Stew Of Life Episode 13

Stew Of Life Episode 13 is out for watching.. sorry i took so long to inform everyone.. very  busy lah today.  Just sat down to have lunch now.. so am able to do a bit of writing.  Follow the birdie, leave a comment for the synopsis.. or just to join in our chatting session – afterall, i wanna know if the “em shuan fatt” works for you and yer family or not eh.

In The Chamber Of Bliss Episode 2

In The Chamber Of Bliss Episode 2 is out too.. today really fast.. all the shows are up for watching..  but i have no time to watch it yet.. coz’ got too much work to do.. and gonna visit a baby.  But follow the birdie.. for the synopsis.. and leave a comment there.. for the password.. if i didn’t reply immediately .. it’s because i am busy…  but i look at all the comments.. that’s for sure.  Enjoy..! and donch forget to come discuss the show with me.

Born Again


Release Date: October 19, 2009
Schedule: Replacing In the Chamber of Bliss
Notable: 2009 Anniversary series, 2009 Grand Production. Ray Lui, Jamie Chik and Kenix Kwok’s comeback series.

Sophisticated banker CHEUK YAT YUEN (Lui Leung Wai) mistakes con artist SA FU LOI (Lo Ka Leung) for his half brother CHEUK YAT MING, fortuitously elevating the swindler to one of the leading figures in the banking industry. The lost and found brotherhood has blinded YUEN to FU’s real nature and intentions.

YUEN is kidnapped overseas by a group of rioters. He undergoes a dramatic personality change after the incident. YUEN’s wife HO TSEUK NIN (Chik Mei Chun) has tried her best to console him but still cannot help him get over the unpleasant experience. Longing for more comfort and support, YUEN gets back with his ex-lover TUNG LING CHI (Kwok Ho Ying). NIN is heartbroken to learn about the affair and it has left the broken mirror that can’t be mended.

The identity of CHEUK YAT MING gives FU not only a sense of family warmth but also a sweet taste of romance. He finds himself in love with YUEN’s little sister CHEUK YAT SUM (Yuen Wing Yi). SUM is attracted to FU too but thinking that they are true biological siblings, she decides to keep her love under wraps and stays with her long-term admirer KO TOK MAN (Ma Tak Chung) instead. This comes as a huge blow to FU. He is not willing to lose his love, but neither can he reveal his real identity. Caught up in the dilemma between love and money, FU finally chooses the fortune road of no return.

It is all about a tough battle for money, a devious triangle of love, and a severe challenge to ethics.

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Supreme Fate


Title: Supreme Fate
Year: 2004
Episodes: 6
Language: Cantonese

Raymond Cho Wing Lim
Michael Tong
Bernice Liu

joey yung, bosco wong, richie ren, boyz, Alex Fong Chung Shun, halina tam, myolie wu, sammul chan, Gigi Leung, kelly chen, edmond so, Tseung Chi Kwong, shirley yeung.


This is a short online series about a family where each episode has a different guest star. Myolie came to the Yau’s family, not realizing that her old college crush (Sammul Chan) was also there because of his friendship with Raymond Cho. They finally meet after each other after one day.  It’s really a good sitcom.. no need for appetite suppressants for watching this .. that’s for sure.  I’ve finished watching 3 episodes so far.. and although they are short.. and are not like your usual sitcom.. it’s not a bad watch.

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ICAC Investigators 2009


Chinese Title: ????2009
English Title: ICAC Investigators 2009
Release Date: September 26, 2009 – October 24, 2009 @ 8:30pm on JADE channel
Episodes: 5

[UNIT 1]: Bowie Lam, Jessica Hsuan, Krystal Tin, Vivien Yeo, Raymond Wong
[UNIT 2]: Sonjia Kwok, Yoyo Mung, Halina Tam, Raymond Cho
[UNIT 3]: Miriam Yeung, Pakho Chau, Kenny Wong
[UNIT 4]: Maggie Siu, Raymond Wong, Joe Cheng
[UNIT 5]: Andy Hui, Sammul Chan, Stephanie Cheng, Evergreen Mak, JJ Jia

Derek Kwok [Sonjia’s Husband]
Fiona Sit [ICAC Investigator]
Chiu Man Tung
Joey Mak [ICAC Investigator]
Mickey Ng
Martin Tong
Yeung Ching Wa
Gregory Lee [ICAC Investigator]
Lee Wing Han [ICAC Investigator]
Kau Cheuk Neng
Fanny Ip
Janice Shum
Jeanette Leung
Leung Ka Kei

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Dream Holiday

Every year during winter .. most of the Canadians that I know.. go for their  All inclusive family vacations to get away from the cold. We are, of course, no different from them.. and even though some of us go there on a yearly basis .. there is always something new to do for the children and us.

