Jazz Festival In The City


Jazz festival has always inspire us to be musicians for the month  since I was young.  And now my nephews and nieces are the same, easily inspired or do I called it easily swayed.  One year I remembered we had to get some  squier guitars at musiciansfriend.com  for them because the want to form a band after watching a Jazz festival that we had brought them with us as a treat.  Their parents complained that it was an expensive treat in the end.

So this year for the Jazz Festival in the city , we are not going with any teenagers or wanna be musician or Jazz player, we will be heading out to the city in July and staying for a few days , to enjoy the Jazz festivals as well as shopping and eating.

Shopping For A Banjolele


The kid wanted a  banjolele  for her birthday and since I don’t know the difference between a banjolele and a ukulele , I had to get some expert advise from the music shop that sells them.  And I learned that it is a banjo and a ukulele as well – interesting.   And I think I saw a banjolele in the Netflix show Orange is the new black , in one of the episode, someone was playing the bajolele.  I wonder if it is hard to learn the instrument but the kid argued that she is very interested in it , so here we go , buying her something she want to pick up .  Banjolele can range from $100 – 300 in the music shop online, so we will go with the mid -range one for her and hopefully, she will love it and we will get her a better one.

Live Events & Concerts


I’ve been to many live event and concerts when I was living in Asia but after migrating to the west , I hardly go because I lived in a small town.   So when the spouse suggested that we attend a music festival out of town , I was quite excited but alas, his type of concerts are loud and noisy.  The  pa speaker system  must be really good because it was extremely loud in the outdoor venue but the spouse loved that kind of music , Rock , so I just went along to be a good sport.

Karaoke Room


We don’t really have much of a Karaoke place in town, so many of our customers have karaoke in their home.  They would come in looking for  cbi cables  to buy and even though we do sell the microphones, we don’t carry the cables as we don’t have the space to put in so many inventory for karaoke.  So we out-source and tell them where they can get good and cheap cables and help them get it online.  Sure they have to wait a little but at least , they know that they are not paying outrageous prices for them and they come from a reputable music shop online.

Entertaining At Home


Inspired at a friend’s party this year, we’ve decided to invest in a better acoustic guitar , so that the family can play our musical instruments together when we have a party too.  The kid plays the piano and the spouse plays the guitar , so I want to take up playing the guitar as well.   So instead of getting myself a new basic acoustic, we’ve decided that the spouse can get a better one and I will use his old one.   If you are looking for one yourself, this one is a pretty awesome one, you can  Mail your order today!  just like we did.

Motor Bike Rally

The spouse is getting ready for a motorbike rally in town this summer but some  yamaha motorcycle parts  is needed for his bike before the summer.  He is excited about the rally because this will be the first time, he has a motorbike to show off and I’m happy for him.  He needs to reward himself by going for rally like this since he is a bike enthusiast too. As for myself, I’m not into motorbikes but I would love to own a scooter this summer to scoot around town with.  What about you?  do you like seeing a woman on a motor bike?  I’ve seen quite a few woman bikers in town lately since the weather has been warming up.

Car Maintenance

We have had our car for as long as my daughter was first born, so car maintenance is a must.  For like any old cars, the systems  and even the tires don’t want to work as well as they used to.   Regular tightening of a screw here and there and give the old car a good under coating is a must.   But lately, the car had more rust than usual, just the other day, the car broke down and we had to spend a good $721 on repair work.  I figured it’s going to continue to cost us since it’s almost a 9 years old car soon.  I love our car and must force the spouse to do more car maintenance and regularly than he did for the past 8 years.

But my concern is not having a spare car for emergency like last week, when the car was in the garage for 3 days.  We were so handicapped, good thing we had a loaner from a good friend.  So I’m seriously looking into another car.  A Japanese make this time?  what do you recommend out there?  good on gas and below $15K please.

Mandy Lieu Too Busy With New Venture

Yes, Many Lieu is now a young entrepreneur and besides making a new movie, she has to concentrate on this new business.  She is so busy, she doesn’t even have time to eat nor sleep apparently.  Fans should get her a  latex mattress  on set, so that she can catch 40 winks during her rest periods – we all joked about it.  Those who have seen Mandy in action would have found here looking more Caucasian than Chinese but everyone needs some shut eyes every now and then right ?

Solution To Your Money Problems


No one wants to be in debt and besides spending wisely, sometimes, we still get ourselves into trouble.  Many years ago, this was what happened to us and the spouse’s business.  We almost closed the store and packed our things but we didn’t want to give up without fighting for what we love to do and owning our own business was a dream come true for the spouse.  So with all these  free consultation bankruptcy  we contacted someone online and spoke with them to see if we can find some answers to our money problems.

It was an option to go into bankruptcy but that would mean that we would have to start all over again, but it isn’t a bad idea if you can cover your bills and you can pay your mortgages and your creditors.  I’m glad that we didn’t go into the bankruptcy act and managed to turn things around but for those who are in dire need to get their life back together – the folks to speak to are these bankruptcy experts, give them a call.

Pest Alert!

Summer is definitely here – found a tick on the kid’s hair behind her neck today after she went into the greenhouse of her grandfather’s this afternoon.  Need to get some pest products from  http://www.pestproductsonline.com  before the black flies starts swarming the backyard. I loved summer – but I definitely do not like those bugs – those evil ones are terrible to keep away, but with some help from pest products, we can definitely try to have a good summer. I’m already feeling all itchy talking about pest controls.  I love the gardening, so if you are like myself – get some good pest control products quick.

