Baby Grand Piano

Some people invest in stocks , some invest their money in pokemon cards but in our family we invest a lot in musical instrument as we all love music.  Therefore  this year  we will be doing the same like every year and will look at the kind of instrument that we want to purchase during the year and save for it or when the childrens’ birthday is round the corner, we will get their aunts and uncles together and get them the specific ones they one.


This year we are looking for a baby grand for my brat ,  but you and I know that a baby grand is going to cost us like $10K.  It is an investment and we knew that this day would come soon as she had been playing the piano for a few years now and the current Yamaha digital piano is not really that good enough for her anymore.  So we are saving for a baby grand for her and in the meantime, we are checking out good online sites to see if we can get her one at a reasonable price , they sometimes do have good sales online.

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