Sun Tan, The Singapore Naked Gal To Sue Gutter Uncensored

Sun Tan, Singaporean gal also an exhibitionist who had readily posted up her pictures on her blog is now suing Gutter Uncensored for posting her nude pictures on the net for the world to see.  Only one thing i have to say to the gal.  DON’T TAKE NUDE PICTURES AND POST IT ON THE NET YOURSELF .. DUMB ASS..!!!

Police report as provided by Gutter Report and it seems real to me alright.  But i doubt she is gonna get anywheres with it… because remember Edison Chen’s case..?? yup ..!

PS:  Looking for pictures.. ?? leave comment.. and i’ll send them to you .. how’s that..?? muahhaha!

132 thoughts on “Sun Tan, The Singapore Naked Gal To Sue Gutter Uncensored

  1. nice job there..!! to the naked gal, here the msg for u, kiss ur own boob ass..!!

    p/s: i’ll we wait the pic into my inbox hoho!!

  2. Bro, if you got, I would want too.

    To the girl – honey, drop us an email in here will ya… and we could show you a better time than just begging for attention on the web…hehehe

  3. this girl is so silly… posted her own nude pic and then try to sue others. lol

    can i have the pics pls.. curious

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