Santa’s Christmas Sack For Your Kids


I think it is such a neat idea to get one for your kid during Christmas and it’s just round the corner.  Imagine the look on your kid’s face when he or she wakes up on Christmas morning with all her/his gift in this Santa Sack.  I found this online for $7.34 USD with free shipping but my local yardsale has someone selling them for $25 because it is personalized with your child’s name.  But I figured we can always use a marker and write on the bag, it’s just the same, afterall, you will probably be using it for one year ?

Rock Band

Inspired by the above rock band that she saw on facebook,  the kid and her friends from school wants to form a all girls rock band too. They even found some  affordable bc rich mockingbird at musicians friend  for me to consider purchasing for the band.  She asked me to think about it when I explained to her that these were for bigger kids and not for young kids like her and her friends and that when she is older we can consider this buy again.  But nope she wouldn’t take no for an answer, she was quite adamant to form her own Rock Band group she said.  So now, she and her gang of friends are saving money by mowing the lawn for us parents and cleaning around the house as well.  I figured I would let them try and there isn’t any harm in some hard work to earn her own money eh.

Tayasui Sketches iPad App Demo

As you all know, we had bought a mini ipad for the kid last Christmas and for us, it’s a learning experience.  But if you have a kid who loves drawing and is constantly bored, well this application on your iPad may help to keep him/her interested for a bit while you eat or do your personal things.

The app is only $2 – a small price to pay for all you get – watch the video and you will know what I mean.

Pest Alert!

Summer is definitely here – found a tick on the kid’s hair behind her neck today after she went into the greenhouse of her grandfather’s this afternoon.  Need to get some pest products from  before the black flies starts swarming the backyard. I loved summer – but I definitely do not like those bugs – those evil ones are terrible to keep away, but with some help from pest products, we can definitely try to have a good summer. I’m already feeling all itchy talking about pest controls.  I love the gardening, so if you are like myself – get some good pest control products quick.

Celebrities Fashion

Folks loved to follow celebrities fashion, even with sunglasses but did you know that celebs loved wearing sunglasses to disguise themselves.  I loved the  Costa Del Mar Sunglasses  that some celeb wears and I’ve seen some of my friends having those too now. The Costa Del Mar Sunglasses are great for protecting your eyes from the sun and also from paparazzi – no wonder, all those famous movie stars from home wears them too.  They provide free shipping as well, so regardless where you are from, you can order them online – pretty easy and not too expensive as well.

Chew That Man Gummy

For the White Day – a Japanese Valentine for men in Japan – this is made in Japan obviously for a event meant to celebrate the man that you love or is interested in. For 6000 Yen per person, one can bring their boyfriends or husband for this event – so that they can get a 3D image mold into a gummy – heheh!!  chew on it girls!

iPotty For Kids

Training your toddlers to go to the potty may not be as tough as I had it when I was training mine.  Introducing the iPotty in a CES show in Las Vegas a few days ago, means that it will be in production soon.  With a holder for an iPad you can now entice your toddler to sit on the potty and poop. You can get your toddler to watch a show or play a game – now that would be pretty cool for a toddler.

Kids Going Organic

So the girlfriend who is having a baby is going organic – and not just the food we are talking about – but the baby bedding – she is going all natural so she told us and explained why she needed to get everything for her kids’ bedroom from  kids furniture nyc .   Why organic I asked her – what are the benefits ?  and after listening to her – I can understand it and agree with her.  In fact, my 8 years old who has the occasional asthma can benefit from these organic sheets and linen too.  Chemical free linens are what these organic sheets are all about and anything that are chemically free is good.  Can’t argue with that – so I’m going to get organic sheets for my kid as well.

Handmade Christmas Presents

We’ve encouraged our kid to do handmade Christmas presents for her friends and the extended family since she loved making jewelry so much.  I can get  cubic zirconia beads here  for her and since they are so cheap, I’m going to get some for her play dates too – that way I can keep them occupied while they are at my home.   Kids loved making jewelry of all kinds but of course it would be a lot more fun if they have an older kid to help them as well but I’m sure my kid can handle it – and if the other kids don’t know how to do the bracelets or necklaces, my kid would most definitely teach them.  She had been doing bracelets and necklaces for as long as I can remember and even though some may not look gorgeous – it’s the heart that counts.  I loved receiving all her handmade presents.

Over Exposure To The Sun

No more worries about being over expose in the sun – like I do for my kid, I worry constantly, whether the camp co-ordinators remembered to ask her to put on her sun screen or re-slather them on after a few hours.  Watch out for this wristband – to go on sale, it changes color when the sun’s UV ray can start to cause damage to your kid’s skin.  From blue to pink – and as soon as you see it – you know you either have to take your kids out of the sun or re-apply suntan lotion for them.  How neat is that right? It’s not available now – but we are hoping that they will come on sale by 2013 and will cost only 10p each by a Swedish company.  No more sunburn, no more risk of skin cancer or heat stroke.  YAY!


Pink Corduroy Weekender

A little weekender bag for the little one – in pink – she would sure love it.  For $15.54 – cheap cheap to make the little one smile.  Can be used as an overnighter for the little one as well.  To put her nightie in, hairbrush, a toothbrush, tooth paste and a small towel to clean herself the next morning. Size 8″ by 13″ – you can’t expect your fashionable kid to go for a sleepover with a Sobey’s bag right?  No way!    Or she can just use it for outings.  Check out zulily online.

Traditional Jewelry With A Twist

If you are looking for some unique jewelry for the girlfriend this Christmas – look no further – Miss Atomic has them for you online.  Made from antique brass and with music on her mind – this piece is pretty neat right?  So if you have a girlfriend who loves music and a big tom boyish yet so beautiful – you may want to consider getting this for her.  $21 – not a bad buy at all.

Kimono Sachets

Lovely, little Lavender pouches in real kimono cloth – hand sewn with dried Nova Scotia lavender buds in them.  Lavender is said to be soothing not only for yourself but great for your surrounding.  I’m putting mine that I received this morning under my pillow and buying some more of it soon.  You can buy them online at $3.75 each from the Ikebana Store in Halifax, Nova Scotia.   Personally, I’m in loved with the store – the owners are awesome folks!