French First Lady Nude


I wonder what it would be worth for the first lady in China.. auction her naked pictures eh..?? But of course, this a a totally different story for the first lady of France, Carla Bruni, a model turned first lady. Apparently her nude photo was auctioned for $91K more than 20 times .. the expected price. I heard it was a chinese collector that won the auction .. and the money from the sale of the photograph will go to Swiss charity Sodis, which provides clean drinking water to developing countries. A very noble act indeed.. but it is funny seeing your first lady naked.. and i’m very sure.. she could have raised the money.. by some other means.. donch you think..??

Funny T-Shirts

When i was a teenager i loved wearing unique and funny t-shirts, i guess it all comes down to one wanting to stand out in the crowd.. and being looked up at. Of course, those days we didn’t have much of a very innovative shops that sells t-shirts like that, so what we did was we printed them out ourselves by drawing on a plain t-shirt. Well, now of course one can find these t-shirts at very reasonable prices online.

Safety Tubs

For the many mishaps that i happened to get myself in .. in my bathroom, a walk in tubs would actually be a great thing to look into. Lots of people thinks that they are only for older people but it is not true. I think it is great for children as well, for we all know how kids can accidentally slip while trying to get out of the bath tub.

Crazy About Meat..??


Can’t get enough of red meat..?? have some on your ipod then. Looks like what the ppl said about the Japanese are all so true… they are crazy..!! muahahahhaa!!! a japanese company designed this for the iPod skin .. and looks just like a plate of raw steak. They even packed it up with shrink wrap and all with styro foam packaging, just like the ones you get from your supermarket. But at $68 a pop.. i think i might have to wait to get them.


When I was younger, it seems very stylish to be going to the golf club with the “then” boyfriend.. and his family for a game of golf on Sundays. Afterall, it was a private golf club.. and the who is who were all there.. to mingle with. But thinking back, I can only see me picking up golf balls while the “then” boyfriend played. I must have looked quite silly then.. hahahha!



Check these out..!! awesome gadget.. for someone who uses the bathroom at nite.. or when you have kids.. who needs to use the bathroom at nite. You donch have to be half blind by the bathroom lights no more.

Simply stick it on the inside of your toilet bowl’s lid (comes with sticky pads) and walah..!!  whenever your kid or you wakes up in the middle of the nite for the bathroom,  the motion sensor picks up your movement and shines a gentle guiding light into your lav, and turns off after you leave. It even knows if the seat is up or not, red light for up, green light for down. An awesome thing to have and great for those nites where one stumbles into the bathroom half asleep.  Kinda ex for such a small device.. but it’s a great investment.. in the long run.   £19.95 one can get it at