The Gigolo 2015 Cat III Movie Leaked Online


Direct translation – Duck King ! hahahha!  too funny !  I just saw an article on it and how hong kong actress Candy Yeun is begging people not to watch the leak version but go to the theatres because it’s clearer and is of HD quality.  It is said that Candy Yeun stripped for an audition with the director and the director was really pleased with her figure.  So much sacrifices to be made for a movie but I guess if you are confident about your body , you won’t mind eh?

Apparently, the cantonese version was leaked like a few months ago , and I didn’t even realized it , how horrible I am.  Anyhow, I found it with my source but haven’t watched it yet – those who wants to watch it , you know what to do.  Who cares if it is HD or not right? lol  !

The Gigolo opens with a fleeting glimpse of a massive prosthetic penis, so obviously this shouldn’t be your destination if you’re seeking cinematic class. He Jufeng innocent man (He Haowen) glamorous appearance, but different intrinsic nature Treasures “convex” out of the limelight easily become school fans. He was forced to drop out because of a fighting incident, the mother duck sold in markets (Lu Wan Yan) because of spine problems and downtime, suddenly became the family breadwinner front, life is so earth-shaking changes occur … in front of single-minded cousin red sister (Elena Kong ornaments) duck shop operated as cleaners, but handsome appearance and personality is often silly not molested

Simon Yam Picks Charlene To Win Best Actress


Charlene Choi has come a long way from her singing days with Ah Sa I’ll have to say.   And of course the sex scandal years ago with Edison Chen and Gillian Chung that might have forced the girls to part ways.  Charlene starred in a recent film called SARA (Choi Gei) with Simon had their premiere a few days ago.

Simon who had seen the film claimed that Ah Sa did well and said her acting was excellent in a press conference.  When asked if he would vote for Ah Sa , he said of course.  Well, good luck to Charlene, I hope she really gets the long awaited award.

Return Of The Cuckoo Movie


Remember the tv sitcom many years ago, filmed in Macua or cast in Macau.  Chilam and Charmaine was in the tv sitcom that made us all cried.  I remember that Chilam loves Charmaine but because Nancy Sit who plays her mother wants a better future for Charmaine and insisted she marries someone else.

In the movie, Charmaine who married SzeTo Lai Soon ( Steven Ma)

Moses Chan Back To Movies

Moses Chan actually started his career as a movie star first  but he wasn’t that famous then .  After starring in some TVB sitcoms he stayed with tvb and came to fame.   Now that he is so successful, Moses is going back into movies, so Moses Chan’s fans should keep a  look out for his movies which is currently in production.

Moses said that he had been approached to do movies for a long time now but only wanted to choose a meaningful movie to do.

Aaron Kwok Plays Father

In cold war – Aaron Kwok plays a father again for the 2nd time but this time he better smoke some cigar like the  humidors  because he needs to look like a deputy commissioner of the police department. Why?  because he doesn’t look old enough to be both the father and the deputy commissioner – so I think by smoking some cigars may help him in his part a bit better.  This movie is rather intense from what I’ve heard and Aaron who needs to play the tough guy in the morning and then a extra gentle father – seen tucking in his daughter and who’ve been in the police force for 30 years, no easy feat.  I don’t really think he looks old enough but I know his acting is really good – so I’m looking forward to seeing cold war.

What Women Want On Youtube

Whoohooo! i’m so lucky ! i found the cantonese version of it on youtube!  what more can I ask for – for a Sunday nite movie watching!  I loved Andy Lau and for those who loved his movies – follow the birdie and leave a comment for its synopsis and yakking session.

PS :  I don’t like downloading movies – i just loved watching them – coz’ i’m the only one in the family who watches Cantonese movies.

The Chinese are remaking the 2000 Mel Gibson romantic comedy “What Women Want”, in which Gibson’s character gets struck by lightning and suddenly can hear women’s thoughts. Hey, I’m not saying it’s scientifically viable.

In the Chinese remake, the eternally young Andy Lau will take over the Gibson role, playing a chauvinistic ad man who uses his newfound powers to get into women’s pants. He meets his match in a feisty co-worker to be played by Gong Li

Movie Posters

We get movie posters from our suppliers all the time because we have a movie rental store and as much as I appreciate the movie posters – I wished they would send them in mailing tube instead of just rolling them up and sending the way it is.  It’s kinda crazy when you think of it – because the posters must cost quite a few dollars to send them to us – so why not do it correctly instead of wasting the first poster right?   Round mailing tubes cannot be that expensive that the distributors cannot afford to buy them or invest in some to make us the vendors happy right.  I love the paper type of mailing tubes even if they cannot have the cylinder type – so I am going to suggest to my distributors to use the mailing tube from now on – lets hope they listen to my suggestion.

