Fortune Teller Predicts Nicholas Tse’s Marriage

Apparently, Ling Ling , the celebrity fortune teller had already predicted that Nicholas Tse had to be with someone who is older than he is.  So the getting back together with Faye Wong seems to be looking up for both Faye as well as Nicholas.  Rumor has it that Faye and Nicholas are back together after 11 years of separation.  Both Nick and Faye had gone to marry someone else but both ended up with a divorce.  Now that they are back together, Ling Ling the celebrity fortune teller said that it is still too early to tell if Faye is the right Mrs Tse and won’t be able to tell till 2015.  So lets see what happens.

Laughing Kor Gonna Be A Daddy Soon !

Congratulations are in order for Micheal Tse and wife Tina !  after a long marriage of 8 years, he is gonna be a daddy soon!  He is definitely happy but wanna be low – profile on this because baby is still very small.  At age 47 , Micheal ain’t gonna be a young dad, I wonder how he is gonna keep up with a baby, working as a tv artiste as well.

Last year Tina offended Micheal’s fans for calling them mentally retarded when they suggested that he should have a baby soon.  Poor Tina must have been really stressed up by the demands of the fans and their retaliation.  Now that she is pregnant, she needs to be very careful and take good care of herself.  Congrats again !

Ruco Pang Stormed Off Hot Pot Store

 It looks like popularity and demand for Ruco has gotten up in his head for he was seen storming out of a hot pot store when the reporters approached him about his relationship with Katy Kung.  Rumors has it that Ruco was trying to court Linda Chung but in the end, Linda Chung didn’t accept his courtship even though Ruco had a sports car to pick Linda to and from work.

On Mid – Autumn Festival night, Ruco was supposed to attend an event associated with some Buddhist seminar but he gave it a miss because of Katy Kung.  Katy was seen/heard calling him with terms of endearment , so now you all can start speculating as to what their relationship is.  But when Ruco was asked or interview about their relationship, he didn’t reply.

Bernice Liu’s Lost Loves

Yes, rumors has it that Bernice Liu is a gold digger but can you blame her for wanting some rich and famous to take care of her.  I think every girl dream of a Prince Charming to give her a princess life and if you are as pretty as Bernice, you kinda expect a little bit more right?

Bernice ended her 6 years relationship with Moses Chan who later got married to Aimee Chan and is now a father of a happy baby girl.  Alastair Lam was the man she was eyeing to be with for he is the nephew of property tycoon Li Ka Shing.  But they didn’t make it very far apparently, and now it is said that Bernice is with Daniel Sit Neway heir.  But Alastair wishes her well and hope that she meets with someone good.

Lui Fong’s New Love

Lui Fong who was with Do Do Cheng for the longest time, is seen with my new girlfriends after their break up.  Rumor has it that he is currently dating someone from China and she is the daughter of some high official in China.  Rumor also has it that Lui Fong is talking about marriage as well.

52 years old Lui Fong is not only short but not very successful in his singing or acting career it seems and love life doesn’t seems to be very lucky indeed.  At 52, I hope he does find someone to settle down with.

Roy Chow Apologizes To Wife Yu Chiu

Not only for his infidelity but also for physically shoving his wife and causing her hurt and emotional distress.  Roy admitted that he cheated on his wife with model Ruby and even asked his wife to join him for a threesome when she found out about the affair.  Roy admitted that he is a scoundrel and that he was a bad person.  His wife Yu didn’t want to see him at all and insisted on a divorce but he doesn’t want a divorce of course.

Both Yu and Roy had very short-lived acting and singing careers and shortly after Yu had her first child, they quit the entertainment industry and started a model agency.