Finding A Perfect Home

The one thing I like most about the West – whether in the States or here in Canada – land are plentiful – so when you rent or buy a home – it’s not as expensive as it is back home.  Back home – one can never buy a home like the above for less than a few million dollars.  Yes! you heard me right – millions!  but here in the West – land is plenty – therefore, one can get a good home for a very good price.    Many who migrate to the West – look for homes for lease and then decides to buy a home after many years after becoming a landed immigrant.   And renting a good home like the above doesn’t cost you $10K like back home – homes like that are also at reasonable rates.  Plus, if you are in a rural area – houses are big and land are plenty for gardening and even raising horses and those are even more affordable.   The home I’m in is only over $100K and I do have a lawn and backyard – had I bought it in Singapore – it would have gone no less than $2 million at least.  Yes ! I do miss home and all – but it’s definitely a perfect place to raise my daughter.

No More Steamy Photos From Edison

Awwww..!!  no more steamy photos, Edison?  what a bummer!!!  hhahaha!!  ok I was kidding – but so was Edison i have to say – he vows to the press in Taiwan that he wasn’t gonna be stupid again – but you and I know – that the boy just wouldn’t smarten up ! not even after the last scandal that almost cost him his career.  He had to go into hiding for 2 years and less than 6 months – he is at it again.  To hear him promise that he wasn’t gonna be stupid again – well – lets just wait for another round – the next time I  bet it would be bigger.

Bottled Passion Episode 7

Bottled Passion Episode 7 is out for watch you tube !!! yesterday episode ended darn sad lor !  Sum Lui learned she got cheated by the person she trusted most.  What will happen now?  that the soya sauce factory is sold?   follow the birdie – leave me a comment for the synopsis and the password for all the discussion and yakking. Don’t forget to enjoy your show – and come yak with me.

Myolie & Bosco Confirmed

Yup! it’s confirmed that both Myolie and Bosco are in a relationship – if you don’t know it by now.  It had been rumored for a long time – but both had never confirmed it – until Myolie was crowned tvb queen last week.   And Myolie admitted she wasn’t the easiest girlfriend to be around with – for she isn’t the most optimistic person on earth.  But Bosco did shine for her – and had been her knight in a shining armour for Myoli but she is not ready to get married yet – she told the reporters.

While Myoli is a depressed mode all the time – Bosco on the other hand is a very happy person – thus he infected Myolie with his attitude.  And it looks like Bosco has a way in taming Myolie by ignoring her when she needs to scream and shout.

Yes!  after

Ron Ng Pussy Whipped

Ron Ng – tvb raising star is definitely being pussy whipped by his mainland girlfriend – Viann Zhang – and I guess if I was an ordinary or ugly looking man – I wouldn’t mind being pussy whipped.  But Ron Ng is good looking – young and is a successful actor in Hong Kong – now why would he allowed himself to be pussy whipped – pray tell. Rumor has it that he had to prove himself – even his whereabouts – or what he is doing – insecure much – Viann?

Now you would think that with someone who looks like that – she wouldn’t need to act like such right?  desperate much?  surely she can find some dirty old man – to get all his money – or be someone’s mistress – no?  why would he want to control an actor ?  If I looked like that – i wouldnt’ be doing anything like what she is doing – so silly!

Edison Chen’s 2 Years Routine Apology

Looks like Edison is making it a habit to apologize for his stupidity every 2 years.  2 years ago – his sex scandal rocked the entire world – even GutterUncensored had pictures of him and his many movie starlets.  Yet, Edison still didn’t smarten up and still taking sexy pictures with his new girlfriend Cammi Tse – who was then 16 years old.  I think the poor boy has some kind of fetish taking steamy pictures with whoever he is currently with – and then of course – either he leaks it out accidentally or his current g/f exposes him.  Smarten up Edison!  you can’t ask ppl to keep forgiving you!!!

The Manifesto Poster

For those you loved and those who needs some encouragement – or those who are lost – a great buy if you asked me.  The wall poster without the framing is about $25 from holstee – if you are in USA – shipping is free.  I bought one myself and waiting for its arrival.  This will go into the study room – to remind me to live for myself and not for others.

Fancy Xpresso Machine

Yes! definitely fancy !  earlier this year I had bought a Keurig and loved it – but I think I’m ready to upgrade to a more sophisticated machine – an xpresso machine is what I’m looking for.  Although I would love one that grinds the coffee in the same machine – this is a lot easier to use – it comes in already prepared cup form – and it’s only 2 steps to it.  Very convenient if you asked me but note the price of a X7 iperEspresso Set Red – I guess only the serious coffee drinker will fork out about $300 for a machine – but it will impress your clients/friends and even family.  Currently for sale at a really good price from  – check it out. Come in black or red color – I prefer the red – although I was given a black one to test.

Curse Of The Royal Harem Episode 28 & 29 (end)

Curse Of The Royal Harem Episode 28 & 29 (end) is out for watch on Sunday on you tube !!! Yes – these are the last 2 episodes of the show – so what do you think will happen to the Emperor, his brother, the empress Yun Yun ?  I bet you are as anxious as I to find out if the Empress Dowager will go scot-free of her crimes.  How evil is she eh?  to kill her grandson !!!!  Follow the birdie – leave me a comment for the synopsis and the password – so that you can yak with me about the show – and tell me who you like in the show thus far.

Joe Ma’s True Colors On The Tabloid

Poor Joe Ma or does he deserved all the slamming he is getting of late?  rumor has it that Joe Ma have had escorts from Hong Kong nightclub at his beck and call – but Joe denies it and claimed that he was drunk and was helped by another female crew.

In the above picture he sure doesn’t look drunk at all – and holding hands with him is a woman alright.  Joe is also said to be having trouble at his home front – hopefully, his wife forgives him and let him work things out with her.  I don’t blame her – if she doesn’t.  Rumor has it that Joe is looking to move to another company because of this bad publicity but Joe Ma denies it.  Many fans including myself are quite disappointed with Joe Ma and Benny Chan.  Celebrities like both of them should definitely watch what they are doing in the public.

Materialistic China Women

This is not a movie – this apparently went viral in China – a woman scolding her boyfriend for being poor – and so he is garbage.  Wow! who needs enemies when you have a girlfriend like that eh?   Apparently on another interview the women in China wants the man to have car and house before she would even consider marrying him.  But the china men aren’t stupid either – because according to them – if they had that kind of money – they wouldn’t need to be having them for a girlfriend.   But I’m sure it’s not all the women in China that think that way – and if they do – well – come to the West – lots of women here – who would have babies with losers.