Fine-Tuning My Classical Guitar


The spouse wanted to give my classical guitar, the Yamaha a fine tuning, he wanted to replace the plastic pins to an ivory ones, plus he thinks it is an easy thing to do after he Read Full Review  of how to do it and why the ivory ones are better than my original plastic ones.  He believes that changing them to ivory ones will make the sound a lot better and more pronounced.   Not many places sell the ivory ones, so he was really pleased to find some online.  I loved that the spouse wants to make my hobby a more pleasurable one – he’s a keeper that’s for sure just like these ivory pins.

Fatt Kor The Real Hero

While TVB had been quite heartless and firing even their almost going on pension older employee, Chow Yuen Fatt had gone beyond and above his call of duty and paid for a farewell party for an old co – worker.  Some who’ve worked for TVB for 30 years and were still on the retrenchment list.

Eric Tsang and a lot of tvb artistes were not happy about TVB’s move at all.  But luckily, we have people like Chow Yuen Fatt, who settled the bill a day before the party but didn’t show up for the dinner for he wanted the younger artistes to have fun.

Ada Choi Chained By TVB Contract

Rumor has it that TVB isn’t letting Ada take on some new tv sitcoms and that Ada is left on the shelf like a sitting duck.  But Ada’s manager said it was because the storyline was changed and because of Ada’s religion , she doesn’t want to participate in any ghost story or filming, therefore at the moment Ada got nothing to film as of yet.

Sharon Chan Married In Bali

Congrats to Sharon Chan from TVB who got married yesterday in Bali.  Although she wanted to keep her wedding ceremony a quiet affair, looks like the paparazzi got to her as well.  In a small lil’ church in Bali, Sharon and her beau of 10 years got married.  Her hubby was very shy and the press could only take pictures of his back.  But all her best friends and buddies were in Bali to celebrate with her.  Congrats Sharon!

Fortune Teller Predicts Nicholas Tse’s Marriage

Apparently, Ling Ling , the celebrity fortune teller had already predicted that Nicholas Tse had to be with someone who is older than he is.  So the getting back together with Faye Wong seems to be looking up for both Faye as well as Nicholas.  Rumor has it that Faye and Nicholas are back together after 11 years of separation.  Both Nick and Faye had gone to marry someone else but both ended up with a divorce.  Now that they are back together, Ling Ling the celebrity fortune teller said that it is still too early to tell if Faye is the right Mrs Tse and won’t be able to tell till 2015.  So lets see what happens.