Busker’s Festival


We do not have a busker’s festival in our town but in the city , every year they do have a huge festival inviting buskers from everywhere and as far as Australia to come for the festival.  The festival draws in loads of tourists from around the county and many from the USA.  I especially loved those  flat top mandolin  and the violins as well as harp , and we try to go for the festival every year.   But if you are thinking of doing the same as I , make sure you bring lots of sun screen , a good walking shoes and preferably a small portable stool, you may need that with hours of busking all around the city.

Pest Alert!

Summer is definitely here – found a tick on the kid’s hair behind her neck today after she went into the greenhouse of her grandfather’s this afternoon.  Need to get some pest products from  http://www.pestproductsonline.com  before the black flies starts swarming the backyard. I loved summer – but I definitely do not like those bugs – those evil ones are terrible to keep away, but with some help from pest products, we can definitely try to have a good summer. I’m already feeling all itchy talking about pest controls.  I love the gardening, so if you are like myself – get some good pest control products quick.

Green Project

100 acres of land !  like Winnie the Pooh!  so I say each time when I visit the in-laws.  And they are currently thinking of tearing down their old house and rebuilding a new one further up into the woods but of course – this new home they are thinking of will be a green project.  Someone recommended  ICF systems  for the insulated concrete forms of the house – and if we ever build our own home – we are going to go that way too because the prefab home that we are now in – is not the most excellent shape that we want it to be.  Don’t you just loved that land is so cheap here in the West and if only I had the money I would be investing in building homes and selling them.

Finding A Perfect Home

The one thing I like most about the West – whether in the States or here in Canada – land are plentiful – so when you rent or buy a home – it’s not as expensive as it is back home.  Back home – one can never buy a home like the above for less than a few million dollars.  Yes! you heard me right – millions!  but here in the West – land is plenty – therefore, one can get a good home for a very good price.    Many who migrate to the West – look for homes for lease and then decides to buy a home after many years after becoming a landed immigrant.   And renting a good home like the above doesn’t cost you $10K like back home – homes like that are also at reasonable rates.  Plus, if you are in a rural area – houses are big and land are plenty for gardening and even raising horses and those are even more affordable.   The home I’m in is only over $100K and I do have a lawn and backyard – had I bought it in Singapore – it would have gone no less than $2 million at least.  Yes ! I do miss home and all – but it’s definitely a perfect place to raise my daughter.

You’ve Been Punked

So this morning – I see everyone posting on their facebook about Facebook charging and you have to do this – blah, blah, blah !  and repost it – and I can only shake my head that people believed it and all go upset and crazy for nothing.


T’is’ just too funny !!  Facebook earns more than you know it – with so many subscribers – and they don’t need to charge you and I for using facebook – we are doing them a favor by using it.  You see all the paid ads – on the side of your facebook – at the right hand corner – well folks – those make more money for facebook than you can imagine – so yes!  stop being STUPID!

Independent Movie Store Business

I was in the city a few days ago – and realized that there will be no big movie stores around here no more – folks like the Blockbusters and Movie Gallery are gone and had filed for bankruptcy.  I wonder if they had been having the same problems like us as independent movie store owners who get ripped off by unscrupulous individual who rents our new movies and refused to return them?  I have a list of collection agencies but because we are a small independent rental store – I doubt it is worth using a collection agency – even though our net loss for the last 12 years had been like $35K.  Therefore, I bet big stores like the Blockbusters and Movie Gallery must have need for these collection agencies to get their money back right?  so why the bankruptcy?  maybe they didn’t find a good one then – but of course there is more to it than meet the eyes – but no matter what – it does make it a lot more difficult for ppl to rent now – unless there are more folks like us the independent movie store owners – now it is to find a collection agency that would take on small businesses like ours.

Scrubs For Summer Wear

Summer can be really hot here and if you want to work out in the gardens like we do – the best thing to put on are the nurses uniforms I kid you not!  buy a scrub if you don’t have one yet – and you will be all set to do your gardening.  Secret was told by my kid’s grandmother – she said that was the only thing that kept her cool in the summer.  So nurses uniforms are not just for the hospital – but for ordinary people too.  I think i like them so much because they are so roomy and they are so easy to wash and not expensive at all – plus if you want people to think that you work in the hospital – put on a scrub.   I bought one for my kid too – and she loved it.

Daily Specials

A business associate of ours – who owns a restaurant downtown have their daily special on a white board like the above – and next week – they are changing their prices due to the increase of product and wages.  They had asked us if we could help them print out the daily specials menu on paper to be laminated to be placed on each table because they don’t have a printer.  We have no problems doing it for them of course, but wouldn’t it be easier for them to use an  online printing service to help them with all their printing needs?  especially if your daily special changes on a weekly basis?  and you can do all sorts of promotions using this online printing service?  I would – they are so much more cheaper – and you can do all your work on your own and then use their services without leaving your office.   They have to pay me for doing the work too – and it’s not cheap for me to type out their daily specials for them every week – so I recommended them to the online printing service instead – since they refused to buy a printer.

