Jackie Chan: Never Grew Up, Just Older


Written and published in China, I was hoping that it would be in English as well but alas, a look for it on Amazon was fruitless.  Hopefully, in the near future, I will get to read it in English.  I’m pretty sure a lot of you out there are like me , are able to listen to cantonese and mandarin but unable to read them so well since our first language is English.

According to what I’ve read thus far, this new autobiography is a tell all , where he talks about his affair with Elaine Ng and also his short-lived relationship with Teresa Teng.  Jackie also wrote about his relationship with his wife as well as his son.  I would definitely like to get a copy of it in English, here’s me crossing my fingers hoping it will be published in English soon.

Lok Yi & Millionaire In-Laws


Rumors has it that star from Come Home Love Lok Yi is having problems with his millionaire in -laws?  But Lok denies it and tells reporters that he gets along just fine with his in-laws.  I don’t blame him if he got a little upset with all the reports because even if they were true, there is no need to openly acknowledge it and upset the in – laws.  Marrying someone from a different background and status can be really hard on both couple.

HK Actress Beaten Up By Ex-Boyfriend


Whether a woman cheats on her man or not , there is no reason to hit a woman. I think men who hits their wife/girlfriends or sisters or any woman are cowards and basically should be whipped.  PERIOD.

Mag Lam was reportedly physically abused 3 times by her ex , accusing her of cheating on him.  Mag of course denies it and even though had given the ex – 3 chances, felt that it was time to move on.  Good for you girl !  any man who beats or abuses their g/f don’t deserve to have any.

Elaine Ng Arrested For Child Abuse


Elaine Ng, ex – lover of Jackie Chan was said to have been arrested because of child abuse.  Etta Ng , love child of Jackie’s and Elaine 11 years ago, was said to have confided with her school officials and after much discussion, police were called in because they were afraid for Etta’s safety.

Etta was really upset when the cops appeared at her doorsteps and told the cops that her mom didn’t hit her at all.  Released on bail, Elaine was suspected of having dangerous substances in her house and also drinking and getting drunk in front of Etta.  Poor Etta, of course, no child should have to go thru’ something like this.

Entertaining At Home


Inspired at a friend’s party this year, we’ve decided to invest in a better acoustic guitar , so that the family can play our musical instruments together when we have a party too.  The kid plays the piano and the spouse plays the guitar , so I want to take up playing the guitar as well.   So instead of getting myself a new basic acoustic, we’ve decided that the spouse can get a better one and I will use his old one.   If you are looking for one yourself, this one is a pretty awesome one, you can  Mail your order today!  just like we did.

To Be Or Not To Be HKTV


I couldn’t get into the show for the longest time till recently and now I cannot stop watching it.  I’m only on Episode 18 out of Episode 25 and I’m dying to find out what happened in the end.   A very heartwarming story about 2 sisters who were separated because one went to Hong Kong for her education ;but the other one who got left behind had to suffer with a mother who had stroke when she was still in school.   But the one in Hong Kong also had to suffer a lot because the aunt who raised her would beat her up all the time.

Both still had to make many sacrifices when they came to age , as their relationships with their spouses were just as troublesome.  One husband has a mistress and had a baby with her and the other , abandoned her at the altar.  Both sisters underwent lots of hardship with life and relationships, when will it end?  when will the suffering be over?

Interested in watching this heartwarming and heart-wrenching tv show?  check it out , you won’t regret it .

Simon Yam Picks Charlene To Win Best Actress


Charlene Choi has come a long way from her singing days with Ah Sa I’ll have to say.   And of course the sex scandal years ago with Edison Chen and Gillian Chung that might have forced the girls to part ways.  Charlene starred in a recent film called SARA (Choi Gei) with Simon had their premiere a few days ago.

Simon who had seen the film claimed that Ah Sa did well and said her acting was excellent in a press conference.  When asked if he would vote for Ah Sa , he said of course.  Well, good luck to Charlene, I hope she really gets the long awaited award.

More Turmoil In Hong Kong Yeun Long Area

It is no surprised when you see strikes and Hong Kong citizens rallying on Hong Kong streets for various reasons.  It is well known that Hong Konger are very vocal and they don’t like folks from China to buy up all their goods and leave a shortage of goods for their own people.  Cops are said to utilize their entire unit at full force, terrible !  what is the economy going to be like in Hong Kong?

China Tourists Makes Goods Less For Hong Kong Folks

While we loved any kind of tourist in Canada, it looks like the Hong Kong folks do not like the China tourists too much.  Apparently China tourists inflates the prices even in Yuen Long now.  Before, they go to Mong Kok and other popular central area in Hong Kong but now the china folks are even going to remote places like Yuen Long.  So now the Yuen Long’s folks are rallying again – to go against the influx of tourists.

Cho Lam Looks More Like A Jester


Congrats to Cho Lam and Leanne but he does looked more like jester marrying a princess here don’t you think?  In one  part of the wedding Cho was seen crying because he said that Leanne was his angel.  The happy couple will be going to Europe for 3 weeks for their honeymoon.  Congrats again !  here’s proof that heights and looks isn’t everything, you can still catch the girl of your dream.

Tony Hung Interested In Natalie Tong ?


While Tong Hung may have openly confessed that he is pursuing Natalie Tong, Natalie on the other hand haven’t given anyone a straight answer as to whether she too is interested or will reciprocate the feeling.  While Amigo Choi , Natalie’s ex wishes her the best if Natalie and Tony blossom into a good relationship.  Now that’s very  nice of him or was it just a publicity stunt?

Concert Tickets For This Christmas


Last Christmas we gave the in-laws some concert tickets for Christmas because they are so hard to shop for.  They have just about everything and never ask for anything from us.  And since the father-in-law loves  english horn  so much, we are getting them some concert tickets again this Christmas.  Some may say we are very boring and not making an effort but why give them something they won’t use or enjoy right?  So concert tickets it is for Christmas !  Are you done shopping for Christmas yet?  we are just about done, after booking the tickets online.

Carina Lau Turns 49


Yup! no less a star – studded event , like the golden globe award it seems for Carina Lau , who declared herself the Queen for he day.  But one can’t really blame her for she is after all rich and famous.  With her husband , Lau , they greeted their guest and gave speeches as well as many changes of clothing and lots of selfies taken.  I read that Jacky Cheung sang New York, New York for Carina.  The birthday bash was held at the Grand Hyatt Hotel.