Wedding Season

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Wedding season has begun, I’ve been invited by a few friends and acquaintances for their upcoming wedding and while I’m getting my dresses ready for the wedding, some of the couples that I know personally are getting their  first dance lessons from John Cassese.  Yes, I remember my wedding and my first dance too and wished that we had taken lessons for our dance as well because we sure didn’t have a very good first dance.  And if I could turn the clock back, I would have made the spouse and I take first dance lessons as well.

I haven’t decided on what to wear for the weddings yet but those that I’ve RSVP and are going for are mostly outdoor weddings, so I’m trying to pick something floral and fun.  If you have any ideas what to wear for a wedding as a guest, do let me know.

Linda Chung In Stunning Retro Dress

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Linda Chung spotted in a banking event in this retro looking dress and shoes.  With her thrifty and good old two shoes image, i guess this must be the reason why the bank chose her for this event.  Linda just had her birthday and urges her friends to donate to an orphanage instead of buying her presents.  How sweet eh?

Diva Attitude Edison Chen Loses Endorsement

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Edison Chen still thinks that he is a diva in some way perhaps and even though he could hardly get an endorsement of late, he still behaves and acts like one.  Arriving late for an event and leaving early wasn’t something that the clothing company, Evisu was happy about.  On top of the above, Edison secretly endorsed another jean’s company from China does making Japan clothing company upset, so they terminated his contract immediately and replaced him with Pakho and paid him 3 times more than what they paid Edison.  One would think that since he has a hard time getting endorsement contract, Edison would smarten up but apparently not !  someone needs to learn to grow up eh?

Love and Friendship Charity Concert in Beijing

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Held and in honor of Jackie Chan’s 60th birthday in Beijing, we see a lot of hot stars for this event.  I read that it was a great success and Jackie’s son, Jaycee was also there to celebrate with his father with firecrackers.  Jackie looked radiant and don’t look anywhere near 60 at all.  The man is still as flamboyant as ever and insist that his wealth is going to charity when he dies.

Lin Fong Jiao Looking Her Age

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Lin who is a famous Taiwanese actress in the 80s definitely is looking her age these days.  She is 60 years of age and is married to Jackie Chan for the longest time but only recently did we all come to know about it and her son Jaycee. Lin retired from the entertainment industry for a very long time now and little was talked about her till the scandal of Jackie Chan with Ms Hong Kong a few years ago.

Jaycee, her son hasn’t been the most successful in school nor in the entertainment industry must have led to some white hair and wrinkles too.  Although recently Jackie had said that he had reconciled with Jaycee and is now the CEO of an entertainment company, Jackie still insist on looking at his son’s success carefully.

No Plastic Surgery For Ms Hong Kong Grace Chan

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Sorry folks – no plastic surgery for this beauty queen, Grace Chan as she provided childhood pictures and close up pictures of herself to reporters to prove that her good looks are all naturel !  so don’t be jealous people  and accept the new Ms Hong Kong as she is.  Rumors also has it that she and her brother were adopted but folks were wrong again.

Guitar Effect Pedal

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For those who’ve followed my blog, you know that I’m into music and musical instruments.  But I’ve only started playing with the electric guitar recently although I’ve played the classical guitar all my life.  So the  frv from guitar center  is a really new gadget for both the spouse and me to experiment with lately.

I’m glad that the spouse didn’t pay a lot for this one from guitar center, the price was reasonable and the quality is really good.  We’ve been messing around with it since we received it and the overall, the effect is really good.  I’ve read some really good reviews about it too, and some people are so happy with it, they said they are in surf heaven.

Wilson Tsui Vows Not To Go Back To TVB

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So is Wilson Tsui a former artiste from TVB being stubborn?  apparently he doesn’t think so. Despite the fact that HKTV has been shutdown due to licensing problem, Wilson vows not to go back to TVB.   Wilson who had been with TVB for 33 years left to join Ricky Wong and even though production has been stopped and he might go bankrupt, he is still hopeful for the future.  Mannn! you gotta salute him right?  It’s too bad though, because I do like his acting but I guess if he doesn’t have children or a family to support, he can take such risk right?  good luck Wilson!

Ruse Of Engagement Episode 1 Online

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Yes, Ruse Of Engagement starts next week replacing Glided Chopsticks. Aimee Chan who had just had a baby boy is on this sitcom and so is Yoyo Mung with veteran Ron Ng as well as Ruco Chan.  I hear that this sitcom is pretty intense and a lot of action, so I am definitely looking forward to it.

