Nude Pictures Of Malaysian University Students

Why would nice gals like these.. let a foreign exchange student take pictures of them having a threesome is beyond me.  What were you thinking gals..??  The pictures were taking in 2005 .. 3 yrs later.. they surface.. on the world wide web. These gals had surely moved on with their life.. but what a impact they are going to make now.. especially if they are in good paying jobs.. or respectable wives of someone.. or even in a relationship.

These gals are not really that young in 2005 .. surely they knew what they were doing no..??  they were posing very happily let me tell you.  Each and every picture were explicitly taken to “show off” if you know what i mean.

Even if the dude was Edison Chen .. i donch think it is worth having this out on the internet .. much less a normal looking one.  Some more this gal is so sweet looking .. surely not someone you think would be having casual sex right..??  WELL ! YER WRONG..!!!!  SWEET GALS WANTS TO HAVE SEX TOO..! AND BE NAUGHTY..!!! Poor Jane..! from Ipoh, Perak.. you got uncensored by Gutterreport.

Of course, we have to give credit to the other friend .. who was in the threesome right..??  How can miss her out.. not fair ma..!  More explicit pictures were available.. but like any good netizen.. i censored those out.. and leave you to imagine.. but i can tell you .. they weren’t innocent.  If you know the gals.. please smack them over the head for me.. and their parents.

PS :  So gals out there.. if you are thinking of doing something naughty.. make sure.. you think before doing…!!  wait i minute.. i meant.. think again..!!

PPS :  More than 50 over pictures of very nude gals and a very naked guy *sigh*..  🙁  When will ppl learn..??

PPPS :  You want more pictures..???  Sure.. leave a comment.. and i’ll send you the link.  I won’t post it up here.

67 thoughts on “Nude Pictures Of Malaysian University Students

  1. hey, we are all human and we do do silly things … this is just one. me, we did in on beach in the dark at a resort, up on the mountain in a phone booth etc etc.we have a great time and pic to keep too.

    we love to see those pics ..can you send us the link please. we want to “compare”

    btw, we been together 10 yrs this summer.
    have a great time.
    love your blog.
    from KK, he’s from On.

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