Upgrading My Laptop

I’ve been thinking about upgrading my laptop because my Aspire although quite new – seems to be too slow for me these days.  So with a spouse who owns a computer store, you know where I’m going to put it on sale right?  I know it will sell really fast too but first I have to  wipe a hard drive  and I don’t need the spouse’s help with it since I know he uses a Drive Scrubber to do it and I can easily do it myself too.  We use it at our store all the time for customers who brings their computer in for trade ins or for an upgrade.   People don’t know how important it is to erase your hard drive permanently – so that all your personal information isn’t there anymore and you don’t have to worry that someone else may stumble upon your old passwords or bank accounts or anything confidential.   I can’t wait to see my new laptop and I would definitely let you know what I’ve decided soon.  I’m torn in between an Alien or a Mac – what would you buy ? for watching all the movies and playing games?

Smaller & Slimmer PS3

Sony has never done this before but it looks like they are having a new PS3 machine coming out in the market soon.  The spouse was just telling me about it this morning.  Excited much!  expect this new version of the PS 3 to be the size of a laptop and 25% lighter and 20% smaller from what I’ve heard thus far.  And it comes in 2 colors – black and white – now I’ve never seen a white PS 3 before – so the girls might like it while the guys well – I think they might just stick to the black ones – coz’ you and I know that guys don’t care to clean anything !  The 500GB version will be out in October this year – so Christmas may come early for a lot of people eh.

Cooking Club For Kids

I remembered my kid getting her first apron and baking utensils coming all the way from UK – she was delighted because she loved to bake. So when I saw these from cooking club – i had to get this sweet pink set for her.  For less than $20 – this is a great gift for Easter.

Your baking fairy is adorably sweet, and that’s because they have this silicone cupcake kit in hand. With everything they need to create and decorate six scrumptious strawberry cupcakes, it allows chefs to prepare and serve their own delectable dessert.

  • Includes decorating set, spatula, tray, liners, measuring cups, measuring spoons and four recipes
  • Box dimensions: 29.5” W x 25” H x 59.5” D
  • 6.6 lbs.
  • Silicone
  • Imported
  • Fun With Our New Xbox 360 Games

    Last year Christmas, the cousins received some new games for their xbox 360 and they were very happy with it – so they invited my kid to go over and have some fun with their jeux xbox but my kid was a bit hesitant because the other side of the family were Acadian french  – so they all spoke in french.  My daughter worried that she might be left out in conversations didn’t want to go but when she saw that it was the xbox 360 games that she loved to play – she was gung-ho once again to go.  So we went back to the store – to get some extra xbox 360 controllers for her – and another game so that she can introduce her xbox 360 games to her cousins.  Just Dance 3 was the xbox 360 game that she brought along with her – and guess what ?  the kids had such a great time last week – they are doing it all over again.  Woohoo!! free time for this mummy alirght!

    Desktop Football

    For less than $40 – you can buy a desktop football machine – just for fun.  It’s small I have to tell you -and needs to be on a table – or a flat surface.  But one can always have hours of fun – with a smaller kid – great for a birthday or Christmas present and great for those who don’t have a basement to put their real fooseball table in. I want one of those is located in UK, Wales – so you luck in if you are in UK – but of course, I’m sure they will send anything if you pay for shipping.

    A Tricycle Made For 2

    Now why didn’t they make something like this when my kid was younger – that way, she can go for rides with her dolly – and not have us tie the poor dolly to the front of her tricycle since the tricycle is too small to have a basket.  Plus it’s a great way to teach your kid to share with the neighbor’s kid – for both kid can jump on the tricycle and ride together but I’m sure they will also fight as to who is to be in the front – unless the other kid is younger and don’t know any better (like my daughter liked to say) – hahaha!! anyhow – this tricycle made for 2 is at $299 – way to expensive in my opinion – but if parents wants to have the siblings play together and entertain themselves it would be a great investment.   I like that the rubber wheels are thicker than the usual tricycle – but I guess it had to be made this way for stability.  One can buy this tricycle at Hammacher and Schlemmer.

