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Moses Chan seems to be in a lot of tv shows these days and his acting seems to be a stale mate recently too , with the strange and high pitch voice, it can get very annoying.  But Moses seems to be cast in a good role all the time , so you can’t hate the guy even if you wanted to.

Myolie Wu is cast as the blind girl in this tv show and they quickly fall in love in the end.  But I asked my friends if one can really fall in love with a blind girl and most said yes but in real life , would a guy who has a good job , makes good money want to have a girlfriend or future wife who is blind ?  wouldn’t she be a burden to him and a hindrance to his advancement for work.  And is her blindness heredity ?  so if they have babies , can the babies be blind too when they grow up ?

It is a good tv show but I don’t find it so realistic lor !

Magazine Photographer Sung Tin Chung (Myolie Wu) because of an accident, lost her parents also lost the light, natural beauty and drama but did not have low self-esteem, boyfriend To Ching Hang (Jonathan Cheung) and accompanied by a guide dog that she gradually regain their confidence, her seat is the right one chrome “Love is omnipotent,” became her out from the pain to the strength of this ad creator mended Kam Yin Chong (Moses Chan) now lives in her next door. Because addiction work order too serious to lose all my friends and colleagues, even apprentice Yuen Yuen (Elaine Yiu) also decided to resign, too serious a little lost, decided to put a long holiday and return to the old home life, lost and old friends Yue Kar Ging (Evergreen Mak). Back to the old way, not to make a new start too serious, leaving him to re-understanding of their own, faithless boyfriend again that day from a low ebb, it is fortunate to have too serious to become a guardian angel beside, two totally unrelated character actually rub out of love spark, but found that seeing blind spots, but this is too blind to see the light……

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