Musical Instruments Cheap

We are constantly looking for musical instruments , from guitar to amps and its accessories because we love our music.  We also source for things for our customers at the store or for friends and everyone ask me where they can get some really good but reasonably priced musical instruments.  Of course , I asked them to check out  for they do have lots and lots of things from drums , to audio equipment and more.  So if you are like us , and need some good and cheap musical instrument , check the above website out.

Jazz Festival In The City


Jazz festival has always inspire us to be musicians for the month  since I was young.  And now my nephews and nieces are the same, easily inspired or do I called it easily swayed.  One year I remembered we had to get some  squier guitars at  for them because the want to form a band after watching a Jazz festival that we had brought them with us as a treat.  Their parents complained that it was an expensive treat in the end.

So this year for the Jazz Festival in the city , we are not going with any teenagers or wanna be musician or Jazz player, we will be heading out to the city in July and staying for a few days , to enjoy the Jazz festivals as well as shopping and eating.

Baby Grand Piano

Some people invest in stocks , some invest their money in pokemon cards but in our family we invest a lot in musical instrument as we all love music.  Therefore  this year  we will be doing the same like every year and will look at the kind of instrument that we want to purchase during the year and save for it or when the childrens’ birthday is round the corner, we will get their aunts and uncles together and get them the specific ones they one.


This year we are looking for a baby grand for my brat ,  but you and I know that a baby grand is going to cost us like $10K.  It is an investment and we knew that this day would come soon as she had been playing the piano for a few years now and the current Yamaha digital piano is not really that good enough for her anymore.  So we are saving for a baby grand for her and in the meantime, we are checking out good online sites to see if we can get her one at a reasonable price , they sometimes do have good sales online.

Shopping For A Banjolele


The kid wanted a  banjolele  for her birthday and since I don’t know the difference between a banjolele and a ukulele , I had to get some expert advise from the music shop that sells them.  And I learned that it is a banjo and a ukulele as well – interesting.   And I think I saw a banjolele in the Netflix show Orange is the new black , in one of the episode, someone was playing the bajolele.  I wonder if it is hard to learn the instrument but the kid argued that she is very interested in it , so here we go , buying her something she want to pick up .  Banjolele can range from $100 – 300 in the music shop online, so we will go with the mid -range one for her and hopefully, she will love it and we will get her a better one.

Live Events & Concerts


I’ve been to many live event and concerts when I was living in Asia but after migrating to the west , I hardly go because I lived in a small town.   So when the spouse suggested that we attend a music festival out of town , I was quite excited but alas, his type of concerts are loud and noisy.  The  pa speaker system  must be really good because it was extremely loud in the outdoor venue but the spouse loved that kind of music , Rock , so I just went along to be a good sport.

Star Origami Paper


Yes, remember the stars that you make with origami paper when you were a kid?  well , I couldn’t afford it when I was a kid, and I wanted to teach my kid how to make them, so I bought some online.  I tried to get some locally but no one sells them , that suxs big time but ordering it online maybe cheaper but you don’t really get to see the thickness of the origami paper till they arrived and like these ones, they are a tat too think for my liking.  I prefer a little bit more thickness to the paper.

It’s easy to learn how to make the star origami and anyone can re-live their childhood again and share this crafty thing with friends and family especially younger kids.  One can find these origami paper for as little as a few bucks but I have to warn you that they take at least a couple of weeks to arrive , so be patient.

Santa’s Christmas Sack For Your Kids


I think it is such a neat idea to get one for your kid during Christmas and it’s just round the corner.  Imagine the look on your kid’s face when he or she wakes up on Christmas morning with all her/his gift in this Santa Sack.  I found this online for $7.34 USD with free shipping but my local yardsale has someone selling them for $25 because it is personalized with your child’s name.  But I figured we can always use a marker and write on the bag, it’s just the same, afterall, you will probably be using it for one year ?

Karaoke Room


We don’t really have much of a Karaoke place in town, so many of our customers have karaoke in their home.  They would come in looking for  cbi cables  to buy and even though we do sell the microphones, we don’t carry the cables as we don’t have the space to put in so many inventory for karaoke.  So we out-source and tell them where they can get good and cheap cables and help them get it online.  Sure they have to wait a little but at least , they know that they are not paying outrageous prices for them and they come from a reputable music shop online.

Busker’s Festival


We do not have a busker’s festival in our town but in the city , every year they do have a huge festival inviting buskers from everywhere and as far as Australia to come for the festival.  The festival draws in loads of tourists from around the county and many from the USA.  I especially loved those  flat top mandolin  and the violins as well as harp , and we try to go for the festival every year.   But if you are thinking of doing the same as I , make sure you bring lots of sun screen , a good walking shoes and preferably a small portable stool, you may need that with hours of busking all around the city.

