Safety Tubs

For the many mishaps that i happened to get myself in .. in my bathroom, a walk in tubs would actually be a great thing to look into. Lots of people thinks that they are only for older people but it is not true. I think it is great for children as well, for we all know how kids can accidentally slip while trying to get out of the bath tub.

Crazy About Meat..??


Can’t get enough of red meat..?? have some on your ipod then. Looks like what the ppl said about the Japanese are all so true… they are crazy..!! muahahahhaa!!! a japanese company designed this for the iPod skin .. and looks just like a plate of raw steak. They even packed it up with shrink wrap and all with styro foam packaging, just like the ones you get from your supermarket. But at $68 a pop.. i think i might have to wait to get them.


When I was younger, it seems very stylish to be going to the golf club with the “then” boyfriend.. and his family for a game of golf on Sundays. Afterall, it was a private golf club.. and the who is who were all there.. to mingle with. But thinking back, I can only see me picking up golf balls while the “then” boyfriend played. I must have looked quite silly then.. hahahha!



Check these out..!! awesome gadget.. for someone who uses the bathroom at nite.. or when you have kids.. who needs to use the bathroom at nite. You donch have to be half blind by the bathroom lights no more.

Simply stick it on the inside of your toilet bowl’s lid (comes with sticky pads) and walah..!!  whenever your kid or you wakes up in the middle of the nite for the bathroom,  the motion sensor picks up your movement and shines a gentle guiding light into your lav, and turns off after you leave. It even knows if the seat is up or not, red light for up, green light for down. An awesome thing to have and great for those nites where one stumbles into the bathroom half asleep.  Kinda ex for such a small device.. but it’s a great investment.. in the long run.   £19.95 one can get it at


Chopstick Kids


The brat being half chinese and loves to eat chinese noodles.. set me thinking that i should be getting her some training chopsticks. Soft, washable, food safe hinges keeps the chopsticks in line while you use it to pick up those “dim sum”. Well .. noodles first in our case. At only $10.99 per pair.. you can choose from the boy chopstick or the girl chopstick. Also they include 2 kid size melamine chopsticks or you can always use your own.

Free Cell Phones

Changing new cell phone seems to be the “in” thing for teenagers these days. My babysitter had already changed her cell phone 4 times this year. Of course, one can get free cell phones when you sign a contract with the phone company for a time period between 1 – 3 years. But now that wireless phones are so popular, she is thinking of getting one too.

Looks like one doesn’t need to line up and fill out forms or wait for a credit approval to get one of those wireless. lets you make your order online, stress free and hassle free. Your application is then process quickly and automatically with the choice of your wireless carrier and they handle the activation and transfer your current cell phone number to the new one, pluse have your phone shipped directly to you thru’ Fedex. Easy peasy. Check it out.

Frumpy Britney Spears


Eeeeeweekkk..!! Britney Spears sure looked frumpy right here. Almost looked like she is a mother of 10 in this picture. Where is that nice and glamorous Britney that I had grown up with…??? I’m sure I am not the only one disappointed here. No more idol worshipping .. from now on.

“Britney’s video diaries are the talk of the Tinseltown elite,” we’re told. “Her high-profile friends and exes – including Justin – knew what she was up to but assumed she was filming herself as a form of therapy. If she does decide to go public with the footage, it’ll be explosive.

“Although some of it is really sad to watch – especially the parts where she’s close to breakdown – others are dynamite. Not surprisingly both JT and Kevin Federline are terrified the material will end up all over the net.

Severe Morning Sickness For Nicole Kidman


Looks like I ain’t the only one who had bad morning sickness.. when i was having the brat. Actually mine was all day sickness.. ! Bleh..!! so yes.. Nicole Kidman was telling reporters that she was having it bad .. and she is wondering if it was gonna get any worst. But overall she is doing really great… and she does look great eh. Well.. i didn’t look so good ..when i was pregnant.. 🙁

Necklace Holder


Between the brat and my jewelry, i started looking for a necklace stand instead of hanging them up beside the mirror of my dressing table. I didn’t really wanna put them in a box, because they mysteriously get all knotted up.

This holder has 8 metal hooks and is about 20″ tall and a base is about 5″across for extra stability. The tree is very pretty don’t you think..?? colorful. You can contact the owner for additional colors that you want.  You can even ask for square or circle base.  Awesome and very flexible owner… at Etsy.

