Grace Under Fire Episode 1

English Title: Grace under Fire

Cantonese Title:?? (Female Fist)

Cast: ?? Liu Xuan, ??? Bosco Wong, ??? Kenneth Ma Kwok Ming, ??? Fala Chen, ??? John Chiang, ?? Yueh Hua, ??? Dominic Lam Kar Wah, ??? Raymond Wong Ho Yin
Episodes: 32

Airing date: 7 March 2011 (After “The Rippling Blossom”)
Official: Website
Themesong: by Elisa Chan | Sub- Liu Xuan

This shows replaces – the Japanese food show Rippling Blossom – and since it is an olden day style – i don’t know if I would enjoy it as much as a modern day show.  Below is the synopsis found on IMDB  and  Follow the birdie for more on the show.

Source : IMDB

Following his defeat by WONG FEI-HUNG (John Chiang) in a duel, Guangzhou’s number one kung-fu master LUI KONG (Dominic Lam) is diagnosed with leprosy and he runs off in secret.

Blaming HUNG, LUI CHING-LUNG (Bosco Wong) who knows nothing about martial arts, is resolved to seek revenge for his father. Surprisingly, HUNG offers to teach LUNG the renowned LUI’s kung fu stances, and urges him to come back for revenge when he has picked up all the martial arts techniques. LUNG is deeply touched by HUNG’s generosity, which also marks the beginning of a complicated relationship.

HUNG meets MOK KWAI-LAN (Liu Xuan) and her sworn brother YAU SAM-SHUI (Kenneth Ma) in a restaurant, who has always wanted to be his apprentices. Despite their father’s opposition, HUNG decides to teach them kung-fu, and is particularly amazed by LAN’s sparkling talent. They gradually fall in love.

On the other hand, SHUI hopes to win the heart of his dream girl KWAI FA (Fala Chen) with his kung fu skills, though FA is actually in love with LUNG.

KONG emerges in Guangzhou all of a sudden, this time a tool of TONG YUET-HANG (Yueh Hua), Chief Commissioner of the Western District in his conspiracy against HUNG. Po Chi Lam’s reputation soon becomes tarnished.

Blood Ties (Singapore Movie)


Country: Singapore
Production Company: Oak3 Films/ Singapore Film Commission/ Hot Cider Films
Genre: Horror/ Thriller
Director: Chai Yee Wei
Starring: Joey Leong, Cheng Pei Pei, Kenneth Tsang, David Leong, Vincent Tee
Length: 101 mins
Date of release: 10th September, 2009


Shun (David Leong) and his wife were brutally murdered by a group of drug dealers. Unable to rest in peace his soul returns on the 7th night to possess his 13 year old sister Qing (Joey Leong) to seek revenge. Over one night with the help of his ex-colleague, they hunt down his killers one by one.

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Source : IMDB