB has outdone itself this time with this sitcom.  Moses seems to be acting like himself in real life it seems but Joyce Koi seems to be a little bit too old for being the leading lady?  Joyce’s real age is 49 years of age but is acting for a 39 yrs old, even though she pulled it off really well – to pair her up with Moses, seems a little off in my opinion.  Of course, I understood why they put her in this sitcom because Joyce is actually an opera singer in Hong Kong and a famous one if I am not wrong.

Louise Lee portrayed a very good mother/manager for Joyce (Kan Kit) and I also saw old actor like Pat Poon as well.  Although Pat Poon was placed in a very small role, it was good to see some oldies around still.

Interior Designer Moon Sing-hong (Moses Chan) purchases a flat in anticipation of marrying his longtime girlfriend who is expected to be returning home soon after studying abroad. Without his knowledge or permission his older sister rents out his flat to popular Cantonese opera singer Kan Kit (Joyce Koi). Unable to break the rental lease, Sing-hong uses all kinds of tactics to try to make Kan Kit move out but her manager Lin Sau-fong (Louise Lee) helps her stand firm. When Sing-hong’s best friend and business partner Tin Hak-kan (Evergreen Mak), meets Kit he develops an instant attraction to her and ask Sing-hong to help him pursue Kit. In order to help his friend with love Sing-hong gets close to Kit to find out about her interests. The two soon work out their differences and become friends. However their typical life is turned upside down when Kit gets into a car accident and finds her biological mother, while Sing-hong finds out his longtime girlfriend has been living in Hong Kong all along with another man.

Noblesse Oblige


Just done watching Noblese Oblige which was for viewing in December and it took me this long to get to it as there were too many tvb series.  If you are like me, I only watch period tv shows when I have nothing much to watch.  So I started watching without much expectations as you all know that period shows are quite the exaggeration of the real thing but it was fun to watch how our ancestors used to live.

Nuns-to-be Tavia Yeung and Cilla Kung are desperate to find money to treat the head nun’s illness. By coincidence, they meet the wealthy heir of a bank (Kenneth Ma) and are forced to become maids at his household to repay their debts. Tavia often has to save Kenneth from trouble with her superior martial arts skills. Although they disagree with each other, they still support each other during critical times and unconsciously develop a strong bond. With the help of a nobleman, Kenneth becomes a magistrate. His career goes smoothly with help from his brother Joel Chan, who is a governor, and good friend Benjamin Yuen. However, Kenneth soon discovers the corruption and abuse of power in the political world. People around him will act in perverse ways for the sake of personal gain. When he discovers the truth behind the massacre of Tavia’s family when she was young, it gets them both thrown into jail…

I did like the tv series that consisted of 20 episodes and it kept me interested till the end.  Tavia Yeung is someone I like watching too, so it made it easier on the eyes.  For those who are contemplating whether to watch this tvb series, you can definitely give it a try.

To Be Or Not To Be HKTV


I couldn’t get into the show for the longest time till recently and now I cannot stop watching it.  I’m only on Episode 18 out of Episode 25 and I’m dying to find out what happened in the end.   A very heartwarming story about 2 sisters who were separated because one went to Hong Kong for her education ;but the other one who got left behind had to suffer with a mother who had stroke when she was still in school.   But the one in Hong Kong also had to suffer a lot because the aunt who raised her would beat her up all the time.

Both still had to make many sacrifices when they came to age , as their relationships with their spouses were just as troublesome.  One husband has a mistress and had a baby with her and the other , abandoned her at the altar.  Both sisters underwent lots of hardship with life and relationships, when will it end?  when will the suffering be over?

Interested in watching this heartwarming and heart-wrenching tv show?  check it out , you won’t regret it .



The Overachievers started like a week or so ago, thus far, I really liked the show  – what about you?  Alot of good actresses and actors in this sitcom and even though I’ve read the synopsis before starting on the sitcom, I still find that there are lots of suspense in this show.

It’s intriguing to know that the wife of the tycoon is going to betray him in some way but right now, she is every bit of a good wife and good step mom.  Plus the stepbrothers are currently in very good terms but one of the brother’s wife was the g/f of the other brother and the brother doesn’t know it but the stepmom does after they got married.

Wayne Lai, Power Chan, Maggie Shiu , Nancy Wu, Susanna Kwan, Raymond Cho and Raymond Wong are but the few names in the sitcom.  For those who are interested to watch the show, leave me a comment.

What The Fortune Tellers Think About Lawrence Ng’s Marriage?

 Looks like even the celebrities fortune tellers don’t think too well of Lawrence Ng’s marriage.  They say that he might just have to move to another place to get settled but Lawrence wants his wife and daughter to stay in Hong Kong.  Rumors has it that Lawrence had a very colorful relationships with many artistes and various famous ladies.

Lawrence Ng Trouble In Home Front


Rumor has it that Lawrence Ng from TVB is having marital problems.  His wife  who is 21 yrs younger than himself is said to have left for China periodically to advance her acting career, thus leaving him and their 6 yrs old daughter home alone.  But Lawrence had refuted the rumors that his wife had been seen running around with another man and claimed that although he and his wife is having communication problems they are still trying to work out their difference.  Well, here’s wishing Lawrence and his 29 yrs old wife Yang Zi will reconcile for the sake of their child.

Kate Tsui Emotional Break Down


Emotional breakdown due to praises from her producer?  wow! that’s the first??  or is it?  well some people can be quite overwhelmed when you get praises from a higher up but Kate being in TV sitcom for so many years, you wouldn’t think that she is so emotional would you?  or is it just making news on the part of the paparazzi?  I do like Kate Tsui , what about you?  some people think that her acting is not up to par and a bit fakey but she is trying her darnedest I guess?  Anyhow, I haven’t watch the sitcom that she is currently in – Tomorrow is a Another Day.  I caught a glimpse of episode 1  whereby she plays the younger correctional officer who is in love with Lawrence Ng – just like Lawrence real life – his wife is  alot younger than he is.

Bowie Lam Gay & New Boyfriend


Wow! i didn’t know that – first I’ve heard.  Did you guys already know that he is gay?  wowwww!!!  such a waste right?  so handsome but gay !!!!  not fair !!!!  like those beautiful woman out there and happen to be transvestite !!!   What the hell right?  But truly I’ve nothing against them.  But just envious that gay men are in such good shape and transvestite looks so darn pretty lor!

Bowie was spotted recently with a new male friend, so everyone is speculating that it’s his new boyfriend.  But Bowie is said to be quite upset when photos are being taken of him and his new guy friends and often have harsh words for them.  But yes, I guess i’m the slow one and didn’t know that he is gay but I think he never did publicly come out to say what his orientation is.

Anyhow, his new male friend is 25 yrs old and they met a year ago and have been close ever since – so the rumors goes.

Laughing Kor Gonna Be A Daddy Soon !

Congratulations are in order for Micheal Tse and wife Tina !  after a long marriage of 8 years, he is gonna be a daddy soon!  He is definitely happy but wanna be low – profile on this because baby is still very small.  At age 47 , Micheal ain’t gonna be a young dad, I wonder how he is gonna keep up with a baby, working as a tv artiste as well.

Last year Tina offended Micheal’s fans for calling them mentally retarded when they suggested that he should have a baby soon.  Poor Tina must have been really stressed up by the demands of the fans and their retaliation.  Now that she is pregnant, she needs to be very careful and take good care of herself.  Congrats again !