China Bans Sex Scandal Stars

We all know that China can be quite Nazis about certain things.  Hell..!! actually they are the Nazis.. in a lot of things.. but who can blame them right..?? afterall, they are dealing with millions of ppl .. all over China.. so they have every right to do what they think is right for their ppl.  And the lastest is to ban those sex scandal stars.. for morality sake..??  probably.. but i bet the Chinese in China.. have some skeletons to hide themselves eh. So who is in the list..??

Of course .. Gillian Chung and Cecilia Cheung .. and Edison Chen.

Tang Wei – acted in Lust Caution – apparently some of the love making scenes were so real.. that some of the Chinese officials thinks that they are real.

It is well known that Tang Wei stepped on the toes of Chinese authorities with her politically controversial and sexually explicit role as the lover of a traitor in Lee Ang’s “Lust, Caution”. Her appearance at the Hong Kong Film Awards was even edited from the Chinese broadcast of the event.

Lost in Beijing Star – Fan Bing Bing also banned because of explicit scents in the film.  And even after many attempt to edit the movie, it was still not good enough for the Chinese authorities .. and the stars were asked to undergo .. some kinda reflection program.. and re-education.   Nazis or not..?

As for Vicky Zhao above.. she had to go wear a Japanese flag for a magazine photo shoot in 2001.  The Chinese and Japanese were upset .. i guess.  So folks.. no wearing of any flags..!!!

Taiwanese actress – Alyssa Chia also got banned because of her high profile divorce with her husband Charles .. who hinted that she was having an affair .. and was said to have take their daughter away.. during the spilt.  So a divorce or a break up . .is not just your problem.. or family problem.. when you are a public figure.  Or is China using this to retaliate .. since they don’t like the Taiwanese either.

Looks like Liu Xiaoqing is also on the list for tax evasion.  Former actress made good in Empress Dowager.

4 thoughts on “China Bans Sex Scandal Stars

  1. i love Vicky Zhao in huan zhu ge ge. I think the people who gave her the dress, allow her to wear it should,and design it should be punish.

  2. I first must say that I hadn’t seen Vicky Zhao in that dress when it first came out– it’s outrageously gorgeous! Even tasteful compared to other flag uses I’ve seen. And how can anyone fault the amazing, glorious Fan Bing Bing, I’ve used her looks to teach about elegant style. The US went through a time of terrible sensorship of movies starting in 1934, and the result was that sexuality became “all in good fun,” that is, could only be used comically, and it led to women being portrayed as blonde bimbos, completely degrading. It is my hope that these brave women will stay as classy and triumphant as they are. So what if the Chinese gubment officially bans them, I can attest that they still have many fans worldwide.

  3. i’m a chinese girl and I do think our government did a right thing with banning these scandalous celebs temporarily. Actually most of them are doing very well in their career, even better than before the ban. It is not the ban but their personality and works they did that really matters.
    No one knows what the world would be like if the chinese government stop strict controls in something. Maybe your life would even get upset. I guess you guys would not talk so easily like now.

  4. And let me tell some real gossip about these celebs.
    Tang Wei is not a good actor but a good dresser.
    I do not like Fan Bing Bing because I’m jealous of her beauty.
    I do like Vicky Zhao like many chinese. A good actor, i must say.
    Alyssa Chia is not banned for her divorce. No one is banned merely for divorce even in china. There is something else i’m not sure about. But i’m sure Alyssa Chia is not a nice person.

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