Baby Grand Piano

Some people invest in stocks , some invest their money in pokemon cards but in our family we invest a lot in musical instrument as we all love music.  Therefore  this year  we will be doing the same like every year and will look at the kind of instrument that we want to purchase during the year and save for it or when the childrens’ birthday is round the corner, we will get their aunts and uncles together and get them the specific ones they one.


This year we are looking for a baby grand for my brat ,  but you and I know that a baby grand is going to cost us like $10K.  It is an investment and we knew that this day would come soon as she had been playing the piano for a few years now and the current Yamaha digital piano is not really that good enough for her anymore.  So we are saving for a baby grand for her and in the meantime, we are checking out good online sites to see if we can get her one at a reasonable price , they sometimes do have good sales online.

Shopping For A Banjolele


The kid wanted a  banjolele  for her birthday and since I don’t know the difference between a banjolele and a ukulele , I had to get some expert advise from the music shop that sells them.  And I learned that it is a banjo and a ukulele as well – interesting.   And I think I saw a banjolele in the Netflix show Orange is the new black , in one of the episode, someone was playing the bajolele.  I wonder if it is hard to learn the instrument but the kid argued that she is very interested in it , so here we go , buying her something she want to pick up .  Banjolele can range from $100 – 300 in the music shop online, so we will go with the mid -range one for her and hopefully, she will love it and we will get her a better one.

Karaoke Room


We don’t really have much of a Karaoke place in town, so many of our customers have karaoke in their home.  They would come in looking for  cbi cables  to buy and even though we do sell the microphones, we don’t carry the cables as we don’t have the space to put in so many inventory for karaoke.  So we out-source and tell them where they can get good and cheap cables and help them get it online.  Sure they have to wait a little but at least , they know that they are not paying outrageous prices for them and they come from a reputable music shop online.

Sold Out Eason Chen Concert


The last time I went to Eason Chen’s concert was like 10 years ago in UK and it was sold out then.  This year , he is having one in Toronto and Vancouver in December and before the ticket is sold out again, I’m going to book in advance.   Tickets goes from $88 to $388 and obviously, the $388 ones are the ones nearer to the stage.  I don’t know what it is about Eason’s concert but the songs he plays are always so beautifully delivered.  Someone mentioned that he uses  oc1  pickup for his guitar but I don’t know for sure but whatever it is , Eason’s fan just loved his rock and pop concerts and I for one isn’t going to miss this one either.


Concert Tickets For This Christmas


Last Christmas we gave the in-laws some concert tickets for Christmas because they are so hard to shop for.  They have just about everything and never ask for anything from us.  And since the father-in-law loves  english horn  so much, we are getting them some concert tickets again this Christmas.  Some may say we are very boring and not making an effort but why give them something they won’t use or enjoy right?  So concert tickets it is for Christmas !  Are you done shopping for Christmas yet?  we are just about done, after booking the tickets online.

A Gibson For Christmas


I have been scratching my head about what I should get for the spouse for Christmas, and finally decided on a Gibson to give him from  muscians friend  .  Afterall, who wouldn’t want a Gibson right?  The Gibson’s are the best guitars for any musician.  Sure it’s a little bit expensive but I would rather get him something that is useful and of value than some random gifts.  This year, I’ve decided only to get things that my family and friends really want or need and can use for a very long time.   So the Gibson was my first and only choice for the spouse.

Music & Entertainment


 I love Jim Brickman and when I heard that he was going to collaborate with Kenny Rogers for a Christmas album, I just had to place a pre-order immediately.  Jim Brickman is by far my favorite pianist and I’ve been following his career for the longest time.  Because of him, I encouraged my daughter to learn how to play the piano and this summer, we bought her a digital piano, for those in the states, you can easily order yours from the  guitar center  .  They have so much to choose from and even have a mini grand as well.  And yes, I can assure you that the digital piano is just as good as the acoustic ones because we just bought one like I  mentioned earlier.