????All’s Well, Ends Well 2012


“All’s Well Ends Well 2012” returns to the cinema this coming lunar New Year with its sixth installment as well as an ensemble cast that includes Donnie Yen, Louis Koo, Chapman To, Raymond Wong, Sandra Ng, Kelly Chen, Lynn Hung and Yang Mi. Set to thrill the Chinese New Year audience, this beloved slapstick comedy follows the lives of four men on a heroic mission to help four female protagonists… and find themselves on a journey of self-discovery and beautiful new relationships.

Magic To Win

Based on the famous Chinese Happy Ghost series, Magic To Win is the story of an ordinary girl who inherits magical superpowers. Thought they radically change her life, they also bring unwanted attention from a family nemesis waiting to exact revenge. Boasting an all–star cast including Louis Koo, Raymond Wong, Wu Chung, Wu Jing, Yan Ni and Karena Ng, Wilson Yip, famed Director of Ip Man 1 & 2 brings extraordinary CGI to life in a 10 million–dollar fantasy set in the magical world of the five wizardry elements of gold, wood, water, fire and earth.

Wish and Switch Episode 15

Wish and Switch Episode 15 is out for watch on you tube !!!  With the problem starting from last week with Megavideo and Megaupload, I’m guessing you are all finding it hard to watch them online.  Lucky for me – I found some online ones that I can watch still – thank God – else my life will be quite bored.  Well, I didn’t actually find the link – it was a friend who is an ardent show fan – who found it and shared it with me.  So I rewarded him with some  cigars for all his hard work for I know how much he likes this kind of cigars.  While the westerners don’t think you need to reward someone for doing things for you – it is in our brought up and cultural difference that tell us otherwise.    Follow the birdie – leave me a comment for the synopsis and the password for all the discussion and yakking. Don’t forget to enjoy your show – and come yak with me.

Daring Sex Scene – Shu Qi Next Movie

Shu Qi who plays a set of twins sisters -Wai Heung and Wai Bo in CHING MAI (LOVE MYSTERY) is said to have lot of daring sex scene – was kept under wraps till today  – the movie opens in March 2012.  This movie is about love and lust as usual – Shu Qi style – and hopes to win Best actress award with it.  I will definitely be watching out for this movie.

Lan Kwai Fong 2011 On Youtube

I have been dying to watch this show and finally found it on youtube !  woohoo!!!   this show as my girlfriend in UK said – very “humsup”  so all those “humsup” folks like myself – please watch ! pretty interesting.  Follow the birdie for the synopsis.


Lan Kwai Fong (LKF), a well-known party location in Hong Kong with loads of nightclubs and bars. Everyone likes to go LKF for fun, one night stand or even true love. LKF had captured joys and sorrows of many… One night, Steven – a regular of LKF met the flight attendant – Jennifer. They had sex on the first night they met but both could feel love comes along. They had another date on the New Year Eve again. Unfortunately, misunderstanding tore them apart and Jennifer decided disappear from LKF. After eight months, Steven met with Jennifer again and hoping to restart a relationship with her. However, Jennifer was no longer single, she’s now his boss, Leslie’s girlfriend. At the same time, Steven received a call that his close friend collapsed and had to be sent to hospital. His friend encouraged him to follow his hearts. When he finally decided to tell Jennifer about his feelings, Jennifer had already engaged to Leslie. Steven was heart-broken. He accepted the job promotion to stay in overseas’ branch office. His friends threw him a farewell party. He reunited with Jennifer again at the party. Will the two be together again after everything they’ve been through in this place with tons of One Night Stand happening every night?

Overheard 2 In Cantonese On Youtube

AW Man-seng (Lau Ching-wan) a reputable security dealer was involve in a car accident. Police officer HO Chi-keung (Louis Koo) is assigned to the case when military surveillance devices were found in LAW’s wrecked sports car. During the investigation, Ho finds that Law has some offshore funds of unknown sources and that an unknown person Joe (Daniel Wu) is wiretapping not only Law, but other members of ‘Landlord Club’, a legendary club with members from top business tycoons and entrepreneurs in town.

Sleepover And A Movie

So the kids are coming over for a sleepover to watch the new release of the Green Lantern this Friday – yes ! it comes out this coming Friday and it’s a good thing they have the Big Agnes Sleeping Bags with them for the sleepover – else we will need to get some.   You see we weren’t expecting company – but the kid invited her cousins over for the Green Lantern movie.  We had said no sleepovers for friends yet – but we didn’t specify no cousins too – her reasoning – so we quickly called the moms up – to see if they had sleeping bags that they could bring along for the sleepover.  The kid is excited and already planning what to feed the cousins and the sitting arrangement for the sleepover and a movie.