More Bad Girls From Singapore Going Naked

What is with the amount of asian girls who are sweet and nice girl next door.. going naked online especially in places like friensters and livejournal.  Singaporean Faith Ong is 21 yrs old.. and looks like she wants some unwanted attention.  Oh well.. you’ve got the attention .. gal..!! you have been uncensored by gutter report.  I don’t understand it at all.. i really don’t.  Can someone shed me some light..?? what were the girls thinking..?? Such a pretty gal.. what a waste eh..?

45 thoughts on “More Bad Girls From Singapore Going Naked

  1. for me i think if some of them want to have a pleasure with the others, dont take the pictures of it…
    imagine if their parents saw it…they will lose face…they are innocent

  2. She is stupid for doing this. She’s just putting the asian fetish to her advantage. Who is gonna want her when she’s all used up by 30? Nobody, cuz nobody wants an ugly or loose asian girl. She needs therapy. And so do the sick bastards who support this shit. Its pathetic

  3. nobody has to say anything about her choice, no one can understand her mental process, or what its the happynes for her, IF IT MAKES HER HAPPY THEN LET HER BE, do not keep judging or reflexin your own life to her , she is not you and you are not she


  4. I don’t get you people seriously. Why can’t you just appreciate the beauty of this picture? She’s a beautiful girl, pretty face, nice body proportions and obviously she’s just having fun. Hey, you’re only young once, and when we ladies start to age, a lot of things start to change. So why are we not permitted to have fun now without all you dickwads condemning us like that?

    “If you got it, flaunt it.”

    I rest my case.

  5. Hey gorgeous,you are the sexiest lady i’ve ever seen.i don’t wanna get your personal yet,i just wanna kiced it out for min.With U !

  6. I’d have to agree with Red. You people are ridiculous. People from America//myspace and facebook junkies are way worse. I see nothing wrong with this picture. She just has a nice body, as a female I’d say any girl would want to show a little cleavage as long as she has it. and even if she doesn’t she would want to. Leave the woman alone. like you said shes 21 not 12

  7. Hell no! More Singaporean girls should come out and show what they have if they have it! Please girls come out of the horrible place your government has put you in!! Please come out and join the rest of the world!! Yeah!

  8. beautiful pic; living the life you wanna live; posing naked is no big deal, we see our lover naked all the time;
    Celebrities “expose” themselve just to get more publicity. It’s to their advantage. Just keep doing what you wanna do and one can never change a dirty thought of others.

  9. We need to respect what we see; we see our partner naked all the time and why is that we accept and appreciate the beauty on our partner but have a double standard on other? A lady can do whatever they want and needs to be respected, same to men.

  10. Mooralfags, moralfags everywhere!!!
    shut the fuck up, and GTFO!!
    Now I will fap with this picture. Problem?

  11. Hahaa, woww
    i think the most suitable answer for her nudity is that she lacks attention and for her ‘innocent’ look, most sex craving men let alone, so since she is ‘invisible’ to those one night stand men, she starts stripping online for others to see.
    Not that I support this, but I know many young ladies that have innocent looks but may not be on the inside. I am one myself… I guess that’s one of the reasons why they say “Never judge a book by its cover”

  12. Blame anime my friend its huge subculter and what allot of the followers fail to realise is its made by older pervy guys, there just trying to be one of the crowd. sexy but sad…..

  13. i enjoyed viewing yuor picture for free. i don’t know to many words from asia but i know when i’m pleased. adrian

  14. wow that is one of the most beautiful girls I even saw I mean shes really beautiful and everything about yer is so beautiful

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