Condolences to Cameron Diaz


Deepest condolences to Cameron Diaz and her family for the sudden lost of her father, Emilio Diaz. We know they had a very close relationship and his death came as a shock to all of them.. because Emilio was in perfect health till he developed a flu which turned into pneumonia. Production was shut down today due to the death as Cameron is currently filming her upcoming flick.

Mail Marketing

It is very easy to own a business but to keep the business running and profitable, well a little hard work has got to be done here. Targeting the perfect prospect and providing one with a reliable and accurate sales leads will save you not only money but time.

Leave the hard work to the people who are experts in Mailing Lists , they know exactly what they are doing and can help you reach out to your prospective clients/customers. With experience with helping business from the Fortune 500 meet their sales target for the last 15 yrs, you can depend on them to produce favorable results.

Face Recognition On Laptops


Now that’s innovative..! No worries about others snooping in your laptops.. nor worry about it getting lost and not returned. Afterall, whoever picked it up .. can’t used it eh. I did hear from the guys at Staples that a new range of Acer was coming out.. but didn’t know that Toshiba was also getting a facelift. Pricing i hear is the same as last year’s model.. so that’s a bonus.

I am currently looking at the budget line which has yet to be announced.. but if they looked anything like these pictures.. i’ll get them for sure.

Satellite L310 and L300
The budget lineup lacks the nice finish, but still continues to feature the aforementioned facial recognition feature and the standard DVD writer, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth. The Satellite L310 starts at $800 and the L300 price has yet to be announced.

Pin Cushion


These are so common back home in Asia.. i wonder why i never thought of buying these for my mother-in-law and Aunt Helena. I am pretty sure they would love it alot. At 4.95, there are8 tiny figures supporting the super firm pin cushion. Even if one doesn’t sew you can buy them as papr weight. Very cute indeed.

Used Cars

Buying a used car is just as good as any new car one can purchase. As for me, since this is my first time buying a car, a second car for the family, i really didn’t want to spend too much on it. I am interested in a used car austin and hopefully i can find them at a reasonable and affordable price.

For someone with very little credit history like I, I would seriously consider going to Quality Auto for they have a wide range of quality used cars and trucks online. And if one has a car to trade in, they would gladly help you on that. And having several location throughout south central Texas, you can order it online.. and get it delivered to you absolutely hassle free.

Greys Anatomy

For those who loved Greys Anatomy like I do, you will be pleased to learn that they are airing again next week. I only got to find this out from my mother-in-law during our weekend visits. I’m glad she told me .. even though i know the man will look out for me.. but i’m so happy .. because besides Desperate Housewives.. Greys Anatomy is my other favorite show. Now if only they didn’t cancel Sex and the City.. i would give up any shows.. just to see them again. But that’s alright.. i’m gonna look forward to their movie instead.

Everybody Hates Chris


Have you been watching this of late..?? I have been.. and from the day it started.. i liked this tv sitcom alot. It is supposedly Chris Rock’s childhood that he is producing, writing and even narrating. Pretty hilarious if you ask me.. but the mother can get a little dramatic at times. But if you haven’t watched it.. please do.. it’s funny..! who needs intense.. when you have sitcom like this.

Shopping For Mum

Shopping for my mum is never easy, she isn’t the easiest person to pleased. But i know what she would appreciate most times are religious jewelry because she is a Christian. When i was a kid, she had often mentioned about getting a diamond cross and as long as i can remembered, i had told myself.. that i would get her one, when i start working. Maybe it is high time i do that now.

Health Supplies

Getting all your health supplies online and hassle free is what everyone aims for. But for some, they don’t like to shop online for various reason. As for us, who are always busy and manning a store, we do it the easiest, fastest and safest way.

At Allegro Medical who have been in business since 1996, you can just get about anything, from Kinesio Tape to heart monitor and even diabetic supplies, they have it all. Plus they are now offering specials and discounts for those who signs up, so take advantage of it and don’t miss out on their good offers.

Growing Eggs


I was looking for crafts to do with my daughter.. and came across this. I think this might be the perfect way to teach her about planting. Nyokki is a ceramic eggs with the cutest legs. Just follow the instructions for planting the grass seed packet hidden inside the eggs and give it 7 days.. and you will see green hair sprouting out. It can be really fun. .but i wonder if a 4 yrs old will understand she has to wait for the grass to go. Comes in image like a frog, monkey and chick. At $11.95 . .i think a wee bit ex eh..?? but for those who would love to buy them for your kids.. head over to The Spoon Sisters.