Violin Concert Inspires

We recently received tickets to the Toronto Symphony Orchestra  and was so inspired by the violinist Pekka Kuusisto that the spouse wanted to look at some  great violas at wwbw  as soon as we got home, so that he can encouraged our kid to take up the instrument. Listen to the interview yourself and see how he interprets the composer and you probably be as amazed as I am with him.  I’ve always loved how romantic this instrument sound but I know that it’s not easy to pick up this instrument at all, certainly not on those little fingers and it does take a lot of determination to want to practice all the time.  When we were younger, we didn’t have the opportunity that our kids have today, but it doesn’t mean that we cannot appreciate good music when we do see or hear one, so it’s only natural for parents to want to see their children play an instrument not only to appreciate the music but also to teach the child discipline. I wished I was living in Toronto because I know that it can really inspire even the tone death to pick up the violin from going to the symphony often.


So we decided to change our old LCD tv to an LED TV and although I don’t really know what’s the difference, I’m just happy to have a tv to watch.  I told the spouse, he had to choose the tv while I go choose the monitor stand .  So what is the difference between an LED and a LCD screen.  Well, the LED doesn’t need a back light like the LCD does and the color is a lot more brilliant than the LCD, of course, it’s more expensive but if you were a movie freak like us – you want to be on top of the electronic stuff.

Washing Machines & Dryers Repairs

It is certainly not easy to find an  appliance service  around here – I wished that I can find a reliable company that has serviceman even on weekends like in USA.  I never like to throw away home appliances unless they absolutely need replacing, so repair is always my first choice but it is quite daunting when you cannot find a good and reliable service company that also charges reasonably.  So if you are in USA like my friends are, you will know how lucky you are to have a service company that is not only insured but fair when it comes to pricing.  It’s nice not to throw away stuff just because they have a slight glitch in it.

Impressive Gifts For The Boss

I don’t know about everyone else but when I want to get into my boss’s good books I get them some impressive gifts and when you have a boss who loves great cigars  like mine, it’s way too easy to please him.   Usually, I order them online and tell him that the spouse who was traveling for work bought it for him without making him feel weird about it.  So every time he gets a box of cigars from me, he really does treat me and the rest of the co-workers better because it puts him in a very good mood.   And I noticed that if I’m late for work or if I made a mistake at work, I don’t get such harsh remarks like others – it’s a case of you rub my back and I rub yours and it works.  And anything to keep the peace in the office eh.

Building A Successful Business

 It’s easy to open a new business but the most difficult part is to keep that business open and thriving too.  The spouse being in business for the last 13 years is still learning how to build a successful business and every now and then, we look for ways to improve our business structure and of course an easy to use report designer  had been a great help in managing not only the money aspect of the business but also sales reports as well as allocating hours for our employees and their many insurance that we are mandate to look after too.  A wise man told me once that if we don’t spend a little money, we won’t be able to bring in more money and some things like this software we are using had been a great help in making our business a lot easier to manage.   So if you think that running a business is easy, think again.

DIY Spice Rack

I was looking for spices in my spice tupperware and thought that I was being really smart having them all in different plastic packages – sealed and tucked away nicely in the pantry but truth be told, I rarely see them, so I rarely use my spices.  So I was thinking of ways or containers to use – where I can place them out in the open without having them in the way yet – keeping them insight – so that i can get ahold of it anytime.  I’m sure you had the same problem too – or needed a solution for your spices at one time or another.  Well, I found the solution for you – a DIY magnetic spice rack – from Etsy.

iPotty For Kids

Training your toddlers to go to the potty may not be as tough as I had it when I was training mine.  Introducing the iPotty in a CES show in Las Vegas a few days ago, means that it will be in production soon.  With a holder for an iPad you can now entice your toddler to sit on the potty and poop. You can get your toddler to watch a show or play a game – now that would be pretty cool for a toddler.

Printing Made Easy


You all know how lazy we all can get or is it because the internet is so convenient these days – that even looking up for my kid’s school’s telephone number – I go through the internet instead of the phone book.  Afterall, our computer is always on – and it is a lot easier to get the information off the internet right?   So don’t be too hard on yourself if you are the same as I because I’m sure we are not the only ones doing it.  Look at the United States, you can find just about everything you need online –  printingamerica.com is just one example, where you can make your printing so easy, wherever you may be in USA, type in the zip code and area you are in and you will find the nearest printer near you.  Like my boss would say – pretty nifty!  they even have the website of the printer for you and you can decide what kind of printing you want done, I loved it! Printing made easy – wished they had more websites like this – for laundry, doctors, dentist – the list can go on.

Kids Going Organic

So the girlfriend who is having a baby is going organic – and not just the food we are talking about – but the baby bedding – she is going all natural so she told us and explained why she needed to get everything for her kids’ bedroom from  kids furniture nyc .   Why organic I asked her – what are the benefits ?  and after listening to her – I can understand it and agree with her.  In fact, my 8 years old who has the occasional asthma can benefit from these organic sheets and linen too.  Chemical free linens are what these organic sheets are all about and anything that are chemically free is good.  Can’t argue with that – so I’m going to get organic sheets for my kid as well.