    Best Hunting Grounds

    While folks need to go out into the woods to hunt for deers – we only need to go as far as the outlaw’s backyard – they always have deers all around their home.   While we sit in the kitchen eating – we can see deers all around the pond all the time.  My father-in-law bought some  rifle scopes for hunting and it’s fun to watch him look at the deers and see which ones are young and fleshy.  My daughter who loves watching Bambi – would scream and cry each time Grampie goes hunting for some Bambis – hahhaha!! so funny !  so they used the rifle scopes to watch the deers now from the kitchen.  Deers are very tricky animals and they can hear you coming from a long ways.

    Anyhow, a friend who was mowing our lawn told me last week he saw some deers on our backyard – so I’m thinking I should get some rifle scopes – so the kid can watch the deers when they come around – it would be a real treat for her and her dad.  I should buy the ones with the night vision feature – that way – during the summer – when they are out camping – they can watch the deers too in the camping grounds – now that would be fun!

    Toys! Toys! Toys!

    I told my kid that this year Santa was going to be broke!  Why?  because she had written to Santa with her list – and handed it over to me – to mail it urgently to North Pole.  In the letter – she told Santa – she was somewhat good to mummy and daddy and doing well in school – so she hope Santa will bring her her list of toys – and it’s a long list i tell yer!  So I told her – Santa is going to be real broke this year – in which she replied a matter-of-factly – “No he won’t !  Santa has all these Elves that does all his work for him – he doesn’t need any money – MOM!!!”  *slap forehead*  – pray tell where does kids get all their smartness from these days!  We never ever give smart answers like that when we were kids – hahahha!!!

    Kids And Their iPads

    You hear John Chow going on and on and on about the iPad during his video session for his Pho on a weekly basis.  My kid who had seen how games are played on iPad wanted one too – and so did a friend’s.  Ahhh!! kids these days are so lucky!!  we never had any toys or gadgets when we were kids.  But if I ever get one for my kid – i’m getting an insurance for ipads that’s for sure.   Not taking the risk of them spilling milk or pop on them or leaving it in the gym and losing it.  With insurance – I have no worries about cracked screens or theft and even fire.  Definitely would give me a peace of mind – especially if I have spend $800 -$900 for such a gadget.

    Gamer’s Perfect Gift From The Wife

    As the wife of a gamer.. you cannot and should not look at your man with disdain. .when he is playing his games.  Afterall, isn’t this better than him going out to drink.. smoke. .and tease the beer waitress..?? or worst.. pinch the Hooter’s girls in the butt…??

    I always encourage my spouse to game .. as much .. as he can. .when he can.. after helping out with the housework… and cooking..  plus taking care of the kid..  but of course.. until he meets geek gal in his group of gamers..  !! then one has gotta be careful.. for he find find Geek Gal .. way too cool..  than you are..!  Well.. until then.. you can do this cross stitch for him.. to put in his basement.. or his den.. where he games.. that way.. he will always know you are watching him… muahahahahah!! want the stitch pattern.. ???  check out the domesticscientist.


    When I was younger, it seems very stylish to be going to the golf club with the “then” boyfriend.. and his family for a game of golf on Sundays. Afterall, it was a private golf club.. and the who is who were all there.. to mingle with. But thinking back, I can only see me picking up golf balls while the “then” boyfriend played. I must have looked quite silly then.. hahahha!

    Gamer’s Case


    Awesome looking case isn’t it..?? I donch agree that gamer’s spare no expenses with their cases because i would love something like that for my case too. In our kinda line, we see many of our customers buying cases .. but none had so far spend more than a few hundred dollars on a cool looking case. For something like this.. the person needs to be also a car lover. And the women folks.. they love the hello kitty or pink color cases. The young bankers they love their cases to be slim. I heard that the above case can run from a good $899 – $1299, pretty ex .. if you ask me.. but if you get a few months bonus at the end of the year.. and single.. and no obligation to anything… why not eh.

    Rumble Rematch

    A couple of guys beat each other silly in the ring nearly four years ago. I’m sure you all know who I’m talking about – Manny Pacquiao and Juan Manuel Marquez! and these two Mexican boxers are scheduled for a rematch. Their first match saw Marquez being knocked to the mat three times in the first round, what an exciting and excruciating start of a match, on 8 May 2004. But he kept at it.. and was relentless it seems and the match ended in a split draw finally. He took a beating alright.. but equally gave it back to Marquez and stayed on par with him.