 Celebrities wedding with  wedding DJ Joe Bunn  would be awesome and since there were so much weddings for the celebrities in Asia right from the beginning of the year. Like those of  of Hawick and Yang Mi and another celebrity couple Oscar Leung, I wouldn’t be surprise to see more weddings coming up.  Speculation has it that there will be more weddings for TVB celebrities this year and if I am to predict correctly, they will be using DJs instead of having live music.

Weddings are very special occasion and couples want the perfect music and the perfect MCs for their weddings, I know so because creating the right atmosphere for the wedding party is so important and only a good DJ can do the job right.  So if you need a good DJ for your wedding, I  know of one that I could recommend to you.

Zhang ZiYi’s New Love – Wang Feng

Rumor  has it that international movie star Zhang Ziyi is with Wang Feng a rock star and song writer.  So of course, I had to take a look and see who Wang Feng is right?   Found a picture of him online – whereby he professes his love for Zhang in a song.  Romantic?  kinda but Zhang being so beautiful and all, you would think she would be able to find someone better no?  Zhang was involved with Chinese director Zhang Yimou and being so much older, everyone was kinda surprised but no relationship was ever confirmed.

Followed by Aviv Nevo – also a much older Romania capitalist  – and billionaire and after their break up in 2010, we see her with Wang Feng kinda beneath her and not her style you would think but love can be blind and hopefully, she is more successful this time.

Gillian Announces Changed Names

Gillian Cheung veteran singer and artiste announced today that she is changing her chinese name again.  This is the 4th time actually and on stage using VocoPro Wireless Microphones  here, as you can see – fans were kinda surprised that she was doing that.  The reason?  change of luck, while netizens questioned her motive for changing names again, her peers and co-workers didn’t think it was a big deal.  Gillian haven’t had a  lot of luck after the sex scandal some 5 yrs ago, so maybe, changing names will bring her better luck for the rest of the year and a new start?  It’s not uncommon for even common folks to change names, so everyone please give her your blessings.

Rock Band

Inspired by the above rock band that she saw on facebook,  the kid and her friends from school wants to form a all girls rock band too. They even found some  affordable bc rich mockingbird at musicians friend  for me to consider purchasing for the band.  She asked me to think about it when I explained to her that these were for bigger kids and not for young kids like her and her friends and that when she is older we can consider this buy again.  But nope she wouldn’t take no for an answer, she was quite adamant to form her own Rock Band group she said.  So now, she and her gang of friends are saving money by mowing the lawn for us parents and cleaning around the house as well.  I figured I would let them try and there isn’t any harm in some hard work to earn her own money eh.

Violin Concert Inspires

We recently received tickets to the Toronto Symphony Orchestra  and was so inspired by the violinist Pekka Kuusisto that the spouse wanted to look at some  great violas at wwbw  as soon as we got home, so that he can encouraged our kid to take up the instrument. Listen to the interview yourself and see how he interprets the composer and you probably be as amazed as I am with him.  I’ve always loved how romantic this instrument sound but I know that it’s not easy to pick up this instrument at all, certainly not on those little fingers and it does take a lot of determination to want to practice all the time.  When we were younger, we didn’t have the opportunity that our kids have today, but it doesn’t mean that we cannot appreciate good music when we do see or hear one, so it’s only natural for parents to want to see their children play an instrument not only to appreciate the music but also to teach the child discipline. I wished I was living in Toronto because I know that it can really inspire even the tone death to pick up the violin from going to the symphony often.

It’s Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas

Seeing all the houses around our neighborhood dress their houses and yard with lights and Christmas decoration already makes me want to go out to the  Premier Mounts Store  and get a outdoor speaker mount to put out some Christmas music at our store.  The town’s park is lit and everyone is in the Christmas mood already.  We even had our Christmas parade last week, what have you got in store for yourself this Christmas?  I hope you bring a little magic to the less fortunate and remember to tell your family how much you love them.  Christmas is about giving, sharing, joy and love.

Guitars For Kids

So you think your kid is a natural born musician but you don’t want to spend a lot of money buying all the above instruments  – and I don’t blame you too.  But if they are under $100 – why not right?  for all you know – they may be the next Jesse James or Eric Clapton –  and these are Mahar guitars and musical instruments made in India/Pakistan – not expensive but remember – only for beginners – for the finishing quality I read isn’t that fantastic.

