Star Origami Paper


Yes, remember the stars that you make with origami paper when you were a kid?  well , I couldn’t afford it when I was a kid, and I wanted to teach my kid how to make them, so I bought some online.  I tried to get some locally but no one sells them , that suxs big time but ordering it online maybe cheaper but you don’t really get to see the thickness of the origami paper till they arrived and like these ones, they are a tat too think for my liking.  I prefer a little bit more thickness to the paper.

It’s easy to learn how to make the star origami and anyone can re-live their childhood again and share this crafty thing with friends and family especially younger kids.  One can find these origami paper for as little as a few bucks but I have to warn you that they take at least a couple of weeks to arrive , so be patient.

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