A Good Life For Joey Meng

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Joey Meng recently from Glided Chopsticks considers herself as having the good life.   Her hubby of almost 14 yrs, Chan Sap Sam gives her positive energy and steers her into a positive mindset, so she said.  Chan encourages her and wants her to have a simple life because a simple life suits her.  But if she is a tv artiste can one really have a simple life?  For those who are not aware of this, it is said that Joey only met her hubby and starting dating him for 7 days and married him.  Chan is a script writer and he must really love Joey because of health reason, Joey is unable to have babies.

Match Making By Mom For Ruco Chan

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Ruco Chan’s mother must be very anxious that her 37 yrs old, very successful son still don’t have a steady girlfriend.  Ruco was previously linked to Linda Chung but things didn’t work out I’m guessing here.  So Ruco’s mom had set him up with a blind date but Ruco was said to be not interested.  I’m pretty sure that Ruco wouldn’t have a problem finding girlfriends but to find one that he is interested in, well, that’s another question eh.

Raymond Lam’s Weird Hairstyle

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Raymond Lam spotted with a very weird hairstyle of late, one wonders why he would have such a hairstyle for a blessing ceremony for his collaboration TVB.  Whoever did his hairstyle sure didn’t do him any justice that’s for sure.  His hairstyle looks more like a mushroom head although i suspect the hairstylist wanted him to look like a japanese anime character.  What do you think?

Myolie Fools Everyone

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Yup ! she fooled all of us – with a picture of her hugging Johnston on her chinese blog.  But the truth is – she found good friends who would be there for her thru’ the good times, the bad times and the trying times.

Lamborghini & flowers For AngelBaby’s Birthday

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Now whose boyfriend would give you a lamboghini and 99 stalks of flowers for your birthday? except for Angelababy from the popular Korean drama My Love From the Star‘s.  Boyfriend Huang Xiao Ming presented her with a HK$2 million car !  mannnn!!!  that is something isn’t it?  good for her and it is said that the couple met in 2009 and are still as loving as the day they met.  It’s however rumored that Angelababy and Huang are secretly married but both had denied this.

Vienna Instruments

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Since I’m so good at sourcing for things on the internet, friends and family are constantly asking me to look for stuff.  What kind of stuff?  from cosmetic to magazines and even musical instruments.   And I did find something very interesting for a friend not too long ago who wanted to save on Vienna Instruments  .  I didn’t know a lot about it either, till I went searching for them and learned a lot from this site.  Isn’t the internet a wonderful place?  you can just find just about anything you need and at the best price too.

Jackie Chan The Tongue Twister

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 Celebrities wedding with  wedding DJ Joe Bunn  would be awesome and since there were so much weddings for the celebrities in Asia right from the beginning of the year. Like those of  of Hawick and Yang Mi and another celebrity couple Oscar Leung, I wouldn’t be surprise to see more weddings coming up.  Speculation has it that there will be more weddings for TVB celebrities this year and if I am to predict correctly, they will be using DJs instead of having live music.

Weddings are very special occasion and couples want the perfect music and the perfect MCs for their weddings, I know so because creating the right atmosphere for the wedding party is so important and only a good DJ can do the job right.  So if you need a good DJ for your wedding, I  know of one that I could recommend to you.

Karena Ng Interested In Babies But Not Money

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Everyone speculated that Karena is only with Raymond because of his money but Karena reiterated that she is not into his money at all.  But she wants to have babies before she turns 30 and she is currently I think only in her 20s.  Karena denies the fact that she is sweet talking Raymond into getting more in control with his inheritance.  While Karena claims that their relationship with her future in laws has improved, they didn’t go back to Xiamen to visit during the festive season but instead went to Hokkaido.  I doubt Raymond’s parents are too impressed with that I believed.  But whether Karena is a gold digger or not, it really doesn’t matter for she is young and don’t need to be with Raymond if she needed a wealthier person to dig gold I believed, so folks, give them a bit more space eh.

Toby Leung Divorced

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In 2011, Toby Leung and her then husband Aaron Wong had a lightning wedding according to the media and today Toby announced that they had been spilt for 8 months now.  But it looks like both Toby and Aaron are still friends after the split – now that’s really commendable if they are not just putting up a show.

Toby confesses that her marriage was kinda impulsive but through it all, not one word was said to bad mouth Aaron or her in laws.  Now that’s pretty cool too on her part but I guess Aaron was pretty awesome himself after the Ron Ng saga in 2012.

But whatever it is, any couple who are not happy together no more should not stay together and torture themselves don’t you think?

Making Music With A Darbuka

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Who would have known that you could make such good and awesome music with a  meinl aluminum hand-hammered darbuka right?  I didn’t till I heard someone in church play this and I was really, really amazed.  I figured it wouldn’t be too, too hard to learn how to play something decent with a darbuka right?  and now that the price is so cheap, I want to get one for myself and my kid to play around with. I bet everyone at our church would love to have a go at it and if the kid and I can’t learn how to play, we can always donate it to the church.