Nuke Pictures Of Malaysian University Students

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Why would nice gals like these.. let a foreign exchange student take pictures of them having a threesome is beyond me.  What were you thinking gals..??  The pictures were taking in 2005 .. 3 yrs later.. they surface.. on the world wide web. These gals had surely moved on with their life.. but what a impact they are going to make now.. especially if they are in good paying jobs.. or respectable wives of someone.. or even in a relationship.

These gals are not really that young in 2005 .. surely they knew what they were doing no..??  they were posing very happily let me tell you.  Each and every picture were explicitly taken to “show off” if you know what i mean.

Even if the dude was Edison Chen .. i donch think it is worth having this out on the internet .. much less a normal looking one.  Some more this gal is so sweet looking .. surely not someone you think would be having casual sex right..??  WELL ! YER WRONG..!!!!  SWEET GALS WANTS TO HAVE SEX TOO..! AND BE NAUGHTY..!!! Poor Jane..! from Ipoh, Perak.. you got uncensored by Gutterreport.

Of course, we have to give credit to the other friend .. who was in the threesome right..??  How can miss her out.. not fair ma..!  More explicit pictures were available.. but like any good netizen.. i censored those out.. and leave you to imagine.. but i can tell you .. they weren’t innocent.  If you know the gals.. please smack them over the head for me.. and their parents.

PS :  So gals out there.. if you are thinking of doing something naughty.. make sure.. you think before doing…!!  wait i minute.. i meant.. think again..!!

PPS :  More than 50 over pictures of very nude gals and a very naked guy *sigh*..  :(   When will ppl learn..??

PPPS :  You want more pictures..???  Sure.. leave a comment.. and i’ll send you the link.  I won’t post it up here.

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  1. Lil Lil Says:

    Hmm.. i haven’t heard about this incident. Is this recent? What’s the website to view more information?

    Btw, this homepage rocks!! I watch the show everyday!

  2. Big Pumpkin Says:

    Sigh……what to do with these girls….??? All lacking in education….they don’t realise their consequences. I feel so sad for them.

  3. John Says:

    Just an observation:

    the first pic, the guy’s hat doesn’t have a logo, whereas the third pic does.

    I think its to make up an engaging news story.

  4. Butterfly Says:

    which website to more picture? Thank you for doing such a good job. I visit your site everyday. Again, thanks for your update.

  5. Juanito Says:

    hi…truly saddening… but i appreciate u sending me the links…thank you in advance

  6. Sam Says:

    yes… agree with that. and thanks for sending the links.

    Also, it is a great site.

  7. tan Says:

    send me thanks

  8. Annie Says:

    please send me the links. Thanks

  9. Juanito Says:

    hi, i didnt receive any email on the links.. can u resend? thanks

  10. guaichaikid Says:

    wah…i din know msia gals so open..can send me please?

  11. lee Says:

    wow wow…is this for real?

  12. Ripalo Says:

    WALAU EH>>>> This kind of things also have arh?

    I thought after chua soi lek’s way to fame has been proven wrong, ppl would stop doing this stuff. I guess some people just never learn.

  13. mutiara66 Says:

    bad image on the girls…can u send me the link

  14. Naruto Says:

    wow! this is smashing news! can send me the link please?

  15. annahoy Says:

    can send me the link..

  16. eggman Says:

    Some ppl just don’t learn

  17. Bleach Says:

    Never heard of the story too. Can you send me the link?

  18. lil lil Says:

    i didnt receive the link . can u resend/ thank you

  19. johnny Says:

    innocent uni students met wrong people… kindly send me the links thanks.

  20. wonderful Says:

    can you send me link too.
    thank you

  21. Alan Tan Says:

    Plz send me the link or pics plz… !! thx

  22. facebookj Says:

    please send me the link..thankss.

  23. lcly168 Says:

    can i see this also?more interest for this title.

  24. Morning Says:

    can’t believe what this girls are doing. but the pics can’t lie.

  25. Jenny Says:

    hai.. mayi have thewebsite link, pls.. i would like to know more in detail about Malaysian student..thank you.. have a nice day

  26. OMG Msia Says:

    OMG Msia Uni Girl so careless, Never learn from the Edison Chen Case…..

    Thx for sending the link….

  27. ivan Says:

    cool blog dude… pls send me the link also…:)

  28. eduardo Says:

    Just discovered this site this morning. I guess I will be hooked from now on. Keep up the good work.

    Please send me the link to more photos of these gals. Thanks

  29. dido Says:

    can i hv the web site link pls.

  30. Ed Says:

    nice job, give me the link pls. tq

  31. ozpete Says:

    Interesting…..send me the web link please

  32. anson Says:

    hie there..can i have the links to the pics please?

  33. pkyzo Says:

    hiya..send me the link pls ty..

  34. Hactor Says:

    Hai Man, feel sorry for that girls, anyway that’s their fate, can u pls send the link? Thanks.

  35. emilee Says:

    please send link.

  36. ed Says:

    ok man! send me the link pls

  37. haha Says:

    serves them right…who asked them to date foreign guys who are actually ugly.
    they are plenty of guys in malaysia who are good looking and smart..and please we are not ‘small’
    so a big reminder to girls who ‘xsedar diri’ haha

  38. Jay Says:

    Pls email me the link…thanks dude

  39. ItsME Says:


  40. narvog Says:

    hey will you send me the pictures at my e-mail

  41. Derek Says:

    Ok I know some malaysian girls that are crazy.

  42. Derek Says:

    Ah please send the link.

  43. Josh Says:

    Love the site, please send me the link to the pics?

  44. Josh Says:

    Sorry, got my email typed in wrong the first time. Please send the link. Thanks!

  45. Helen Says:

    Please send me the links. Thanks~!

  46. Bob Says:

    wanna those girls photoes ,send me the links .thanks ….~woo~~

  47. Collinz Says:

    What makes a woman distinct from other women?

  48. jimmy Says:

    wow, what is going on this days? could you send me the links. please and thank you.

  49. five Says:

    send me the links.

  50. CL Says:

    please send me the link…btw, really agreed to wat u said.

  51. Sorted Says:

    please also send me the link, much appreciated.

  52. laura_89 Says:

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  53. kathi Says:

    wel done need to see more to know the world better.

  54. Jazzy Says:

    dissapointing.. hha! send me link please.. XD

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  62. rtan Says:

    hey, we are all human and we do do silly things … this is just one. me, we did in on beach in the dark at a resort, up on the mountain in a phone booth etc etc.we have a great time and pic to keep too.

    we love to see those pics ..can you send us the link please. we want to “compare”

    btw, we been together 10 yrs this summer.
    have a great time.
    love your blog.
    from KK, he’s from On.

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