Fishing Industry

The town that I’m in used to be a fishing port – we have lots of fishermen out there – Nova Scotia is famous for its lobsters and scallops and as long as you are a fishermen – you are considered by the bank to a bankable.  But like all fishermen – if you have never been out in the sea with them one day – you wouldn’t know the risk they are taking.  In my 11 yrs after migrating – I’ve heard so much about fishermen losing their lives out there in the sea.  Some get lost in the sea – some get drown and many other reasons  dead – so if the fishermen are claiming unemployment during the off season – please don’t be-grudge them for it.  I don’t know if they can claimed for injuries while working in this town like those in the oil rigs and seamen because the fishermen here have just a dangerous jobs as these oil riggers and drillers but I highly doubt so because I know of a fisherman who have had this head injury for years – he gets his migraine so bad – but he can’t do nothing about it – because he isn’t covered medically (from what I was told).  So yes!  fishing industry here may not be as vibrant but our fishermen still goes out despite horrendous weather with no insurance claimed – what an awful job eh.

Owning Your Own Business

Many people would come into our store and tell us that they are going to start their own business – and we would congratulate them of course – afterall, you cannot but admire anyone who is gung-ho enough to be an entrepreneur. But one cannot help but wonder if they really know what they are getting themselves into?  From renting a shop place – a store front to every furniture in the store – the windows – the decor – stationary – barcode scanner , debit card machine, credit card machine – printer, fax machine – you get the drift right?

We have been in business for 11 yrs and every year – there is something to upgrade to keep up with technology and to keep the customer/s happy.  One can have a store without the product that the customer/s want – nor can you keep too much in stock – for fear that it would depreciate in value.  We all learned it the hard way – and I’m not about to go into detail with those who have all these high hopes – but yes – owning your own business is definitely no easy feat.   And for those who are going into it – my advice ?  be strong – read a lot – and make sure you don’t use your credit cards for inventory or buying equipments.

A Christmas Shopping List

Have you started yet?  No?  neither have we – but we should start on our christmas holiday gift list now coz’ if you know us – we would get so busy – we would end up forgetting someone – or worst – get something that the person wouldn’t like or have no use for.  When i receive a gift – i would want something useful and thought about – i dislike giving gifts just because we had to.  And Christmas is such a huge occasion in our household – we even celebrate it on Boxing day by going out to an aunt’s place and celebrating it with her.  So yes – if you haven’t started on a Christmas list – time to have one – coz’ everywhere I go there is a sale on now.

The Storm

Real story !  we were hit by some bad wind storm that caused us to lose power for 18 hrs the day before.  In all my years in Canada.. we never had it this bad.  We lost our satellite dish .. a few shingles on the roof.. and some sidings.  But I still managed to post the links and put all the tvb series online before the end of the day.  So .. if you appreciate or enjoy my entertainment blog.. and all the hours of entertainment I provide for you here on this blog, please support PENNY 4 PLAYGROUND .. and show some Christmas love, albeit the cold we are suffering here.

The gas station’s canopy all damaged and had to be shut down.

The tree outside my daughter’s school that got knocked down.

This tree had seen and survived many storms but not this one.

Many traffic lights were messed up.

13 Days Left Before Christmas

13 days left until Christmas and my PENNY 4 PLAYGROUND project is going really well.  I’d like to thank those who’ve donated already and those who are planning to soon.  But don’t take too long eh, after all you don’t want to miss your chance to delight the children at Yarmouth Central School, right?

Doing my bit for the school that my daughter attends is but a JOY!  Seriously!  I’m sure some may think that a dollar is too shy to donate but please don’t think that way, every penny helps and I appreciate any amount.  So come on now, even if you need  snow chains for your car tires I’m sure a dollar is not going to make you any poorer.  In fact, I bet you are gonna feel real good donating to a good cause.  So hurry! If you enjoy my blog and the entertainment it brings you, please help support my PENNY 4 PLAYGROUND project.

And here’s my brat saying “Thank You” to you.. 🙂

Gem Of Life – Older Man, Younger Woman

I love the participation and i love all you wonderful ppl who comes over to my blog.. and get links to watch Gem of Life.  I received a very rude comment .. a few days ago.. from a reader.. asking me to broaden my mind .. for mentioning about the show (Ada & Terrence’s father), it was my opinion.. of course.. and i didn’t mean to upset anyone.. but just generally speaking.. afterall, it is MY BLOG RIGHT..??

