Star Origami Paper


Yes, remember the stars that you make with origami paper when you were a kid?  well , I couldn’t afford it when I was a kid, and I wanted to teach my kid how to make them, so I bought some online.  I tried to get some locally but no one sells them , that suxs big time but ordering it online maybe cheaper but you don’t really get to see the thickness of the origami paper till they arrived and like these ones, they are a tat too think for my liking.  I prefer a little bit more thickness to the paper.

It’s easy to learn how to make the star origami and anyone can re-live their childhood again and share this crafty thing with friends and family especially younger kids.  One can find these origami paper for as little as a few bucks but I have to warn you that they take at least a couple of weeks to arrive , so be patient.

Concert Tickets For This Christmas


Last Christmas we gave the in-laws some concert tickets for Christmas because they are so hard to shop for.  They have just about everything and never ask for anything from us.  And since the father-in-law loves  english horn  so much, we are getting them some concert tickets again this Christmas.  Some may say we are very boring and not making an effort but why give them something they won’t use or enjoy right?  So concert tickets it is for Christmas !  Are you done shopping for Christmas yet?  we are just about done, after booking the tickets online.

Motor Bike Rally

The spouse is getting ready for a motorbike rally in town this summer but some  yamaha motorcycle parts  is needed for his bike before the summer.  He is excited about the rally because this will be the first time, he has a motorbike to show off and I’m happy for him.  He needs to reward himself by going for rally like this since he is a bike enthusiast too. As for myself, I’m not into motorbikes but I would love to own a scooter this summer to scoot around town with.  What about you?  do you like seeing a woman on a motor bike?  I’ve seen quite a few woman bikers in town lately since the weather has been warming up.

Solution To Your Money Problems


No one wants to be in debt and besides spending wisely, sometimes, we still get ourselves into trouble.  Many years ago, this was what happened to us and the spouse’s business.  We almost closed the store and packed our things but we didn’t want to give up without fighting for what we love to do and owning our own business was a dream come true for the spouse.  So with all these  free consultation bankruptcy  we contacted someone online and spoke with them to see if we can find some answers to our money problems.

It was an option to go into bankruptcy but that would mean that we would have to start all over again, but it isn’t a bad idea if you can cover your bills and you can pay your mortgages and your creditors.  I’m glad that we didn’t go into the bankruptcy act and managed to turn things around but for those who are in dire need to get their life back together – the folks to speak to are these bankruptcy experts, give them a call.

Tayasui Sketches iPad App Demo

As you all know, we had bought a mini ipad for the kid last Christmas and for us, it’s a learning experience.  But if you have a kid who loves drawing and is constantly bored, well this application on your iPad may help to keep him/her interested for a bit while you eat or do your personal things.

The app is only $2 – a small price to pay for all you get – watch the video and you will know what I mean.

Solar Crank Radio

Awesome present for your teenage sons or daughters for only $2.99 – this solar crank up radio is portable and very geeky to carry around.  Bring it to the beach with you – or anywhere you want – pretty cute – I would love to have one just because.

So you’re chilling at the beach with all your homies, pumping up the jams, having the most dope phat dance party ever, when suddenly the batteries die on your radio. Keep the party going with the Dynamo AM/FM/WB Solar Radio. All it takes is 1 easy minute of cranking & you get 20 cool minutes of sweet tunes. Don’t be a square & keep the dance party going all day & night long. No batteries required. This awesome lightweight radio measures a super portable 3″x2.4″x3″

Present For The Boss

It’s definitely not easy to buy anything for the boss – you don’t want it to be too expensive and you don’t want to be called an el cheapo.  So I’ve opted to buy only  kenneth cole briefcases   for my bosses or anyone important – that has to do with work or business.  One can never go wrong with a KC briefcase because they are not expensive but yet looked so prestigious and my bosses or co-workers loved the Kenneth Cole brand.  They know that whatever Kenneth Cole has – had to be stylish, my first jacket from Halifax was from Kenneth Cole and I think it was worth every penny.


So we decided to change our old LCD tv to an LED TV and although I don’t really know what’s the difference, I’m just happy to have a tv to watch.  I told the spouse, he had to choose the tv while I go choose the monitor stand .  So what is the difference between an LED and a LCD screen.  Well, the LED doesn’t need a back light like the LCD does and the color is a lot more brilliant than the LCD, of course, it’s more expensive but if you were a movie freak like us – you want to be on top of the electronic stuff.

Building A Successful Business

 It’s easy to open a new business but the most difficult part is to keep that business open and thriving too.  The spouse being in business for the last 13 years is still learning how to build a successful business and every now and then, we look for ways to improve our business structure and of course an easy to use report designer  had been a great help in managing not only the money aspect of the business but also sales reports as well as allocating hours for our employees and their many insurance that we are mandate to look after too.  A wise man told me once that if we don’t spend a little money, we won’t be able to bring in more money and some things like this software we are using had been a great help in making our business a lot easier to manage.   So if you think that running a business is easy, think again.

iPotty For Kids

Training your toddlers to go to the potty may not be as tough as I had it when I was training mine.  Introducing the iPotty in a CES show in Las Vegas a few days ago, means that it will be in production soon.  With a holder for an iPad you can now entice your toddler to sit on the potty and poop. You can get your toddler to watch a show or play a game – now that would be pretty cool for a toddler.

