Hostess Gift For Christmas


 I first saw these molton brown soap  in a hotel that I was staying in when I was on vacation and decided to pick some up for Christmas presents because we are always invited to various places for Christmas and New Year Eve’s party.  I would love receiving soaps if I had an open house because I can then use them for my guest’s bathroom and toilets.  I figured if a hotel is using them in their bathroom, they are good enough for gifts as well , plus their packaging are so beautiful and elegant, great for gifts.



The Overachievers started like a week or so ago, thus far, I really liked the show  – what about you?  Alot of good actresses and actors in this sitcom and even though I’ve read the synopsis before starting on the sitcom, I still find that there are lots of suspense in this show.

It’s intriguing to know that the wife of the tycoon is going to betray him in some way but right now, she is every bit of a good wife and good step mom.  Plus the stepbrothers are currently in very good terms but one of the brother’s wife was the g/f of the other brother and the brother doesn’t know it but the stepmom does after they got married.

Wayne Lai, Power Chan, Maggie Shiu , Nancy Wu, Susanna Kwan, Raymond Cho and Raymond Wong are but the few names in the sitcom.  For those who are interested to watch the show, leave me a comment.

Ella Koon Is Engaged!


Woohoo!  congrats Ella !  and her boyfriend , the handsome doctor ! About time !  6 yrs of dating is a long time!  They met on a speed dating event and the rest as they said is history.  Juan propose with a $500K engagement ring – now ain’t that awesome!  i wouldn’t mind a ring like that too.  Congrats again!  what a beautiful couple !


Feast your eyes on the ring people!

Return Of The Cuckoo Movie


Remember the tv sitcom many years ago, filmed in Macua or cast in Macau.  Chilam and Charmaine was in the tv sitcom that made us all cried.  I remember that Chilam loves Charmaine but because Nancy Sit who plays her mother wants a better future for Charmaine and insisted she marries someone else.

In the movie, Charmaine who married SzeTo Lai Soon ( Steven Ma)

Raymond Lam Splurge On Girlfriend’s 21st Birthday

When Raymond Lam started dating Karena Ng, she was only 18 but now that she is 21yrs old, she is considered an adult .  woohoo!!  although more than 10 years difference, they get a long pretty well and for her 21st birthday, Raymond splurge more than $10K for the birthday party in the most luxurious hotel in Hong Kong.

A few years ago, his sleeping with a china model Mavis was leaked by Mavis herself and that was the end of their relationship.  Very quickly Raymond got involved with Karena and have been with her since.  Raymond is rumored to have spent tons on money on Karena but Karena had been on a low key about their relationship never making any public announcement.  I’m guessing that their relationship had lasted this long because Karena is willing to play the low keyed girlfriend.

What The Fortune Tellers Think About Lawrence Ng’s Marriage?

 Looks like even the celebrities fortune tellers don’t think too well of Lawrence Ng’s marriage.  They say that he might just have to move to another place to get settled but Lawrence wants his wife and daughter to stay in Hong Kong.  Rumors has it that Lawrence had a very colorful relationships with many artistes and various famous ladies.

Sharon Chan & Her Cookie Shop


Congrats to Sharon Chan from TVB – not only is she an actress, wife  – she is also a business woman now.  Apparently, this has been in planning for the last 7 years and Sharon now has a business by the name of Blesscuit.  Quite a unique name but what a mouthful for pronunciation?  As expected celebrity friends were invited for the opening and fans were crowding the biscuit cafe to support Sharon and a glimpse of all the celebs of course.

With her new venture and work, there will be no babies in the near future as her hubby and her will be concentrating on their career as well as their business.  Well, Congrats ! Sharon!

Sharon is not the first actress/artiste to go into the food business.  Veteran

Lawrence Ng Trouble In Home Front


Rumor has it that Lawrence Ng from TVB is having marital problems.  His wife  who is 21 yrs younger than himself is said to have left for China periodically to advance her acting career, thus leaving him and their 6 yrs old daughter home alone.  But Lawrence had refuted the rumors that his wife had been seen running around with another man and claimed that although he and his wife is having communication problems they are still trying to work out their difference.  Well, here’s wishing Lawrence and his 29 yrs old wife Yang Zi will reconcile for the sake of their child.

Kate Tsui Emotional Break Down


Emotional breakdown due to praises from her producer?  wow! that’s the first??  or is it?  well some people can be quite overwhelmed when you get praises from a higher up but Kate being in TV sitcom for so many years, you wouldn’t think that she is so emotional would you?  or is it just making news on the part of the paparazzi?  I do like Kate Tsui , what about you?  some people think that her acting is not up to par and a bit fakey but she is trying her darnedest I guess?  Anyhow, I haven’t watch the sitcom that she is currently in – Tomorrow is a Another Day.  I caught a glimpse of episode 1  whereby she plays the younger correctional officer who is in love with Lawrence Ng – just like Lawrence real life – his wife is  alot younger than he is.

Bowie Lam Gay & New Boyfriend


Wow! i didn’t know that – first I’ve heard.  Did you guys already know that he is gay?  wowwww!!!  such a waste right?  so handsome but gay !!!!  not fair !!!!  like those beautiful woman out there and happen to be transvestite !!!   What the hell right?  But truly I’ve nothing against them.  But just envious that gay men are in such good shape and transvestite looks so darn pretty lor!

Bowie was spotted recently with a new male friend, so everyone is speculating that it’s his new boyfriend.  But Bowie is said to be quite upset when photos are being taken of him and his new guy friends and often have harsh words for them.  But yes, I guess i’m the slow one and didn’t know that he is gay but I think he never did publicly come out to say what his orientation is.

Anyhow, his new male friend is 25 yrs old and they met a year ago and have been close ever since – so the rumors goes.

Fine-Tuning My Classical Guitar


The spouse wanted to give my classical guitar, the Yamaha a fine tuning, he wanted to replace the plastic pins to an ivory ones, plus he thinks it is an easy thing to do after he Read Full Review  of how to do it and why the ivory ones are better than my original plastic ones.  He believes that changing them to ivory ones will make the sound a lot better and more pronounced.   Not many places sell the ivory ones, so he was really pleased to find some online.  I loved that the spouse wants to make my hobby a more pleasurable one – he’s a keeper that’s for sure just like these ivory pins.