Anyhow.. the rest of the comments that came after were from wonderful ppl.. of course.  Btw.. !! i banned that ignorant and abnoxious bugger.. from my blog.   But as a matter of discussion..  i want your say about the show of course.. and the recent one i want to talk about is .. what do you think about older man and younger woman.. like this TVB Series.. Gem of Life..??  Is it real love..?? or the money ..?? or both…??

And there is no right or wrong answer ok.. just general discussion .. what you think..  no need to flame anyone ok ..  🙂  I myself am married to a younger man..  he is 8 yrs younger.. and we met on the INTERNET..!!! WOOHOO..!! and no .. i’m no spring chicken.. neither was he underage .. when we met.  Yes.. we are happily married.. with a brat who will be turning 5 in December..  🙂

So your say .. older man and younger woman..?? what you think..?? in the Gem of Life Show..?? is Ada really in love..?? or is she for the money..??   Leave a comment..  🙂

Gaming Sessions In The Store

For those who don’t know, we own our own business .. which is a computer store.  Many years ago, the spouse wanted to turn part of the store.. into a gaming area.. so that people can come into the store.. and play games and the network.  He was all into it.. and i didn’t see a reason to stop him, since our store space was quite big then.  So he went into figuring how much he needed . .and what he needed to get to set up this gaming area.. and its feasibility.  Some KVM was needed .. plus tables and chairs.. and of course computers and speakers.  But we wanted to try out first without having to invest so much .. so we encouraged ppl to bring their own tower, we supply the monitor.  Unfortunately, it didn’t take off.. because not many ppl turned up.. and it was quite boring playing in the middle of the nite..and worrying that ppl might walked off with the inventory of the store.  So the idea was abandoned… hopefully when our basement is done.. for the spouse.. he can have his gaming area there.

Neptune Balance

This is an all purpose cleaner that is great for windows, floors, counter tops, bathrooms, wood, plastic… hell just about anything. Neptune’s Balance is environmentally friendly and made entirely of organic materials. There are no harsh chemicals in this product, in fact, you can drink it and not worry! Even if it’s accidentally ingested there is little to worry about with the exception of a little indigestion if a large amount was consumed. I know there are a lot of ‘environmentally friendly’ cleaning products out there, but most of them do still contain chemicals that aren’t entirely safe.

A 1 litre bottle is $9.99 Cdn. and Shipping depends on where you live and how many bottles you want. Other sizes include a small spray bottle perfect for Eyeglasses, and a 4 litre jug for those that like to buy in bulk. Prices on the other sizes are in the works. They are available by the bottle, by the case or even by the container load if you want to re-sell or distribute it on your own. Contact me for pricing on large quantities.

This product can currently be purchased in select Home Hardware and Canadian Tire stores in the Atlantic provinces, or directly from me. Please also note that distributorship for Asia is currently in the works, I hope to bring this wonderful product to Asia. Anyone interested in distributorship. Please contact me directly at gatorbyte@ns.sympatico.ca




We Are Moving

Just wanted to give everyone a heads up .. why I’ve been missing lately. Been really busy at the store.. and the usual stuff .. at home.. cleaning, cooking.. looking after the brat etc. And the big news is .. we’ve been looking out for somewhere else to move the business. Something just opened up.. and PB and I have been seriously thinking about it for a few months now. More on it later.. but so you all know.. I’m alright.. and not missing.. just alot of work and paperwork to finish for 2007 and of course lease to negotiate.. and renovating and all.

Guitar Hero


We get like 10 calls a day.. for Guitar Hero for all systems that they make it for. For those who donch know what Guitar Hero is.. WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN..??? even I know .. what it is..! muahhahaha!! I swear.. this game is so popular.. everyone and anyone loves to play with it. Even my 4 yrs old brat loves it.. !! It’s a music video game, uses a guitar shaped peripheral to play various genres of music as notes scroll towards the player. It’s not too, too difficult but neither is it easy at all. Had we known earlier.. we would have bought a truckload of it.. and re-sell it. But of course.. you have the SuckyMart selling it at half the price that we would have been selling it for. Oh well.. you can’t win it all eh.


We only have one store .. that carries new cds in town.. and of course they do carry movies .. and games at one point of time. Today a customer came in to tell us that CD-Plus .. no longer order games for customers anymore. Reason unknown of course.

It is kinda sad.. and kinda weird.. for me anyways.. especially when i come from a place where even HDB flats compound sells music CDs.. and every shopping center has at least one CD shop in it.. if not more. I know I lived in a very small town, but as you can see, folks do buy stuff from big companies like CD-Plus. CD-Plus is one of those chain store around Canada .. and bought over by Entertainment One..?? And as far as I can see it.. it has gone downhill ever since.