    Can’t imagine why the rematch took so long to happen, and is now slated to take place on March 15, 2008 in Las Vegas, Nevada. If you are fans of any of these two boxers, and plan to see this match live like my man who is is the biggest fan of Paquiao, hurry and book your Manny Paquiao tickets before it’s all sold out. At the top of their from, these two boxers are at 130lb weight class and both have maintained an amazing win/loss record throughout their careers. Pacquiao who is 45-3-2 with 34 KOs and Marquez with a record of 48-3-1, with 35 KOs. Marquez is the only Mexican elite boxer that hasn’t been truly beaten by Pacquiao so this rematch is definitely going to be the match of the century. I’m excited as my man to see if Pacman will win this time round. We are of course rooting for you know who. HBO Pay per view, will be broadcasting this match live, so if you are the unlucky ones that can see the match live, I guess HBO will have to do.

    Guitar Hero


    We get like 10 calls a day.. for Guitar Hero for all systems that they make it for. For those who donch know what Guitar Hero is.. WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN..??? even I know .. what it is..! muahhahaha!! I swear.. this game is so popular.. everyone and anyone loves to play with it. Even my 4 yrs old brat loves it.. !! It’s a music video game, uses a guitar shaped peripheral to play various genres of music as notes scroll towards the player. It’s not too, too difficult but neither is it easy at all. Had we known earlier.. we would have bought a truckload of it.. and re-sell it. But of course.. you have the SuckyMart selling it at half the price that we would have been selling it for. Oh well.. you can’t win it all eh.

    Snow Bear Sled Set


    Every year.. i donch allow the brat to go out in the snow too often.. because it’s brrrr.. COLD..!! Like any mother.. i am worried.. that she might fall ill from the cold. Canada.. is really cold.. Ok..! But since she is way older now.. I think she needs to experience the joy of sliding from the top of the hill with her GrandAunt, cousins and Grammie.. and maybe daddy too. At $29.90 for the sled.. it’s quite affordable.  What about you ..??  would you let your kid play out in the snow..??

    Portable DVD Player


    Portable DVDs are nothing new in this time and age.. but because a very good friend.. is in the city .. in a hospital for a week.. or maybe more… i went looking for one of this.. so that it can keep him company .. while he is in the hospital. It suxs big time.. to be sitting in the hospital with nothing better to do in life. So something to entertain him.. would be nice. At $169 .. it’s a little more than i would wanna pay for myself.. but Gary is a good friend.. so it’s alright.

    Spring Training Tickets

    I am not a big fan of Boston Red Sox, but the man and his buddies are..!! Yes.. so much so.. that, if i wanted a decent conversation with the man.. one would have to start showing some interest in his favorite baseball team. I know as much as any of his buddies about Boston Red Sox. Professional baseball team.. and based in Boston, Massachusetts, plus they are the reigning World Series Champions, so how can one not know about them. The man have every merchandize he can get ahold of, for his favorite team.

    His favorite team is going to Japan to open the next season in 2008, an invitation from MLB and Yomiuri, so I heard, therefore the Spring Training in Fort Myer, Fla will be cut short. And since it is so hard to get the man a Christmas/birthday present, his buddies and I planned that he should go up to Toronto, when the Boston Red Sox will be playing with, our very own, Toronto Blue Jay at Roger Center. Boston Red Sox Spring Training tickets, I heard are quickly snapped up if we don’t make our reservations quickly. So, if you are like me, wanting to make sure the man have a great birthday.. I would book the seat that is near the first base near the Red Sox dugout, at $160 a piece to make the man happy, sure why not..!



    A Day After Halo 3

    With all the hype before Halo 3 came out.. and all the pre-ordering that we did for our customers .. not all came to collect their copy. I wonder if it is because they didn’t get our phone messages..?? Of course we sold some unexpected copies to our regular customers.. but one came as soon as we opened.. to ask if he could cancel the order. He prolly saw that Superstore was selling at 10 bucks less then us. But i stopped him short.. and told him.. sorry too late to cancel now.. and he asked why..?? OMG..!! sometimes.. you just wanna bitch slap them real hard.