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Like many of you would know I don’t like the old fashion kinda drama from TVB because I’m more into the now factor but the above drama caught my attention because Tavia Yeung is in the show.  Anyhow, I watched the entire show and really liked it and I think you might just enjoy it too.  I had links to either download them or watch them online, so I was indeed lucky.  Check out the drama.

Louis Cheung appears to be a cop who can easily betray his own dignity and accept bribes. While investigating a human trafficking case, he meets Tavia Yeung, a woman who has taken a vow of celibacy. Tavia and her friend, Lin Xia Wei, had been kidnapped when they were young, thus, they hate human traffickers. They equally hate corrupt public servants, with the exception of Louis’s colleague, Matt Yeung, whose upright and honest character catches Tavia’s eye and she even falls in love with him. Louis and Matt are initially polar opposites, but after Louis’s acceptance of a bribe causes the death of a witness, it starts to touch his conscience. However, at the time, the police and the underworld each had their own unbreakable, unwritten laws. Matt is demoted amidst the power struggle of businessman Lau Kong and detective Timothy Cheng. It puts his relationship with Tavia to the test. Seeing all of this, Louis’s heart aches, but all he can do is stay silently by Tavia’s side and secretly hope that he can make up for his past mistakes…

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