Entertaining At Home


Inspired at a friend’s party this year, we’ve decided to invest in a better acoustic guitar , so that the family can play our musical instruments together when we have a party too.  The kid plays the piano and the spouse plays the guitar , so I want to take up playing the guitar as well.   So instead of getting myself a new basic acoustic, we’ve decided that the spouse can get a better one and I will use his old one.   If you are looking for one yourself, this one is a pretty awesome one, you can  Mail your order today!  just like we did.

Concert Tickets For This Christmas


Last Christmas we gave the in-laws some concert tickets for Christmas because they are so hard to shop for.  They have just about everything and never ask for anything from us.  And since the father-in-law loves  english horn  so much, we are getting them some concert tickets again this Christmas.  Some may say we are very boring and not making an effort but why give them something they won’t use or enjoy right?  So concert tickets it is for Christmas !  Are you done shopping for Christmas yet?  we are just about done, after booking the tickets online.

A Gibson For Christmas


I have been scratching my head about what I should get for the spouse for Christmas, and finally decided on a Gibson to give him from  muscians friend  .  Afterall, who wouldn’t want a Gibson right?  The Gibson’s are the best guitars for any musician.  Sure it’s a little bit expensive but I would rather get him something that is useful and of value than some random gifts.  This year, I’ve decided only to get things that my family and friends really want or need and can use for a very long time.   So the Gibson was my first and only choice for the spouse.

Hostess Gift For Christmas


 I first saw these molton brown soap  in a hotel that I was staying in when I was on vacation and decided to pick some up for Christmas presents because we are always invited to various places for Christmas and New Year Eve’s party.  I would love receiving soaps if I had an open house because I can then use them for my guest’s bathroom and toilets.  I figured if a hotel is using them in their bathroom, they are good enough for gifts as well , plus their packaging are so beautiful and elegant, great for gifts.

Fine-Tuning My Classical Guitar


The spouse wanted to give my classical guitar, the Yamaha a fine tuning, he wanted to replace the plastic pins to an ivory ones, plus he thinks it is an easy thing to do after he Read Full Review  of how to do it and why the ivory ones are better than my original plastic ones.  He believes that changing them to ivory ones will make the sound a lot better and more pronounced.   Not many places sell the ivory ones, so he was really pleased to find some online.  I loved that the spouse wants to make my hobby a more pleasurable one – he’s a keeper that’s for sure just like these ivory pins.

Music & Entertainment


 I love Jim Brickman and when I heard that he was going to collaborate with Kenny Rogers for a Christmas album, I just had to place a pre-order immediately.  Jim Brickman is by far my favorite pianist and I’ve been following his career for the longest time.  Because of him, I encouraged my daughter to learn how to play the piano and this summer, we bought her a digital piano, for those in the states, you can easily order yours from the  guitar center  .  They have so much to choose from and even have a mini grand as well.  And yes, I can assure you that the digital piano is just as good as the acoustic ones because we just bought one like I  mentioned earlier.

Summer Concerts In Town

Summer is a time for concerts and outdoor entertainment , we could use an  electrovoice at home too for our backyard BBQs and gatherings during the summer.  We do have lots of concerts around the county and there are just too many to choose from to go to but summer is the best time one can have in this county.

Unfortunately, we don’t have those huge concerts in Hong Kong Coliseum because our town is rather small.  But we do have a lot of talented local artistes who showcase their talent in the many events that are being organized in town by the people of this town.  So for now, I’ll just have to settle for local artists concerts and when I travel or go back home to Asia, I would definitely go for as many concerts as I can fit in.

Motor Bike Rally

The spouse is getting ready for a motorbike rally in town this summer but some  yamaha motorcycle parts  is needed for his bike before the summer.  He is excited about the rally because this will be the first time, he has a motorbike to show off and I’m happy for him.  He needs to reward himself by going for rally like this since he is a bike enthusiast too. As for myself, I’m not into motorbikes but I would love to own a scooter this summer to scoot around town with.  What about you?  do you like seeing a woman on a motor bike?  I’ve seen quite a few woman bikers in town lately since the weather has been warming up.

Wedding Season

Wedding season has begun, I’ve been invited by a few friends and acquaintances for their upcoming wedding and while I’m getting my dresses ready for the wedding, some of the couples that I know personally are getting their  first dance lessons from John Cassese.  Yes, I remember my wedding and my first dance too and wished that we had taken lessons for our dance as well because we sure didn’t have a very good first dance.  And if I could turn the clock back, I would have made the spouse and I take first dance lessons as well.

I haven’t decided on what to wear for the weddings yet but those that I’ve RSVP and are going for are mostly outdoor weddings, so I’m trying to pick something floral and fun.  If you have any ideas what to wear for a wedding as a guest, do let me know.