TVB Biased With Starlets

While both are young starlets in TVB , Coffee got fired because of her indecent behavior in the public toilet.  But thus far, no actions were taken against Sire Ma for her indecent exposure in photograph as well as video.  So what is the reason for that now?  I’ve always thought that firing Coffee was pretty harsh myself , so here I’m hoping that TVB would deal with both cases fairly.

Angela Tong & Kai Lok’s Baby Alyssa Mocked For Being Ugly

Poor Angela Tong was pretty upset because everyone was making fun of her daughter Alyssa for being not pretty.  Even Eric Tsang the verteran in TVB joked that if baby Alyssa ever gets lost, there isn’t a need to worry because no one would want to kidnap her as she isn’t that pretty.  While hubby , Kai Lok is taking everything in stride, Angela is fuming mad and who could blame her right.  Which makes me wonder, if Angela Tong had plastic surgery to make her beautiful but she is actually very ugly? hahhaah!! just joking.

TVB Certainly Has Lots Of Wild Actresses

Yup!  looks like TVB little starlets are all pretty wild and causing TVB directors some headaches with all their wild nights and personal affairs. Cheung Wai Man in April was stopped by the cops while in her boyfriend’s car and caught with marijuana.  And even though the boyfriend was sentenced to no driving, he was caught driving during suspension.

Today, Sire Ma’s provocative dancing as well as naked pictures were leaked and even though she claimed that she only did that for the person she loved, TVB cannot be too happy with all the ugly news.

And a month ago, Coffee another young starlet was caught in the men’s toilet with the heir of a taxi company and fired by TVB , cannot be an easy decision for TVB too.

So starlets, hope you protect yourself like Sire Ma’s advice during the press conference.

Hard Life Of Sheila Chan

I do like Sheila Chan in the few tv shows and movies that I’ve seen her in.  Little did I know that she had such bad luck.   Her personal life wasn’t that awesome , neither is her love life.  She had several relationships but they never did get anywhere.  At one time, it was said that Sheila was possessed and she attempted suicide as well.  Rumor has it that she was with Leon Lai as well as Alex Fong but there were many others as well.  In 2005, Sheila had an accident and was fined HK$9000 for a minor misdemeanor.  Lets hope that this year and the rest of the years , Sheila will have better luck with both career and love life.

Samantha Ko Loses 10 Kg For Movie With Fatt Kor

Samantha Ko must be really happy to have gotten a part in Vegas to Macau 2 but there is a price to pay for being in the movie I guess.  While Fatt Kor is as fit as a fiddle, Samantha had to lose 10kg for the part but yet some people still thinks that her thighs ain`t slim enough.  As for myself, I think it is very slim already.  Give the poor girl a break eh.

Raymond Lam Spending On Girlfriend

Shopping seems to be the past time for Karena Ng , girlfriend of Raymond Lam.  It shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone as earlier this year, rumor has it that Karena had asked Raymond to buy many luxurious gifts for her that cost him like half a million dollars.

I’m hoping that they will really end up together, else Raymond would have lost quite a substantial amount of money.

Kenny Bee Getting Married In Bali !

Wow!  Kenny Bee finally getting married to his long time g/f of 17 years.  They do have 2 daughters between them, so it’s about time eh Buddy!  don’t you just hate those guys who have a g/f for so long and don’t want to make an honest woman out of them.  So yes, good to hear that Kenny Bee is finally going to make his long time g/f a decent woman now.

But having said that , I guess his first marriage to Teresa Cheung  that ended really badly must have kinda scared him off?  Kenny Bee is 61 yrs old and his long time g/f is 20 years younger.  Rumors has it that it was his 2 girls that wanted their parents to tie the knot.  Can’t blame the kids but did the mother put them up to it?  lol !  well, if she did – good on her !

Cecilia Cheung Is Taxi Menace

Yup! you heard right! if you are a taxi driver anywhere, and you see Cecilia Cheung on the driver seat, just turn around or stop driving altogether.  Cecilia had been in numerous accidents and had always managed to resolve it personally, most likely, she paid a lot of money to those taxi drivers.  It is said that one of her accidents, she had her sons with her.  Now that is dangerous, wonder why Nicholas is not insisting that she gets a chauffeur.

Joey Law Is A Casanova

Joey Law may be with Angel Chiang from Come Home Love TVB long running sitcom but he is said to be quite the casanova too.   Earlier in the year, Joey was caught with a kissing picture of Coffee and him and he was also linked to Christine Kuo as well.   Dating co-star from Come Home Love is the latest.


Joey moved home to be with mummy after he was being lectured by TVB’s top executive to be more discreet with his private life.  Besides the above 3 actresses who were recently linked to Joey Law, it is said that Joey also dated Samantha Ko, Roaxanne tong as well as Dada Lo.  For a 26 years old, Joey sure had his fair share of dating experiences and not just ordinary girls but those that are pretty hot too.

Coffee’s Fake Tears Turned Real

An exclusive interview with Coffee Lam who was recently fired by TVB for her indecent act in a public washroom, Coffee denies that she has sex in public.

At first when you watch the interview, you kinda feel that she was faking it but at the end when she said she kept apologizing to Will Lam for getting him into trouble, now that tears were for real as far as I can see.

According to Coffee, she was throwing up and then Will Lam kissed her and she was making some sexual sound, which seems strange to me.  Because if anyone was throwing up, I wouldn’t be kissing anyone even if they paid me.  Coffee also claimed that it was Will Lam who dragged her into the public washroom.

Revelation??  I don’t really know – what do you think?  anyhow, I still think it was really harsh that TVB fired Coffee Lam.


Lily Ho Denies Dating 76 Years Old


Lily Ho is only 25 yrs of age and if she was really dating a 76 years old businessman, now that would be quite bizarre but hey!  we’ve seen all sorts in Hollywood haven’t we?  so why the double standard.  Plus, both Lily and this fine older businessman were seen together pretty often, so it was rumored.  Now if they weren’t having a special relationship , why do you think they would be spending so much time together right?

So you really cannot blame the paparazzi for wondering and speculating.  While Lily continues to deny the rumor, she was also asked if she would accept an older gentleman for a spouse, Lily had said she wants to only concentrate on her career at the moment.

Whatever, Lily might decide in the future, I’m sure she has a reason/s for her choice and one can only wish her all the luck eh.

Summer Concerts In Town

Summer is a time for concerts and outdoor entertainment , we could use an  electrovoice at home too for our backyard BBQs and gatherings during the summer.  We do have lots of concerts around the county and there are just too many to choose from to go to but summer is the best time one can have in this county.

Unfortunately, we don’t have those huge concerts in Hong Kong Coliseum because our town is rather small.  But we do have a lot of talented local artistes who showcase their talent in the many events that are being organized in town by the people of this town.  So for now, I’ll just have to settle for local artists concerts and when I travel or go back home to Asia, I would definitely go for as many concerts as I can fit in.