Sun Tan, The Singapore Naked Gal To Sue Gutter Uncensored

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Sun Tan, Singaporean gal also an exhibitionist who had readily posted up her pictures on her blog is now suing Gutter Uncensored for posting her nude pictures on the net for the world to see.  Only one thing i have to say to the gal.  DON’T TAKE NUDE PICTURES AND POST IT ON THE NET YOURSELF .. DUMB ASS..!!!

Police report as provided by Gutter Report and it seems real to me alright.  But i doubt she is gonna get anywheres with it… because remember Edison Chen’s case..?? yup ..!

PS:  Looking for pictures.. ?? leave comment.. and i’ll send them to you .. how’s that..?? muahhaha!

132 Responses to “Sun Tan, The Singapore Naked Gal To Sue Gutter Uncensored”

  1. V Says:

    You’ve said it right, S.T.U.P.I.D.

  2. becky Says:

    wow she really is stupid… posting it on her on blog and suing ppl?

  3. curious Says:

    can send to my email thanks

  4. jae Says:

    pics plz

  5. tom Says:

    lots of buzz, send me those photos man..

  6. Ano Says:

    another tammy sia. send leh

  7. max Says:

    that is wat we call Dumb ASS

  8. matt Says:

    when will people like these learn?

  9. ICE Says:


  10. durian Says:

    wow this must be the most happening thing right now!

  11. Lime Says:

    send me? xD

  12. Pip Says:

    not a very smart move.. =p

  13. donavan Says:

    haha stupid girl ;)


  14. pris Says:

    pics please. she like so despo. haiz. pity her

  15. ethan Says:

    stupid girl..i dont think she’s pretty..seriously..from the pictures i saw, she enjoys the attention.. even when the guy fucks her from behind in hotel 81, she was looking out the window.. attention seeker.. loves the thrill being watched when fucked.. now you get all the attention you’re seeking for.. heard she’s going uni..enjoy fucking in the hostel.. remember to make videos okie.. keke

  16. john Says:

    pics pls thanks dude

  17. skinny Says:

    Send me those pictures.

  18. dude Says:

    dude im from sg and read the article
    she is a dumby
    Here is the full story…
    Boy asks gf for nude pics to keep privately
    creates ‘private’ blog, tells her no one can access
    everyone downloads the pics…
    gal finds out, dumps guy, deletes blog,
    too late!!!
    ppl hu down loaded pics sent them to GU
    gal sues GU
    send me pics pls…

  19. Boon Chong Says:

    Hello. Photos of this girl pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease

  20. Kurt Says:

    dude i also want can send me pls also

  21. richard Says:

    thinks she wants to whip up the interest …

  22. kl Says:

    send it to me (:

  23. adrian Says:

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  24. Tony Says:

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  25. adrian Says:


  26. Ryan Says:

    Photos pls. :D

  27. lol Says:

    hahaah…send me pictures pls!

  28. lol Says:

    wow, and how did u get the news so fast?

  29. blurz Says:

    omg. why blame others for mistake u have done. well still can send mi the pics? haha

  30. Katty Says:

    hi.. can send me the pic ?

  31. Chiong Says:

    Kindly send me the pics pls. Thanks in advance.

  32. fpchong Says:

    If you dared to take nake photo, so better keep it secret. Never hide it under your pillow.

    It will end up anywhere you will never expected. Good luck to you.

  33. Steven Says:

    hey man pls send me the pics, thx ^^

  34. Alex Says:

    …send me? xD.. thank..

  35. alex Says:

    pics dude! thankewwwww

  36. Rotrigo Says:

    send me the pictures if you have more please. ty

  37. Boogyman Says:

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  38. kuonglim Says:

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  39. kate Says:

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  40. alex Says:

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  41. scriqtfc Says:

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  42. isaigo Says:

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  43. Espeon Says:

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  44. jayus Says:

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  45. Jenny Says:

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  46. cancer Says:

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  47. John Says:

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  48. kerren Says:

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  49. tony Says:

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  50. unknow123 Says:

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    link me there oso . email me thanks

  51. popo Says:

    pls also send me the link/video.. thanks :)

  52. XiaoToose Says:

    Ya i agree she is Stupid… she has no right to sue anyone all she has is herself to blame!

    ps.. it seems that she removed her blog.. can some one show me how she looked like?? my email is

  53. dEN Says:

    she’s really just trying her luck…def not gg to get anywhere with that report!

  54. Tim Says:

    pushing her luck too far

  55. alex Says:

    send me the picture

  56. Joyce Says:

    Can you sent me the link to those photo. Thanks. By the way I really go crazy trying to watch “last one standing”, keep asking me to come back later, i didn’t even watch anything over their limit????????????

  57. jencc Says:

    hilarious! if that’s not stupid i don’t know what is!

  58. Sam Says:

    another stupid girl..

    please send me link for Sun Tak and the Melay.


  59. DO Says:

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  64. Says:

    Hi Bro,

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  65. daniel Says:

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  66. stevelawler Says:

    Hi, can also send mi the pics, I appreciate it alot^^.
    btw, to sun tan, if u can show it to the world,
    Y not, the world is all abt sharing.

  67. Heng Says:

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  68. lina Says:

    lol.. more and more stupid malaysian and singaporean girls got busted with nude pics and sex video!! more pics plsss…

  69. hendry Says:

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  70. samdj Says:

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  95. Watch Movies Says:

    Nothing is safe on the net.

  96. Michael Says:

    Dang, tru dat….you shouldn’t post anything online that you don’t want later on exposed…unless its your own account with private folder..but blog, common, someones going to repost that…lmao

    p.s. i want those pix ;)

  97. Michel Says:

    and also, that was very naive thinking it would stay on her blog… lmao

  98. Carp Says:

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  119. Medion Says:

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