City Harvest Church Fiasco


I normally do not like to write about my opinion on churches or any kind of religion but this morning, I saw an article on Yahoo about Sun Ho being ordained to be the pastor of CHC , I have no choice but to say my piece as well.

Being brought up by a “christian” mom from a single home with many so called church friends and family , I had first hand experience with these “godly” people.  Although, from all that I’ve read thus far and testimony from ex CHC members, I have to say that the church I grew up in was pretty mild as compared to CHC.  CHC is almost cult like from what I’ve read.  And to ordain Sun Ho as the new pastor right now, after 6 were being found guilty of CBT , now that is a real joke.

Sun Ho and her husband Kong Hee openly embezzled money from the church , the people’s money and yet , they are ok with it?  the church is ok with it?  In the first place, using her singing to break into the American market to so called reach out to the non-christian is a joke by itself already.  And seeing Sun Ho in all those video clips many years ago, I already knew that this is the work of Satan and not God – God would never, never ask anyone to do that.

Ok lets talk about my own experience with the church some 40 yrs ago, yes, yes ! I’m an old fart ! hahahah!  this is by far going to be my longest post but since it’s an real experience, one cannot help but give my take on it.  I looked at Sun Ho and immediately if you are christian , you and I know that the bible would never approve that you dress this way or put on make up the way Sun Ho did.  Jesus was sent to earth and as Christians you are to follow his foot steps and be humble.  I’m not saying that I don’t believe in God , I do – I just don’t believe in the so called pastors and priests and the chosen one in church.  Humans are flawed , one don’t even know if you trust your own husband or wife, the one you sleep with every night on the bed and have babies with him or her, so how can you trust fully another human being?  Human beings are flawed , they only want to look out for themselves except for Mother Teresa.  But all in all , human beings are selfish creatures , no one even myself wouldn’t do something for nothing or no reason/s or a gain.

I remembered when I was very young, we didn’t have much money at home but my mom insisted that she pay the 10% tithe because if she didn’t, her pastor would embarrassed her in front of her church friends.  Yes !  that was how paranoid or how they made her feel.  Shouldn’t anything you do for the church or God be answerable between you and God ?  if you had to answer to men then it is wrong and moreso if the pastor had to remind you or to push you for the 10 % tithes – What the hell right?  it’s like daylight robbery with a license !  So No !!!  I will not subject myself to that nor my children or family !

Once again, let me make it clear, I believe in a God but I do not believe in man.  Men are not God nor can they be a messenger of God because they are flawed!

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