Funky Phone Case

I just got handed down the spouse’s iPhone 3 and being the proud owner of a “new” phone I want to make sure that it’s got “me” written all over it and not some ordinary phone case.  So I went online to check out some unique phone cases for my iPhone and of course, I have to come across this on Etsy and I loved it – tell me this is not unique!  it’s called black rose on curly pink Jack – I’m assuming that Jack is the face of the phone – it even has a name!  pretty funky stuff right – and at $28 – not too expensive and I can afford it – I know that I may not buy it because my kid might be scared of it but I knwo a lot of you would love it especially teenagers.  Check it out at Etsy – they ship everywhere for just 3 bucks!

Handmade Christmas Presents

We’ve encouraged our kid to do handmade Christmas presents for her friends and the extended family since she loved making jewelry so much.  I can get  cubic zirconia beads here  for her and since they are so cheap, I’m going to get some for her play dates too – that way I can keep them occupied while they are at my home.   Kids loved making jewelry of all kinds but of course it would be a lot more fun if they have an older kid to help them as well but I’m sure my kid can handle it – and if the other kids don’t know how to do the bracelets or necklaces, my kid would most definitely teach them.  She had been doing bracelets and necklaces for as long as I can remember and even though some may not look gorgeous – it’s the heart that counts.  I loved receiving all her handmade presents.

Upgrading My Laptop

I’ve been thinking about upgrading my laptop because my Aspire although quite new – seems to be too slow for me these days.  So with a spouse who owns a computer store, you know where I’m going to put it on sale right?  I know it will sell really fast too but first I have to  wipe a hard drive  and I don’t need the spouse’s help with it since I know he uses a Drive Scrubber to do it and I can easily do it myself too.  We use it at our store all the time for customers who brings their computer in for trade ins or for an upgrade.   People don’t know how important it is to erase your hard drive permanently – so that all your personal information isn’t there anymore and you don’t have to worry that someone else may stumble upon your old passwords or bank accounts or anything confidential.   I can’t wait to see my new laptop and I would definitely let you know what I’ve decided soon.  I’m torn in between an Alien or a Mac – what would you buy ? for watching all the movies and playing games?

Fall Clean Up In Town

I see many of my neighbors putting out stuff for the fall clean up next week and even though we don’t have a lot to throw out, we have a few huge items that needs to be out of the house since our basement renovation.  So I brought home  moving pallets  from the store to help us move these huge items like an old dryer and an old couch to the lawn for pick up next week.   And I’m glad we did just that otherwise, I’m sure my back would have hurt a lot more.  Fall clean up is a lot of work around our house because we have to prepare for winter and store up wood for the stove.

Smaller & Slimmer PS3

Sony has never done this before but it looks like they are having a new PS3 machine coming out in the market soon.  The spouse was just telling me about it this morning.  Excited much!  expect this new version of the PS 3 to be the size of a laptop and 25% lighter and 20% smaller from what I’ve heard thus far.  And it comes in 2 colors – black and white – now I’ve never seen a white PS 3 before – so the girls might like it while the guys well – I think they might just stick to the black ones – coz’ you and I know that guys don’t care to clean anything !  The 500GB version will be out in October this year – so Christmas may come early for a lot of people eh.

Driving To The City For Short Vacations

Driving to the city to get my chinese food is a 4hrs away, so we usually incorporate a short vacation with my chinese food trip.  The spouse calls it the eating trip and i noticed lately that it’s very hard on the kid especially when we have to drive long hours around the city to gather all my chinese food before coming back.  I’m tempted to get her the  neck pillow  to help her rest better on the way home when she does fall asleep because I’ve noticed her head flopping all around and getting jerk all around.  But like all kids, I don’t know if she would use the neck pillow that I am considering, so I’ve borrowed one from the aunt to try it out and if she likes it or uses it – I would get one for her immediately. The aunt swears by it – so i’m sure it would help the kid when she is driving long distance with us.

Candy! Candy! Candy!

I’ve always wanted to send a jar or a box of colorful candies to the boyfriend just  because but never found a place besides the florist to do it.  And we all know that the florist charges an arm and a leg for delivering anything and they don’t just send candies – it needs to go with flowers and some guys don’t want flowers in his office – they get all shy while us girls the more flowers the merrier.  Well, I found a place where you can Buy Candy Online  for  your boyfriends, lovers, nephews and nieces or part-timer lovers at a very reasonable price.  Have fun choosing the type of candies you want to send because they have lots of varieties and chocolates too.

Over Exposure To The Sun

No more worries about being over expose in the sun – like I do for my kid, I worry constantly, whether the camp co-ordinators remembered to ask her to put on her sun screen or re-slather them on after a few hours.  Watch out for this wristband – to go on sale, it changes color when the sun’s UV ray can start to cause damage to your kid’s skin.  From blue to pink – and as soon as you see it – you know you either have to take your kids out of the sun or re-apply suntan lotion for them.  How neat is that right? It’s not available now – but we are hoping that they will come on sale by 2013 and will cost only 10p each by a Swedish company.  No more sunburn, no more risk of skin cancer or heat stroke.  YAY!