Dada’s Sexy Body Is An Advantage

Dada who excelled in her sexy images,  confesses that having a sexy body is to her advantage.  Sometime, last year she took a hiatus for 3 months and then in November announced that she is ready for a come back.  Dada claims that when she is not working, she doesn’t dress up as sexy as she does on screen.  Hopefully, this comeback will be a more successful one than the last one when she had to be replaced for Lan Kwai Fong 3.

Yumiko’s Upcoming Wedding

Yumiko Cheng who is holding her wedding next month, must be wondering if she chose the right bride’s’ maids entourage.  Joey who is one of the bride’s maid revealed what they were going to do during the wedding day when the groom and his groom’s men go and pick the bride up.

Make up artist Andy Leung better warn his brother’s about the torturous acts they have to perform for the groom to get her bride.  But all in the name of fun of course.  It’s also wide known that Yumiko’s singing contract company will be paying for her banquet.  Now isn’t that nice.

Tang Wei Got Married


Admist all the boo ha about Jaycee Chan’s drug bust , at least there is some good news and happy things happening around the asian entertainment industry and that is the wedding of Tang Wei and her Korean husband – Kim Tae Yong – a director in profession as well.

Both met on set and quickly developed a liking for each other , got engaged and got married in July.  This is the only time that Tang Wei released these wedding pictures.  Tang Wei is well known for her role played opposite Carina Lau’s husband  – Tony Leung in Lust Caution.

Jackie Chan’s Son Drug Bust

Jaycee Chan arrested for having over 50 gm of drugs in his house.  And since they did have a criminal record before, they may go to jail?  Wonder what papa Jackie is going to do about it eh? Jaycee had asked for forgiveness but like all celebrity kids, I know it’s just for show.

Latest news is that he had been taking drugs for more than 8 yrs now, so he is no stranger to drugs and drug abuse.  It’s too bad for Jackie but since his womanizing activities ain’t no surprised to the media, his son doing drugs is also not a surprise at all to me.

Shu Qi Cleaning Up Her Act Before Marriage


Yes, poor Shu Qi is willing to spend millions to get her hands on her nude pictures and soft core movies she had started out before getting married.  I don’t blame her, I doubt one really want to have their naked pictures around but girl it won’t be easy.  Just a google search, you can find some really explicit pictures of Shu Qi.

This is just one of the many I found, so if i can find it so easily, it’s gonna be really  hard for poor Shu Qi to clean up her act.  So folks be careful what you do when you are young, there is always a price to pay.

Music & Entertainment


 I love Jim Brickman and when I heard that he was going to collaborate with Kenny Rogers for a Christmas album, I just had to place a pre-order immediately.  Jim Brickman is by far my favorite pianist and I’ve been following his career for the longest time.  Because of him, I encouraged my daughter to learn how to play the piano and this summer, we bought her a digital piano, for those in the states, you can easily order yours from the  guitar center  .  They have so much to choose from and even have a mini grand as well.  And yes, I can assure you that the digital piano is just as good as the acoustic ones because we just bought one like I  mentioned earlier.

TRouble In Paradise For Aimee & Moses

What kinda trouble?  baby trouble – so the rumor goes.  Rumor has it that Moses wants Aimee to have another baby really quick but Aimee refuses because as you all know, it ain’t easy being pregnant so quickly.  If it is true, then Moses is being very selfish don’t you think?  Rumor has it that Aimee had been crying due to this topic with Moses as both cannot come to an agreement.  Poor Aimee!  hang in there girl!

Lisa Chong Beaten By Boyfriend

Lisa Chong spotted a huge bruise recently and rumor has it that she was beaten up by her boyfriend.  She had confided in a good friend but had told her friend not to mention it to protect her boyfriend.  Whether there is any truth in it – heaven knows!  since she is saying that she was just being clumsy and her bruise didn’t come from her boyfriend.