Pinoy Actress Criselda Volks Makes Headline With Leak Of Sex Tape

Yes..!! she admitted that the sex tape was hers.. and she was in it. Honestly, i don’t know why ppl do it.. but they can get really stupid. And what the hell is such a good looking well known actress doing with such an ugly looking older malaysian man.. who looks more like her father .. than her b/f?? *slap forehead*

Criselda Volks (born November 22, 1980) is an actress from the Philippines. Criselda Volks was in the news last year when she tried to take her life by drinking liquid bleach and detergent soap. Recently, four sex videos started to proliferate through the Internet and through cellphones. Allegedly, the woman in all four videos, is Criselda. (credit/info :  Gutter

You say ugly or not..??  why would such a beautiful and famous actress do something like that with someone like that..??  really love ka..?? or is he filthy rich..??  Mmmmmm….!  Oh btw.. she has a 7 yrs old son. .that explains. .the way her tummy looked in the video.. UGLY..!

Ya.. ya..! i know what you are all thinking..!! where is the video right..?? I know you want to watch it too.. and see how true it is right..??  Well.. take my word for it.. it’s true.. it’s the Pinoy actress alright.  But we’ve all known that Pinoys.. can be quite dramatic at times.. and they loved to express their love openly… so maybe .. she was just doing that.  Ok.. just follow the LINK .. if you are not 18 and above.. please don’t click onto the LINK.  Very explicit home made video.. that may ruin a young boy or girl’s mind.  Don’t say i didn’t warn you .. YOU MAY BE  SCAR FOR LIFE..!!!

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