Staying in the right hotel and resort is a very important, and for a foodie like me, the Karisma’s new Gourmet Inclusive concept suits me best. I’m sure alot of folks are like me and love the all inclusive of our packages, for we don’t need to carry alot of cash with us.. and can be stress free from worrying if we might overspend on food. Soak in the sun and the sea.. and don’t forget about those massages.

Leon Lai Dream Wedding


Leon Lai had the media buzzing with speculation about his marital plans when the title Dream Wedding Leon Live Summer 09 was unveiled for his 2009 tour. There were no wedding announcements during his four-concert stint at the Hong Kong Coliseum from July 16 to 19, but the Canto-pop king did present a full repertoire of many of his most popular songs. Keeping things simple with dapper suits and familiar hits, Leon took audiences down memory lane by revisiting many of his nineties hits, from early 90s pop confections “I Love Ichiban” and I Love You OK to late 90s power ballads “Only Live For Me One Day” and “I Love You Like This”. Other than singing his own songs, he also offered covers of Miriam Yeung’s “Big City, Small Event”, Deanie Ip’s “Star”, and protege Janice Vidal’s “Messy Heart”. Leon teamed up with another Janice, Amusic’s newly signed Janice Man, for a glamorous song and dance routine. For the concert’s grand climax, he donned a groom’s suit to dance and croon his representative love songs amid twirling dancers in wedding gowns.

Eternal Beloved


Year: 2009
Directed: Feihong Yu
Genre: Drama/Romance
Runtime: 96 Minutes
Country: China
Language: Mandarin
Subtitles: N/A …yet
Feihong Yu
Yihong Duan
Lu Yao
Jia Li
Songyan Tu

A Jiu and A Ming, two lovers from two enemy families make a pledge to continue their forbidden love in their next life. A Jiu quickly gets reborn but her lover misses his own chance and becomes a homeless ghost. 50 years later, right before A Ming’s next change for rebirth, A Jiu finally shows up. She has become a happily married housewife and has no memory of her previous life…

File Info
Release Date: 08.2009
Source: DVD
Video Codec: XviD
Audio Codec: MP3 VBR Stereo
Resolution: 640 x 272
Video Bitrate: 890 kbps
Audio Bitrate: Stereo
Release Group: XTM

Cecilia Chung Pregnant Again

I wonder if it is true..?? this time anyways.  Rumor had been flying around.. about Cecilia Chung being pregnant again.. so many times.. after the sex scandal with Edison Chen .. that this cannot be confirmed if it was true or not.  But one thing for sure is .. if she does get pregnant.. she don’t need to ask no one how to lose belly fat because the gal is scrawny..!!!!

It is said.. she is due in next May .. and the couple have a 2 yrs old son, Lucas … before the scandal ame out.  Cecilia is rumored to be 1.5 months pregnant.. and will be resting at home instead of doing any movies or acting.

Stew Of Life Episode 10

Stew Of Life Episode 10 is up for watching since this morning.. but i didn’t get a chance to watch it till now.. so sorry for the late synopsis .,. because i was at the hospital all day till now.  Helping my g/f discharge from the hospital.. and making pharmacy run.. and plus my kid is sick. So follow the birdie for the synopsis eh.  Leave comments for passwords.

D.I.E Again Episode 20

D.I.E Again Episode 20 is out for watching..  ! are you following the show..?? i haven’t really been following this one.. i guess i’ve been hooked on WEED..  !!  hahahhaha!!! not the real weed.. but the english tv sitcom Weed..!! it’s such a addictive sitcom.. i tell yer.. ! for those who wants to watch it.. let me know eh.  Follow the birdie.. for Episode 20 synopsis.

In the Chamber of Bliss


Release Date: September 21, 2009
Notable: Replacing D.I.E Again

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Military Governor CHOI NGOK (Damien Lau Chung Yan) has been attempting to overthrow the Yuen Sai Hoi government. To facilitate his plan to stage an uprising in Yunnan, he pretends to be fooling around with the highly sought-after courtesan CHEUNG FUNG WAN (Kathy Chow Hoi Mei), nicknamed SIU FUNG SIN, to avoid detection. YUEN SAI HOI (Law Lok Lam), who is suspicious of NGOK, sends the Chief of Staff MOK YIK TIN (Dominic Lam Ka Wah) to spy on him. Later he even lures NGOK’s wife PAK SZ TING (Kristal Tin Yui Nei) to Beijing, hoping that this will force NGOK to pledge his loyalty to the government. To ensure the success of the revolutionary movement, NGOK carries on with his affair with WAN as a camouflage, without realizing that she has seriously fallen in love with him. WAN is ready to give up everything just to be with NGOK while NGOK remains cold and distant towards her. Soldier YUE YAM KWOK (Kenneth Ma Kwok Ming) is also in love with WAN and would like to get her out of her predicament. Sadly WAN turns him down, for her love for NGOK is so much stronger than one can ever imagine.