Traditional Jewelry With A Twist

If you are looking for some unique jewelry for the girlfriend this Christmas – look no further – Miss Atomic has them for you online.  Made from antique brass and with music on her mind – this piece is pretty neat right?  So if you have a girlfriend who loves music and a big tom boyish yet so beautiful – you may want to consider getting this for her.  $21 – not a bad buy at all.

Adele – Most Popular Singer In Canada

Adele from the UK is currently Canadians’ favorite singer it seems – even the girl working at the candy store bought a Cosmo because she was on the cover.  But she is lovely – albeit a bit big – and have a lovely voice – listen to the youtube video – if you don’t know who she is or haven’t heard of her before.  But what I liked most about her – is how lovely her eye lashes are !  long and luscious and to die for – I’m sitting here wondering if she uses eyelash growth products or does she naturally have long eyelashes like that.  Some people do – like my daughter – she does have nice eyelashes but not as long and as beautiful as the ones Adele has.   Most Asians don’t have long eye lashes and we use false eye lashes to extend our lashes to make them look nicer and enticing to both the opposite sex and the same sex.  But false lashes are so tedious and needs a lot of practicing – of course – if you are Wendy Cheng – you won’t have trouble with those false eyelashes for she literally does magic with it.  But I would love to try a eyelash growth product – that is safe – and it’s never too late to look prettier – even when you are 30 or 40.   Anyhow – check out Adele and her long eyelashes – ooops!! i meant her singing.  Oh love how she dress up too 🙂

Men At Work Loses Appeal

So the federal judge ruled against Men at Work – the Australian band and even though I’ve listened again and again – to both songs – the nursery song that I’ve grown up singing and then the Men at Work song “A Land from Down Under” and only  hear like the 2% of the nursery song in the Australian band song after listening to the song over and over again for like 50 time.  So yes – the Federal judge must be on drugs or something.  But this lawsuit had been going on for a long time – since 2009 and definitely not worth fighting anymore.  So although I’m not really for the ruling – what can one do right.

Tony Bennett In Canada

The spouse’s cousin invited us to Kitchener in October to see America’s Legend Tony Bennett – and knowing that I grew up watching Tony Bennett sing – that was so nice of him.   Tony Bennett who has earned his first number-one album at the age of 85. “Duets 2” has sold 179,000 copies its first week out, according to his label.  Tony is the oldest living act to hit number one on the Billboard album chart.  The previous record holder was Bob Dylan, who was 67 when “Together Through Life” debuted at number one in 2009.

Tony Bennett’s show in Kitchener is at Center in the Square at 7.30pm on 26 October and tickets were said to go for at least $120 – so I’ve decided to get some Dutch Masters as a gift for the cousin to reciprocate – and also because I know he like cigars a lot.  And since I can get them so cheap and good – why not right?  no one refuses a gift of cigar – because they think I must have spent a lot of money for them.  Little do they know that I have my little secret place to get them at a good price.

Watch TVB Drama On Your iPod Touch

So a fan of this blog told me that she can watch tvb dramas on her ipod touch!  while she is traveling in the train to go to work.  You see – it takes an hour of train ride to go to work and back from work and what do one do on the train besides reading?  watch tvb drama of course!!! So hurry out and buy ipod touch to watch your tvb drama – so you don’t miss it as soon as it comes out for watching.  I know of some die hard fans – who needs to be the first to watch the tvb dramas everyday  – i myself watches them during lunch time – and lucky for me – I can eat at our store – if I had to eat out – I would probably buy an ipod touch too – so i don’t get bored eating out on  my own.  Well, besides watching tvb dramas, you can watch movies, browse the net, play games , listen to music and send text messages  to your friends – a pretty awesome device.  Love all the gadgets they have these days – i sometimes wonder how my parents survived without all of these – life must be pretty boring for them.  Some said because there weren’t gadgets before – our forefathers had so many kids – hahhhaha!!