What The Fortune Tellers Think About Lawrence Ng’s Marriage?

 Looks like even the celebrities fortune tellers don’t think too well of Lawrence Ng’s marriage.  They say that he might just have to move to another place to get settled but Lawrence wants his wife and daughter to stay in Hong Kong.  Rumors has it that Lawrence had a very colorful relationships with many artistes and various famous ladies.

Sharon Chan & Her Cookie Shop


Congrats to Sharon Chan from TVB – not only is she an actress, wife  – she is also a business woman now.  Apparently, this has been in planning for the last 7 years and Sharon now has a business by the name of Blesscuit.  Quite a unique name but what a mouthful for pronunciation?  As expected celebrity friends were invited for the opening and fans were crowding the biscuit cafe to support Sharon and a glimpse of all the celebs of course.

With her new venture and work, there will be no babies in the near future as her hubby and her will be concentrating on their career as well as their business.  Well, Congrats ! Sharon!

Sharon is not the first actress/artiste to go into the food business.  Veteran

Lawrence Ng Trouble In Home Front


Rumor has it that Lawrence Ng from TVB is having marital problems.  His wife  who is 21 yrs younger than himself is said to have left for China periodically to advance her acting career, thus leaving him and their 6 yrs old daughter home alone.  But Lawrence had refuted the rumors that his wife had been seen running around with another man and claimed that although he and his wife is having communication problems they are still trying to work out their difference.  Well, here’s wishing Lawrence and his 29 yrs old wife Yang Zi will reconcile for the sake of their child.

Kate Tsui Emotional Break Down


Emotional breakdown due to praises from her producer?  wow! that’s the first??  or is it?  well some people can be quite overwhelmed when you get praises from a higher up but Kate being in TV sitcom for so many years, you wouldn’t think that she is so emotional would you?  or is it just making news on the part of the paparazzi?  I do like Kate Tsui , what about you?  some people think that her acting is not up to par and a bit fakey but she is trying her darnedest I guess?  Anyhow, I haven’t watch the sitcom that she is currently in – Tomorrow is a Another Day.  I caught a glimpse of episode 1  whereby she plays the younger correctional officer who is in love with Lawrence Ng – just like Lawrence real life – his wife is  alot younger than he is.

Bowie Lam Gay & New Boyfriend


Wow! i didn’t know that – first I’ve heard.  Did you guys already know that he is gay?  wowwww!!!  such a waste right?  so handsome but gay !!!!  not fair !!!!  like those beautiful woman out there and happen to be transvestite !!!   What the hell right?  But truly I’ve nothing against them.  But just envious that gay men are in such good shape and transvestite looks so darn pretty lor!

Bowie was spotted recently with a new male friend, so everyone is speculating that it’s his new boyfriend.  But Bowie is said to be quite upset when photos are being taken of him and his new guy friends and often have harsh words for them.  But yes, I guess i’m the slow one and didn’t know that he is gay but I think he never did publicly come out to say what his orientation is.

Anyhow, his new male friend is 25 yrs old and they met a year ago and have been close ever since – so the rumors goes.

Fine-Tuning My Classical Guitar


The spouse wanted to give my classical guitar, the Yamaha a fine tuning, he wanted to replace the plastic pins to an ivory ones, plus he thinks it is an easy thing to do after he Read Full Review  of how to do it and why the ivory ones are better than my original plastic ones.  He believes that changing them to ivory ones will make the sound a lot better and more pronounced.   Not many places sell the ivory ones, so he was really pleased to find some online.  I loved that the spouse wants to make my hobby a more pleasurable one – he’s a keeper that’s for sure just like these ivory pins.

Moses Chan’s Unhappy Neighbor

Looks like Moses Chan’s neighbor ain’t too happy about all the parties he is having at home thus causing his neighbor not to have his own parking space.  Apparently, Moses and his wife Aimee have turned a deaf ear to the complains that his neighbor had to print a t-shirt to vent his frustration.  Well, well Moses, that isn’t very nice – have your entertainment friends party somewhere else or buy a private property.  After all, I’m sure you and Aimee can afford it.

Moses Chan Back To Movies

Moses Chan actually started his career as a movie star first  but he wasn’t that famous then .  After starring in some TVB sitcoms he stayed with tvb and came to fame.   Now that he is so successful, Moses is going back into movies, so Moses Chan’s fans should keep a  look out for his movies which is currently in production.

Moses said that he had been approached to do movies for a long time now but only wanted to choose a meaningful movie to do.

Tavia Yeung Told To Watch Him Law

Rumor has it that Him Law is running around with some Casanova in the entertainment industry.  Although Tavia is alright that Him Law goes out and party at times, she isn’t happy that he is running around with the likes of playboys of the industry.  Tavia and Him have been together for 3 years now and although Tavia is older than Him but didn’t want to marry him yet.  Friends had been asking Tavia to watch Him more closely in case he goes astray.

Cecilia Cheung Has New Singaporean Boyfriend

Rumor has it that Cecilia Cheung is seeing a new boyfriend now that Nicholas is back with Faye Wong.  The new boyfriend owns several restaurants in Singapore and is in his middle age.   Cecilia is also seen shopping with her new beau and her beau paid for her shopping cart after.  Cecilia was also seen sitting on her new beau’s lap after he paid for her shopping.

Lai Lok Yi’s Traditional Chinese Proposal

We all knew that Lai is marrying his g/f this year and since the traditional proposal is made already now, you can expect the wedding really soon.  Lai who is famous for his role in Come Home Love is ready to marry his girlfriend of 4 yrs, Nicole Lu.  Congrats to Lai and wishing him a happy marriage.  I think they are still having a honeymoon wedding and then a dinner in Hong Kong.

Wong Cho Lam Marriage Plans

Rumor has it that Wong Cho Lam will be having their wedding early next year 2015 but Wong and Leanne are denying it even though they are shooting the Honeymoon visits in New Zealand.  But Wong had bought a huge private house and a renovation  for $500K and planned to live with the entire family.  A good friend of his who is an architect is hired to decorate and renovate his new house and it is said that a huge kitchen is a must for the entire family as they love cooking or their mothers loved cooking for them. Cho doesn’t mind working hard if the entire family is happy.

Grace Wong Named Amongst Those Who Loves To Flirt

Grace Wong was named amongst some of the tvb actresses who loves to flirt with their co-stars but she isn’t the worst apparently.  Whitney Hui is said to be the best at flirting and causing quite the stir on movie sets like Lan Kwai Fong.  Whitney is said to have at least 13 boyfriends and is said that during the Ms Hong Kong pageant, she was known for her flirting skills.

Fatt Kor The Real Hero

While TVB had been quite heartless and firing even their almost going on pension older employee, Chow Yuen Fatt had gone beyond and above his call of duty and paid for a farewell party for an old co – worker.  Some who’ve worked for TVB for 30 years and were still on the retrenchment list.

Eric Tsang and a lot of tvb artistes were not happy about TVB’s move at all.  But luckily, we have people like Chow Yuen Fatt, who settled the bill a day before the party but didn’t show up for the dinner for he wanted the younger artistes to have fun.

Ada Choi Chained By TVB Contract

Rumor has it that TVB isn’t letting Ada take on some new tv sitcoms and that Ada is left on the shelf like a sitting duck.  But Ada’s manager said it was because the storyline was changed and because of Ada’s religion , she doesn’t want to participate in any ghost story or filming, therefore at the moment Ada got nothing to film as of yet.